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  1. Tom sending a pm
  2. PhilW

    Which carb

    Thanks. I have this in the service notes. I have spoken to Dellorto who have the exact correct kit for the car. More entertainment coming my way I think!
  3. PhilW

    Which carb

    Discovered today. Refurb kit for 40 and 45 is the same
  4. PhilW

    Which carb

    Cheers Steve
  5. I always had it my head the Turbo Esprit had Dellorto DHLA 45 carbs. Just checked and the service notes say DHLA 40H. 907 engines had 45's. I assume this is right?
  6. Yes. Ill find a fix. Thanks for your help with my sparking issue by the way
  7. Well Eric. That little plan didnt work! See “No spark thread”. Will speak to someone other than SJ tomorrow.
  8. PhilW

    No spark

    Well after all that I have now found oil pouring through past the O ring on distributor shaft and this is just from turning the engine over. The new one installed obviously not correct. Had a separate post about this. One of the carbs not supplying fuel. Admittedly have been sitting a while. Now considering removing the carbs and getting them refurbed. Sorting the oil leak while I have access and then in about 1 month should be back to where I am today!!!!!! Thanks though guys for all your help
  9. PhilW

    No spark

    Back to original coil and amplifier and still got a spark on the plug. It might even run this afternoon Andy. Mounted on rear wheel arch by the battery
  10. PhilW

    No spark

    Shame you didnt come up with this yesterday. Would have saved a lot of trouble
  11. PhilW

    No spark

    I have a spark. I have got this by disconnecting the rev limiter. I got this test from John Mountain. Ex Lotus guy. He says this suggests a fault somehwere else in the car. I shall now continue to get engine running and worry about the probable fault another day. Thank you all so much for your help up to now.
  12. PhilW

    No spark

    You guys are great. My cranking assistant has just gone out for about an hour so will make further tests on her return. Will the 3.4kohmsngo up and down when it rotates but cable disconnected. Otherwise how do i measure if plug is in amplifier?
  13. PhilW

    No spark

    Gis see what you are saying but i ran lead direct from mounting bolt to batter negative and acived nothing. Andy. Have 12 volts between battery + and gearbox bellhousing. When i crank engine volts on coil negative drop to 6-8v
  14. PhilW

    No spark

    Sorry. 3.4k ohms. Just rechecked
  15. PhilW

    No spark

    Do you mean across the terminls where i measure 3.4 Ohms? Andy. On second coil. Have a 3rd i will try today
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