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  1. PhilW

    '81 dry sump distributor help please

    Great thank you
  2. PhilW

    '81 dry sump distributor help please

    Do you know the size Andy. I need one of these
  3. PhilW

    parking required for two nights Buxton area

    Must be someone John. If ever in Suffolk needing the same my drive is yours
  4. PhilW

    Aware of Cancer, So I had Cancer

    I have just read a good number of the posts here and it makes you think. I can only take my hat of to all those who have shared their experiences and especially to Kimbers for being so bold in his words and admissions. Well done sir. You may all have saved someone’s life
  5. PhilW

    Classic Team Lotus Tour Tuesday 20th November

    1. Stuartm 2. DavidM 3.Dan Archer 4.Simon Gilvey 5.Philw 6.Philw Son 7. Rob Wilby
  6. PhilW

    Dry Sump Register

    Looks like single support on louvres and BBS. Not seen that combination before
  7. PhilW

    October meet

    Nice evening last night Gents. Hopefully see you all next month and maybe an evening at CTL thanks to Stuart.
  8. PhilW

    October meet

    Paul, No 12 and above and you have to pre order but only half a dozen never a problem. I wont be there until probably 7:45 tonight and I wont be eating this time so carry on without me.
  9. PhilW

    October meet

    Count me in Stuart. Thanks
  10. PhilW

    October meet

    Everyone still going?
  11. PhilW

    Speeding tickets

    I had this on a Multi car policy. I had used them for 3 or 4 years which included kids cars. Then they increased it one year by £1200 or something like that. I rung them up for an explanation and got the biggest load of drivel. I stopped them and said. " I will make you a one time offer. I will pay what I paid last year now. Take it or leave it." Immediately they agreed. Didnt even have to go and ask their supervisor. Car insurance is a racket. The needs to be some sort of regulation that stops this. The amount of people that just pay by DD must be huge and so are being ripped off year on year. How do you prove when the letter lands on your doorstep?
  12. PhilW

    October meet

    At the moment I will be around so intend to be there
  13. PhilW

    September meet

    Got my ticket👍
  14. PhilW

    September meet

    Not me im afraid. Just got back from holiday and too much to do with house and work
  15. PhilW

    Tyre fitters - mobile or local garage

    Etyres guy in my area is superb. Never used him on Lotus, but only had no need yet but does most if our everyday tyres. Comes to your house if you want. Careful, clean pleasant. If all etyres people are the same then i would suggest them