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  1. PhilW

    Cambelt change

    Thanks Sparky. Will be concious of this now.
  2. PhilW

    Cambelt change

    Perfect. Cheers Steve
  3. PhilW

    Cambelt change

    Just changing the belt before the engine goes back in. Can anyone confirm this is correct. I have lined up crank shaft center to distributor sprocket center but also the green (Looks like green)dot highlighted with red arrow. The dimple in green circled mentioned in the service notes seems to be in a different position to the book so just want to be sure.
  4. Well new A/C pipes in. The one to the front over the top of near side front wheel inside the wing was entertaining! New L/H fuel tank in now the pipes are in place. Progress is not bad. Pipes will now be blanked until winter I would imagine.
  5. PhilW

    Meeting Elise

    I was asked today to arrange a similar meeting at the BIH as we arranged in April for a group from The Netherlands to welcome Elisa. Clearly though others are already awareOnce we know her program I am happy to arrange an evening at the pub if anyone else wants to come up with a drive first or whatever. Assuming I have a running car (which I should by then) I would support a drive first. Maybe Adie you could guide us as you created this post?
  6. PhilW

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    Thats true but at least when you are at your destination you can then leave them behind. Recently walked around Amsterdam on very hot day. Never been before but the only drunks were English. Probably saw 5 groups. All shouting and swearing. No wonder we have a reputation. Just wondering how many Putins going to lock up soon. I bet hes rubbing his hands together already.
  7. PhilW

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    Rent a villa. Try "Owners Direct" . Been using it for years and its great. Book your flights yourself and mostly its a cheaper holiday than many packages and a million times more relaxing. It also helps enormously in avoiding the complete dick heads of this world.
  8. PhilW

    Roads on the Isle of Wight

    Culver Down is the best view on the island in my opinion. It is on the far east coast. There is a monument on the cliff top. There is a pub up there. You can see Portsmouth, right across the Solent and then in the other direction Sandown and Shanklin. On a nice day it is just beautiful
  9. PhilW

    June meeting

    Excellent That's two names. Come on guys get your names down.
  10. PhilW

    What made your blood boil today?

    Marc Sorry to hear about your father in law. You should of set fire to his house, made sure you were able to rescue him just in time - That way you get put in a hotel for a year, he would have been given a prepaid credit card and a free Oyster card. Oh no sorry, just read the rest of your post. He has paid a lot of tax over his working life, provided a home for himself and I guess his family, and is a born and bread UK citizen. Sorry 2 grand a week please!!!!
  11. PhilW

    June meeting

    This week a company in BSE has repaired a brake servo for me. Other than SJ Sportscars this is the only company who I have ever found who would tackle the job. They do evening tours of their workshops for clubs. Just wondering if anyone would be up for a drive, calling in at BSE for the tour and then another drive for a bit of dinner somewhere. Maybe Aug/Sept just a change from BIH. If you could give a bit of feedback after the June meeting and there is interest I will see about booking an evening.
  12. Fabian I remember you tried a Land Rover brake servo unsuccessfully. I've found a company. They have taken mine apart repaired it and re swaged it. Not on car yet but they assure it works on their tests bed. Previously there test bed showed it was faulty. If you are interested let me know
  13. PhilW


    You see something I dont. Absolute twoddle!
  14. PhilW


    Just wondering if anyone thinks if i had stood on that stage and done the same routine in the semi final as the eventual winner, would i have lasted more than 10 seconds before being buzzed off. I doubt i would have got “that was hilarious “ words of A. Dixon. Or would i have got “ go back to your day job” just wondering........
  15. Steve. This will be ordered tomorrow. Travelling with work at the moment but home tomorrow . As previously mentioned pipes will be run in so i can get car running again. Connections are not a priority so will probably blank and go back to connections at the end of the summer.