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  1. PhilW

    January meet on 21st at BiH

    Sorry guys. Im away with work. Leaving tonight. Will be there thurs 21st Feb
  2. Blimey Fabian you seem achieve more in a day than I manage in 6 weeks
  3. Dave


    Based on the picture I have just seen of the top of you engine with the cam housing missing I think you may be able to advise me.  Any chance of a phone number so I could call you.  Question is about setting camfollower shims.




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    2. CHANGES
    3. PhilW


      Dave. Thanks very much for your time yesterday on the phone. Given me the way forward and was much appreciated. Will start to tackle this next weekend i think. May well call again if i get stuck. Your knowledge seemed amazing. Regatds


    4. CHANGES


      No problem Phil , it was nice sharing info with you, feel free to call , always happy to help .


  4. PhilW

    January meet on 21st at BiH

    As i have said i am unable to make any of the evenings remaining in January. I will be attending the BIH on 21st February all being well
  5. PhilW

    December Meet

    Hi all As per the discussion re changing the meeting to a Thursday: I have contacted the Club Lotus group that meet at BIH and the general consensus is that it would be good if we amalgamate into 1 group. It seems that this group is not just CL members and in fact there are probably more non CL members than members. They would normally meet on 2nd Thursday so for January it is gone. February falls on 14th. As it is valentines day for one month only they have changed it to 21st. I am tied up with work for any remaining evenings in January so I will be joining this group on 21st Feb. From the previous comments I truely hope you all follow me. I understand they organise occasional runs so should be nice evenings with a good crowd all with similar interests. see you there
  6. PhilW


    Tried to get Kylie out of Specsavers last year but they were having none of it!
  7. PhilW


    No shes mine 😃
  8. PhilW


    Holly Willoughby is next her. You can see her arm. Plenty to keep me calm when my nuts are tight
  9. PhilW


    Yes. Ive got her locked up. She keeps me warm on cold evenings in the garage 😃
  10. PhilW


    Mohammed Someone told me about your request so I have looked on here. I have 2 pairs but I looked very hard for them. I wish I could sell them to you but I want them at the moment. They are about if you look. I was very lucky on Ebay once but the second pair I spent months searching all places. I found the second pair on Craigs list in Florida. USA seems to be where you find the most pairs. The picture is of my second pair but you must be careful. If you buy 2 pairs but from different places then you need to check the length. The length is on the side of the ski. Mine are 195cm but I think James Bonds were 220CM. I did read specially made but do not know if this is correct. See the pictures below to see what I mean. You dont want different lengths. I would love to help you but I just can not at this stage. How about putting a few pictures of your car on here? That would be very nice.
  11. I have just removed the wastgate from the casting as it has been sitting for a while and wanted to just check all was OK. Wastgate came apart easy enough and is free and now clean so thats good. The sealing face though inside the casting where the wastgate valve seals against is OK but not perfect. I am a careful and not fast driver really so realistically probably a minor leak is not the end of the world but is there any known way to re seal these. I wonder if a spare wastegate piston was used with grinding paste much like re honing cylinder head vales could be done or is there another method? Thanks
  12. Is a rebearing and reseal of a turbo a viable option at home. Im sure ive read it can be done. If so can anyone recommend where to get a re build kit Thanks
  13. PhilW

    Exhaust cam housing removal

    Thanks guys. Found some similar on ebay and ordered so will see how i get on
  14. PhilW

    Turbo heat shield

    Just made a lovely twin plate heat shield that mounts behind the Turbo out of ally. Put a 3 or 4 mm air gap between the two shields so am expecting it to be fine. I ideally want to hold it with 4 stainless bolts. Anyone see any reason why stainless would not be suitable? I'm just thinking about expansion of stainless against the ally but probably will be fine. What do others think?
  15. Can anyone advise what suitable magnets are used by others as per the service notes or are there any other succesful methods employed to stop the followers falling when the housing is removed. Thanks