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  1. An enjoyable evening last night at The BIH. 7 attendees. Unfortunately with winter repairs underway and rubbish weather no Lotus cars on display. Just a reminder though Aprils meeting is the 9th as the group from The Netherlands will be joining us. This is the second Monday of the month and not the third. Hope to see as many as possible there. Check pervious posts re eating that night. Put it in your diaries!
  2. Will be interested to know re the servo. Let us know. Cheers Fabian
  3. If it does you have saved me a lot of hunting on ebay!
  4. Fabian I have the same issue. Even if you split it can you get the internals? I don't know. And can you get it back together well enough? SJ's will redo it for £200 odd pounds. I understand they are done in a garden shed by some old boy somewhere. That could be wrong though. I don't know about the Landrover connection. The Esprit one is definitely off the Capri 2.0L Laser though.
  5. Heat shield

    Thanks Ian. I may have a solution to manufacture a shield. I will let people know if it works. In the meantime I will investigate the products you mention.
  6. Water pipes

    Thanks Ian. Planning to replace next winter so just want temp fix for now.
  7. Water pipes

    Hi Got 3 or 4 connections like this on the water pipes. Dripping. Not now going to strip out but looking for a secure but temporary solution without removing the ally pipes. Can anyone recommend a sealant that can be used as you tight the jubilee clip maybe or even a pipe repair material to give a smooth sealing surface? Thanks
  8. Rob You should PM Jo. I Know they are in a container on the way to the USA. If he knows you want some he will then add you to his list for when they arrive. There are a few people who want them but hes not sure how many sets he has left.
  9. Essex Random Images.......

    Fabulous Gotti. Any more pics?
  10. S3 £5400?

    You should have told them they called you a nasty name on the phone and you are offended and your wife is offended and some friends are offended on your behalf even though it was 30 years ago. They would have been round there like a shot!
  11. Heat shield

    That would be great if you have some. Let me know if you find it. Thank you
  12. Heat shield

    Cheers Buddsy. Will we see you on Monday?
  13. Heat shield

    Ian Thanks for the reply. Was hoping to cover the area opposite the exhaust manifold and waste gate area so starting with a piece about 20" x 10" and trim to fit. Then use some sort of clip suitable for 40mm pipe. Want to make 2 really. 1 for each car. I don't expect you would have that much left? If not any idea where it came from? Will search your refurb thread but it's 60 odd pages so can't do right now. Phil
  14. My chassis has lost some galvanizing next to the exhaust manifold. Am looking to install a heat shield and clip it to the chassis to try and protect it. I shall be cleaning the rust and painting the affected areas. Can anyone advise the best board. I see the dimpled sheets on ebay but do not know how good this sort of thing is, especially strength wise as i need to fix some sort of clip to it. For me a sheet of the material originally positioned between the turbo and the cam housing would be OK. Is this available anywhere? Thanks Phil
  15. Bird In Hand 19th Feb

    I intend to be there. Should be at home work wise.