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  1. Thanks Carbuff. Unfortunately not an option at the moment. Sitting on a ramp doing a few winter jobs. Any other ideas. I’m sure I’ll find a way
  2. Can anyone advise how to release the tailgate it the usual way has failed for some reason. No internal handle on this car. Thanks
  3. Hi The black plastic internal sill was originally pop riveted in place. Mine have been de-riveted. Near side to replace air con pipes and off side for handbrake work. Just thinking that re riveting may not be the best idea. Have people been successful just screwing them in place or any other method of re fixing. Thanks for any experiences.
  4. PhilW

    Utility Bills

    Slightly off recent topic/comments but with a title Utility Bills I thought i would share. Over recent years I always monitor and change suppliers to try ensure the best deal whenever possible. Late 2019 I discovered that my MPAN number, which I understand is relevant to a property and never changes had somehow been mixed up with a house of the same name a quarter of a mile away but in the same village. Despite what felt like hundreds of phone calls to my electricity supplier and promises of getting it resolved I failed miserably. I gave up in the end. Then one day I got a letter from
  5. I am not a particular fan of Donald or any other past president but this morning whilst my wife was going on about the people pardoned in the last 24hrs can i googled the figures for Obama. Interesting reading!
  6. Thanks guys. Think I will look at an alternative. Especially where fibreglass is thick. There are many fixings out there and could be used with some glue/specialist bonding. Will report back.
  7. Hi I am looking to replace the Rivnut type fasteners in the boot area and am wondering if anyone else has found a better fastening system. Recently bought a Rivnut tool. (Pictured) Made of butter and totally and utterly useless. So can anyone recommend a decent one? The pictures below show what I am trying to refurbish a bit. Picture with the single circle shows a Rivnut that fixes the boot floor to the side panels. Looks a bit of a task to get a bolt in but can anyone guide me on replacing this. Picture with the 4 x circles and 2 arrows shows holes which I guess had some s
  8. Sorry. I been through the catalogue “Car builder solutions “. They have Dzus fasteners but not these. Could call them 01580891309
  9. I saw something in a catalogue the other day. ill dig it out and check and come back.
  10. I have discovered my '84 Turbo does not have any tubes as described in documents available on other sites, although that is based on a V8. Cant even find the bolts in the parts manual. Did these 84 cars have tubes or not? Just wondering if someones fiddled with this before. Thanks
  11. Took me ages to find this and nearly had to buy an Excel to get it although the owner relented in the end. Is correct original supply for my car according to Andy Graham.
  12. Thanks guys. drdoom - Ill hunt out your thread. I think I would be tempted to just go for it and do the whole panel. Want to look into it more before considering tackling it and will have to survive at least one more summer due to my time. Fridge - Tell me more about LM grease and your damp concerns. I dont know about this. I have SS washer and bolt. Only the bolt thread would be greased so in theory will not touch the fiberglass if thats what you are getting at. Tell me more. Thanks
  13. Thanks guys. Just need to book my little helper (Son) to get on the other side of the bolts. Doesnt look too bad a job. Interestingly I also found this bolt loose. The washer could be spun. This is not getting replaced with stainless. Im sure isnt helping the clonking either. Anyone got any experience of replacing the wood?
  14. Thanks Thomas. I didnt realise that. I found last night a bit of decay behind the drivers seat. Other side is a s good as new. Certainly wont be tackling it immediately as I have just too much on at the moment. What I did find though is the for mounting bolts that bolt through to the chassis bolted through the sound deadening material as per previous post.
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