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  1. PhilW

    Bright red Elite

    Beautiful bright red Elite by Tavistock square gardens Sunday 26th around 12:30PM
  2. Fabian I think youve been incredibly brave taking the entire project on but equally youre abilities are something you should be very proud of. You achieve more in a day than I achieve in 6 months sometimes. Occasionally however you do have to hold your hands up and say I need some assistance. Ive learnt that to my cost in the past and sometimes you have to admit you cant do it all. I would consider taking your wife away for a break but via PNM first myself.
  3. Well I would be very interested how you managed that. On the assumption your income is not subsidised by any form of state benefit (And that is none of my business) how have you managed that? I certainly cant get anything.
  4. Because Ant you have made the same mistake I have made. You get out of bed on a Monday morning and go to work!!!!
  5. Yes its pretty bad Barry. They ran a small business from there too. Lost everything including their income. Locals are being pretty good. Collections going on for clothes and basic things like toiletries. Last night outside i was trying to get to the house with a wet towel on my face. All i could hear was people screaming. Got there and found people out and safe. Smoke was unbelievable. I literally couldnt see my hands it was so thick. I have taken some smoke in but ok. I now totally understand the dangers of smoke and how quickly it disables you. Check your smoke alarms everyone!!
  6. Last night next door neighbours house burnt to the ground. They have lost everything. Trying to feed and cloth them a bit today. Everyone safe fortunately and Ive inherited a hamster! Only happy one is my wife with around 70 firemen walking through our garden all night in their uniform.
  7. A typical garage has air gaps round the doors. Often have no ceiling so protection is basically roofing felt and are just nowhere near sealed like a house. In this case are the dehumidifiers really effective? bit like running your car air con with the windows open. Maybe im wrong?
  8. Completely agree. No smart meter for me either
  9. Thanks so much Mike. Will drop a note early April for an update on anything you may think is relevant. Phil
  10. Ah no! Ive just looked at Chilliwack and Hope and they are close to Vancouver. Misunderstood you. Probably my plan to go to Whistler works. Also know someone working there and wouldn't be surprised if we get sent with some stuff from his mum in the UK!!! Now just a decision on stopping at Prince George or another place on night of 19th. I will do a bit of research
  11. Mike Thanks so much for this. Noted the comments re winter tyres. We arrive in YVR lunchtime on 18th April and have planned to travel to a place just outside Whistler (Airbnb) that night. I understand Whistler is about 2 hrs from the airport so after a long flight Im sure that will be fine. On 19th will be heading off for Smithers. Will plan a stop somewhere. Will for sure get a roadworks update from you nearer the time in Vancouver but I guess if the plane is on time, by 2pm I should be on the road and hopefully will miss the rush hour. Will have a look at Chilliwack or Hope and decide the best place to stay on 19th. Thanks very much for your help. Much appreciated.
  12. Mike Thanks for that. I did look at flying to Smithers but the cost was enormous but then again a road trip is all part of the holiday so will be driving. Daughter is working on Hudson bay mountain and hopefully we will get there without her knowing. Only her boyfriend knows. Would you recommend an overnight stop in Prince George or somewhere else?
  13. Hi guys I shall be arriving in Vancouver and travelling to Smithers in April. Expecting to make the journey by car. Anyone one got any advise on best/cheapest option re car rental for a week or so. Will be landing at Vancouver airport (YVR) thanks for any advice.
  14. I really feel for you Fabian. Been reading but still why has it happened. Cam belt can be done in situ. Ive done it. Bit of a faff but possible.
  15. Just found this
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