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  1. Having trouble with speedo. If i unscrew drive cable at gearbox and rotate cable with an electric drill speedo works. After doing this reattached and speedo ran fine during next journey. Then the next one speedo stopped again. Any clues? How do you remove speedo drive on gearbox? Thanks
  2. Fabulous Fabian. Cant wait to see this car. Im just pleased at the moment to find 2 hrs to go out in mine.
  3. Thanks guys. Got it off LEW. Will give it a try asap
  4. Hi., Due to the knocks and rattles in my car I want to check the bulkhead fixings behind the seats. I am expecting some wear/looseness etc. I know I've seen the repair explained somewhere but cant find anything. Could anyone post the repair or a link to it. Thanks
  5. Both good ideas. Thanks guys. Yes will try the credit card (The wifes) rather than steel. Will post the outcome
  6. Hi The two screw holes are now shot. Anyone successfully repaired? I was thinking to flatten the hole out from the rear. Cut two small triangular pieces of steel, drill them and then Araldite them in at the back. Then replace screws with nice dome heads.
  7. Well gone back to it today as have been away. Found excess cable on the choke where it connects to the carbs was catching on the plenum chamber section that sits over the top of the carbs. That was the excess revs and small amount of popping while idle. Didnt have time for a run but am hoping that may have fixed the other issue. Choke was on all the time.
  8. How do mean Jon. Incorrectly mounted. you mean where its bolted to the inlet manifold. There are alluminium spacers and large O rings. All been renewed by me but checked by GST
  9. Hi, Went on a drive to visit someone last night. Car seems to be running OK. Went past a lorry so hammered it a bit and the engine began to falter. Engine appeared to be running and i dont believe I was one pot down based on sound and relative smoothness of engine. Got to the point where I could barely move. As soon as I lifted the clutch the engine dropped off and no power. Got to a safe place, stopped the engine, restarted after only 30 seconds and was fine. Continued journey and drove home probably totaling a further 25 miles or so with no issue but did remain at about 50 mph.
  10. Exactly my train of though but as power of attorney not sure where we would stand there.
  11. The new rules on TV licences in some areas beggers belief. My wifes mother of 86 Years has now lived alone for 5 years. In the past 12 -18 months it was clear an element of dementia was beginning to take hold. Just prior to the lock down she was still managing to go to the shops by getting a lift with a neighbour once a week. Since lock down she has gone downhill dramatically. Whether its coincidence or whether its because she was suddenly unable to go out is up for debate. After 5 weeks of delivering her groceries it was obvious she was in a big muddle so my wife entered the house. Fil
  12. Christian Did you buy some? Was it any good?
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