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  1. Christian Yes ill try this. Only need minor lift until more time to remove the door and do the bushes. Still looking for a glamorous assistant though
  2. Thanks Andy. Yes only want to raise 2 mm. I notice bottom of the door was just touching the cill. So minor adjustment should stop that and then I can sort the bushes end of the summer. Thanks
  3. Christian Not really checked very well but I dont believe so. Could be wrong though. Happy to take that on but want to try and just avoid another major task until end of the summer.
  4. Jon Yes Ive seen these. But adjustment as I describe assuming abrasive washers are OK or replaced?
  5. Can anyone advise the best way to resolve door drop. Not really have a close inspection of the hinge bushes yet but if the door was a open a few inches is it feasible to put a trolley jack under to support it then loosen the two large nuts on the inside and just jack it a few mm. Any advise appreciated
  6. Thanks Peter. Will look into this for sure now.
  7. Peter I remember reading electricity was used to install the glass. Didnt really know why though. I suppose if its for warming then as you say would help to remove. Wouldnt want to try unless I had a suitable power source though
  8. Hi Does anyone have any experience of adding a seal to a G car door frame. Im sure ive seen them added which I believe came with the X180. Supposed to reduce wind noise so wondering if it makes any difference and is a worthwhile modification. Thanks
  9. The frame on one of my doors is slightly bent and always has been. I have a spare frame which I intend to fit. Once I cleaned it down from years of loft dust I relaised it needed a bit of a refurb first. There for I adjusted the bent frame slightly to assist the slow window movement and will change the frame probably at the end of the summer. However, I suspect the glass in the picture has been fiddled about with in the past. Appears to be half black silicone and half original fitting. I believe fitting these was a special system at manufacture. has anyone replaced one. I would like to removed it, clean and paint the frame and reinstall but realise it could be tricky. Any advice? Also the small sprung steel pin (41) I found snapped. Does the end hooked bit site on the door skin side of nut 42 or drivers side of the nut. I would like to stop rattles from this door. Can anyone pin point rattly parts and what they have done to stop as much as possible. Many thanks
  10. Great video. And unbelievably jealous of his trip. Only recently heard of Harry after he took his Esprit on another trip. Would love to meet him and just talk about cars. I find him just a down to earth decent guy.
  11. Steve4012 - Thats cleanest one ive seen by a mile
  12. Never seen either of those Neil and Martin. Excellent.
  13. So from a financial point of view probably better to attempt to push for the cash back now.
  14. To be honest I can see me spending hours fighting them. Ive already been offered a voucher that last 24 months. Ive looked and could use it to get to Jamaica. Never been there so they could be the stress free alternative. One point though - If i chose that solution and the airline went under 1 month before a flight to Jamaica in say 16 months time where would I then stand. Could I claim against the credit card for non supply of goods?
  15. I am trying to claim Canadian flights. Should be there now! According to Simon Calder on GMTV this morning the airlines should repay in cash. I believe he said within 7 days after the flight this morning on TV.
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