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  1. Hi guys, I am about the change my engine oil with Castrol 10w-60 (recommend by the service manual) but which version should I get? Castrol 10w-60 edge titanium FST or Castrol 10w-60 edge TWS PROFESSIONAL Thanks!
  2. Thanks @agentdr8 Do you use the regular 75W/80 viscosity?
  3. Hi all. I've changed my gearbox oil once in the past, which helped the shifting enormously. I used the standard oil, but I've read on LotusTalk that there are better e available, that also cope better with higher temperatures for the odd track day. Which gearbox oil is recommended?
  4. Thanks Dave, the problem is that the microswitch is sealed inside the door latch mechanisme... Do you mean I should break it open?
  5. Thnx Eddie. I have tested the issue by putting power to that specific plug / cable coming from that unit. Its definitely the door latch. Its hard to read which brand door latch. It doesn't have any part number on it...
  6. Thanks David. The mechanism itself works fine. Its the electric micro switch inside the latch mechanism that doesn't work anymore. Was that your problem as well?
  7. Thanks. So the MY'12 version is not the solution. Is this also a GM or Ford part?
  8. Hi guys. I have a problem with my MY'11 Evora's window micro-drop due to a faulty door latch electric switch. This micro switch gives an electric pulse to the interior light and window drop/lift when you open and close the door. The door latch electric micro-switch is broken. The window micro drop when opening the door is not working anymore and may cause water coming in or the window seal to break overtime. The other is issue is that the foot-well and interior light will not come on 'on'. I believe there has been a LOTUS recall, but my car is no longer under warranty. I have dissembled the entire door latch mechanism and the micro switch is inside the door latch its can't be replaced separately. An entire new door latch mechanism assembly unit is the solution.... Auch :-( I believe this part is B132B4169J for MY'11 for at 185 GBP ex VAT. However it seems a newer version of the door latch MY'12 have this part no. A132B4245K and cost only 70 GBP ex VAT. Any experience and wise thoughts on what to do best and how I can save some pennies? Is the latter the update which replace the earlier version?
  9. I think I have the same problem. The electric micro swicth inside the door latch seems is broken: no pulse. I already removed the unit. B132B4169J is expensive just for replacing a micro switch inside the door lock latch assembly. Any advise how this can be fixed cheaper than the ? Is there a similar Ford or GM part no.?
  10. I did mean the PS 4! They get great reviews and are in the category as the new Pzero.
  11. I've heard the new Michelin Pilot Sport 4 perform very good on the Evora's 18"/19". Have you thought about those?
  12. That sounds encouraging Dave. I run the PZero's a tad higher. Glad you also like car. Its a great step up from the Elise in most situations. You will have great fun with the car!
  13. @Scotsdave Thanks David. I do like the Pirelli's but the technology is behind the compound is now 10 years old and the Michelin PS4 seem to last longer. My concern is steering feel and feedback... Other people say that the PS4 is quite soft and that they need to up the tyre pressure for spirited driving. What is your experienced with that?
  14. @Scotsdave How is the tyre performing so far? I am doing 95% road mileage and the odd track day, so I am thinking of replacing P Zero's for the Michelin PS4. The wear is not great on PZero's and they are unpredictable with cold weather compared to other ultra performance summer tyres.
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