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  1. PhilW

    September meet

    Got my ticket👍
  2. PhilW

    September meet

    Not me im afraid. Just got back from holiday and too much to do with house and work
  3. PhilW

    Tyre fitters - mobile or local garage

    Etyres guy in my area is superb. Never used him on Lotus, but only had no need yet but does most if our everyday tyres. Comes to your house if you want. Careful, clean pleasant. If all etyres people are the same then i would suggest them
  4. PhilW

    August meeting

    To be honest I completely forgot. Saying that I am away with work so wouldnt have been there. Cars still off the road. Am having a rest for a few weeks due to them shortening my life expectancy significantly! I should be about next month if others are up for it.
  5. Order number 4126 and have received a mail received at 12:51 on Friday but when I log into account it says no order so actually no idea if I have a ticket coming.
  6. PhilW

    Threads stripping

    Cheers Pete. I need a break from it. Cleared up the garage yesterday and left it with the engine sitting nicely for ease of access on a trolley. Floor swept and all tidy so a nice place for when I return to the challenge. For sure though it will be a few weeks. Maybe we can console each other at Hethel on 29th if your coming?
  7. PhilW

    Threads stripping

    Thanks Mike. Both cars are trying my patience this year. I just cant work on them every spare minute as I have so many other things. What with work, a house that needs attention, and just life in general its just too much. I am just going to retreat from the battlefront and come back with more fire power next time!! They will not win long term
  8. PhilW

    Threads stripping

    Thanks Ian. To be honest I have just lost interest. getting towards the end of the summer and have not had a car on the road at all. Every step is a problem, although this may well be my stupid mistake. I think I am just going to have a break from it and look again when Im in a better frame of mind. Looking forward to next summer now I think.
  9. PhilW

    Threads stripping

    Well, Thank you all for your experiences. I have spent all day working carefully and cleanly and helicoiled them all. Once all done I tested all of them with the bolts. 3 when i remove them seem to chew the end of the bolt. No idea why. Anyway once reassembled every gap was wrong and very wrong. Problem now is when it is taken off the bolts will probably be chewed by the helicoil. Does it make a difference which way round the shims are put in as the shims do seem to have a small indent. If it does i wonder if they are all upside down. I absolutely FXXXXXX give up!!!!!!
  10. PhilW

    Threads stripping

    Hi Due to an oil leak between the cylinder head and the exhaust cam housing i have removed the housing after checking all tappet clearances first. All were fine and around mid spec. Took off housing, cleaned up surfaces and refitted using correct gasket sealant from PNM. The housing is held on with two nuts on studs that are fitted into the head and eight bolts. On fitment one of the studs span and stripped the thread in the head. Removed housing and helicoiled the stud with no problem. Unfortunately 4 tappet shims fell out and got mixed up. Refitted housing with tappets as I thought they should they fell. Incorrect! 2 gaps were very wrong. Removed housing again. Measured the two shims and made a note ready to buy new ones. Then swapped the two incorrect shims as one gap was very wide and one very small, and refitted housing. Second stud into the head stripped its thread. Removed housing again and helicoiled the second stud. Refitted housing and the first of the bolts has now stripped its thread. aahhh! On a brighter note shims seem to be OK and all are measuring OK, assuming the one stripped thread does not affect the measurement. Now have to remove again!!! I am using a torque wrench set correctly and calibrated. In fact the torque on these bolts is minimal. What do people suggest. Drill the lot and helicoil them all? Thanks for any advice or resolutions from similar experiences.
  11. PhilW

    Tappet measurements

    Yes agree with that Steve. Got some new feeler gauges. Go up in increments of 0.001" so far better than what I already used. Unfortunately way Mon and Tue night with work but will re measure everything on Wednesday then decide what to do.
  12. PhilW

    Tappet measurements

    Thanks Sailorbob. Think I will get some new feeler gauges as mine are a bit manky then re measure. Cylinder 1 and 2 are as they have always been and no issues so may need some with better variety of measuring leaves
  13. PhilW

    Tappet measurements

    Thanks Steve. So if I can achieve mid spec as per manual I should be fine? Think will try swapping the 2 shims in 3 cylinder
  14. PhilW

    Tappet measurements

    Yesterday I fitted the exhaust cam housing as I had an oil leak between the housing and the cylinder head. All tappet measurements prior to dismantling were within spec. I.E. between 0.25mm and 0.31mm as per the manual. Unfortunately I had a mounting bolt thread strip so the housing had to come off again. When the housing was removed 4 cam follower shims fell out and I lost the order. I refitted as I thought (order they laid after falling) but this is clearly not correct. Of the 4 two are probably OK but 2 are wrong. One is too tight and the other too large. All measurements in MM Cylinder 1 > 0.2 but < 0.25 > 0.25 but < 0.3 Cylinder 2 > 0.2 but < 0.25 > 0.2 but < 0.25 Cylinder 3 (Dropped shims) > 0.45 but < 0.5 > 0.1 but < 0.15 Cylinder 4 (Dropped shims) > 0.2 but < 0.25 > 0.25 but < 0.3 By looking at the figures above it is possible the shims on cylinder 3 need swapping and that may bring me in. Will I cause any damage? Will I only affect performance? I am far from a fast driver. Will I increase rate of engine wear Anything else? Thanks for any comments
  15. PhilW

    Essex Random Images.......

    Nice...and with a roof radio!