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  1. Hi. Have started to repair my engine cover. New clips, seals, foil etc. will also repaint. Can anyone advise re type of paint I should be using. I’m assuming I need to be a bit careful due to the heat. Thanks for any advice or experience.
  2. PhilW

    Sound proofing

    Thanks Neil. Never heard of these people. Will contact them.
  3. PhilW

    Sound proofing

    Laika Thanks for that. What do you mean by glass runners. Are these not all part of the complete frame? I assume the brush is the strip that pushes inside the frame the galss runs in?
  4. Hi My car will be SORN today for the winter. One of the jobs to tackle is rattly and vibrating doors internally, improve side window up and down etc. Has anyone put any sound proofing in their doors of any kind that maybe has helped make the door sound a little more solid. Off to the NEC in Birmingham in November for the Classic car show so any advice on what to look out for if there is a product people have used successfully would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Simon Gaunt Did you ever find these? Now looking to sort my engine lid over the winter
  6. FYI the G car Turbo uses a Ford Capri 2.0L Mk 3 servo.
  7. Are these still planned? Saturday 11th June - Stratton Motor Company's 50th Anniversary Celebration to include a car run Please join us to celebrate this special day. Further details to follow Wednesday 20th July - Car Run Wednesday 17th August - Car Run Wednesday 21st September - Car Run Wednesday 26th October - Pub Meet
  8. Hi I have a bit of a misalignment between my insurance company valuation and mine (despite me pushing it a bit). Now need to provide evidence of why I think the value should be higher. I am particularly interested in two adverts. One from Harry Metcalf. I seem to remember the white Esprit HC was advertised at £75K along with Doc Pitensteins car at a similar value. Now Whilst I appreciate a small provenance that may affect price with Harrys I am not aware of any other factors that might influence such high prices. Of course i dont know what both cars sold for but have got to assume that ballpark. My car is an '81 dry sump. Excellent condition. Original interior. 5 stud Compomotives and about 65K on the clock. Would need to check exact. Want to approach this in the right way and with evidence of recent valuations/sales etc. Anyone had similar issue and advice on how to respond to insurance company? Any links to those adverts would be appreciated for a starter.
  9. Hi Anyone know the coolant capacity. Cant find it in the service notes. Thanks
  10. What do people use to replace what were Rivnuts to repair the fixings for these covers. Never really got on with Rivnuts and due to the fibreglass thickness need to be really quite long and of course the need for a decent tool. Cheap one i bought last 1 x 6mm Rivnut before it made its way to the bin! Wonder if theres something better these days?
  11. Personally I would keep my handbrake lever. Not a particular fan of electronic handbrakes to be honest and just wouldn't want to install that in an Esprit. I would definitely consider replacing the calipers as I mine do seem to provide me with problems, so a more modern unit from a major manufacturer could be the solution. I think I will try and get hold of a set and have a look at what can be achieved relatively easily.
  12. Im a bit lost here. All B6 Passats had electronic handbrakes so how can these calipers work? What am I missing?
  13. doesnt appear listed at the moment?
  14. So if John Eaves used DH then that is new to me as I have 2 x sets of SL’s. SL’s can be seen being used by Roger Moore at the top of the ski jump
  15. Last night went through timing and checked a few other things, and of course installed a very short bolt!! Got it running and actually running quite nicely. Phew what a relief!
  16. Well guys, I think I may have solved the issue. I initially ran the engine without driveshafts connected. When I installed the brake discs and connected driveshafts I noticed I had missed the bolt that holds the turbo oil drain pipe to the gearbox. Last night in bed I was lying there thinking what the issue could be. This bolt came to mind. I got up and went outside again. Undid the bolt, put the car in gear and rocked it. Engine is now turning. I believe bolt too long and had jammed onto flywheel. Will check timing etc later but I'm really thinking the problem has been found. Long evening ahead but things are looking promising.
  17. Cheers John. I think I'll need it. May not be as bad as Im thinking. Will post again
  18. Jon Seems gearbox is engaging fine. Drive rotating. Also plenty of oil. Nothing that ive seen suggests gearbox. However at the moment I will investigate every single suggestion. Everything does point to engine though at the moment.
  19. Sparky Cant move engine backwards either. No air con fitted. Can not believe belt has slipped. Done cam belts loads of time and a few times on these engines. This was done with engine out and engine was running the day before. Problem is because engine wont move cant realign the cam sprocket spots to check. Oh joy 🙂
  20. Done that im afraid Jon. Thanks. I just want to close the garage and walk away!
  21. Unfortunately after putting the engines back in after sorting fuel tanks, re built gbox and new clutch etc i had the engine running through the week. Saturday went to start the car. Engine turned probably less than one revolution and appears to have jammed. Can not move it on crank bolt. Not touched the engine so this is either mechanical internal failure and have just been incredibly unlucky or something else. Something wrong in clutch area and it has somehow jammed. Gear selection and drive all appear fine. To be honest I'm at my wits end with it. Got another set of eyes on it tonight but suspect engine out again. To be honest Im not too sure which is the best way to proceed. I could start looking in can housings. I did read about some having a follower shatter. Engine is also dry sump. Possibly its the pump. Something in there. This is accessible from the underside so probably while expensive relatively easy. Got to get over my deep depression first!! Got any advice on first steps? Thanks
  22. Cheers Sparky. Lets hope my question didnt need to be asked. time will tell!!
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