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  1. Hi All

    You are the bravest man I know!!
  2. Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    That looks fantastic. A really lovely shade of blue.
  3. BiH November 20th

    Phil Maybe you could pencil in a booking with BIH tonight for say 20? Phil
  4. BiH November 20th

    Im sure youve seen the potential visit from our friends from The Netherlands. Maybe after this evening you could feedback about supporting an evening on the 2nd Monday of April '18 rather than 3rd as I am away working this week and cant be there tonight. Could be a very nice evening and a great line up in the car park.
  5. Jan we normally meet in the pub by the factory every 3rd Monday of the month but with all this notice I'm sure the 2nd Monday of the month would be doable for most so It could be a nice evening welcoming you all from The Netherlands. Pub also has a very large car park. Peak District to Norfolk is a long way. Especially if you stop for lunch or to sight see. I agree probably too far for one day. In the week traffic in the uk can be very bad which has the potential to delay you a lot. April will also be a time when cars are coming back out after the winter so we could get a good line up. Let me know Phil
  6. Jan Don't know where you will be staying or how many of you there will be but maybe we could organise a meeting for some lunch with some of the guys from the Norfolk group. If you have the time? The pub very close to the factory is our meeting place. Phil
  7. BiH November 20th

    Not me I'm afraid. Away working Mon - we'd
  8. OMG...what have I done!

    I saw this at Brooklands last year? Was great. Just checked but only have one pic. Can send it if you want.
  9. Silverstone Classic 2018

    Will do. Looking forward to it already. Just got to get a tent!!
  10. Silverstone Classic 2018

    Thanks Alan. I'm going to get sorted very early now. Have been saying for years I'll go. 2018 is the one!
  11. Silverstone Classic 2018

    Alan So if I camp all weekend and join club Lotus can I take the car easily between the campsite and the infield each day or does the car stay in the infield all weekend on display? Thanks Phil
  12. Silverstone Classic 2018

    Hi all. Probably a bit early but am intending to go next year and camp for a couple of nights I think. Can anyone tell me how it works. Do you camp with clubs or as individuals? Do they have Lotus owners together for example? Want to try and make sure I get into the best and/or right area. Would love to hear any past visitors experiences. Thanks
  13. My first lotus esprit

    Assume it's got the original gearbox? Would love to understand how the engine and gearbox have been joined and how the input shaft mates to the crank. Any pictures of the engine and box together. If the engine comes out would love to see more.