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  1. Man's got to eat so yes if I can get my T shirt and shorts ironed

  2. Pascal welcome and car looks mighty fine. I always thought the black logo was related to Colin Chapmans death. My cars are 81 and 84 and both have them. Never really got to the bottom of why and when they change between black and coloured. I think there are back ones on cars around the death of Jim Clark but i don’t believe anything is definitive.
  3. Is the VAT on top of the “£350m” per week. Is this something else that is not publicised?
  4. The list goes on Were using laws made in 1611AD. It just beggers belief.
  5. Did you see her looking at Donald Trump. Looked like a spoilt little brat. Don’t worry about her though. I read today Michael Mansfield QC spoke at the Labour party conference and says eating meat needs to become illegal. Excellent idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Maybe but couldnt be there until at least 8PM. I will confirm.
  7. Mightymetro. As it seems you are quite limited i would consider something along the lines of the axle stands on wheels with a locally manufactured frame so you support across the front of the chassis and somewhere acoss the chassis just in front of cam belt. Strong and solid. I personally never jack on fibreglass no matter what the manual might say
  8. Cheers Alan. Should arrive tomorrow. Lets see if its OK.
  9. Anyone know if a fuel pump for and 84 Turbo Esprit is used on any other car? Thanks
  10. Unfortunately not. Been putting other car back together and almost done. Hopefully on road beginning of September. Then the local agreement (With the wife) is some work on the house and then I can take on the gearbox challenge!!!!!
  11. PhilW

    Fuel pump

    On inspection does not appear to be a fuse which is surprising. No volts on coil terminal which according to wiring diagram is on the infeed side of inertia switch so pretty much removes that as the issue. Any ideas?
  12. Just went to start the car after a lot of suspension work. Fuel pump ran for 2 or 3 seconds then stopped. Any idea where the fuse will be located. I shall start checking in the glove box. Thanks
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