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  1. Christian Did you buy some? Was it any good?
  2. Hi would anyone have a template of the carpet backing board for the piece that sits hiding the battery on a G car Turbo. Thanks
  3. Excellent. I thought the noise was a problem with his car!
  4. Never seen one Andy. Thinking about it though the airbox diameter is larger so it cant allow a parallel pipe i dont think anyway.
  5. Whats this then Fabian. Is it just an adapter so the flexible inlet that reduces in diameter can not be a parallel tube and the rubber pipe relocated from the air filter box. If it is just an adaptor where did it come from?
  6. Christian Yes ill try this. Only need minor lift until more time to remove the door and do the bushes. Still looking for a glamorous assistant though
  7. Thanks Andy. Yes only want to raise 2 mm. I notice bottom of the door was just touching the cill. So minor adjustment should stop that and then I can sort the bushes end of the summer. Thanks
  8. Christian Not really checked very well but I dont believe so. Could be wrong though. Happy to take that on but want to try and just avoid another major task until end of the summer.
  9. Jon Yes Ive seen these. But adjustment as I describe assuming abrasive washers are OK or replaced?
  10. Can anyone advise the best way to resolve door drop. Not really have a close inspection of the hinge bushes yet but if the door was a open a few inches is it feasible to put a trolley jack under to support it then loosen the two large nuts on the inside and just jack it a few mm. Any advise appreciated
  11. Thanks Peter. Will look into this for sure now.
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