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  1. Lez, Thats great thank you. I am waiting a reply from someone who has shown interest so must follow that first. I will let the organisers know that there are now a potential two. They might be keen for two. I dont know. Wouldn't worry about the interior. My interior is not correct but its a charity event for kids so neither here nor there in my opinion. Will come back to you.
  2. Pete at PNM Engineering is very good.
  3. Im sure it would but I have every intention of trailering mine. Be great if you could have a word. Let me know thanks
  4. Paul, 10th April'22. Would you be able to put me in touch with them? Thanks
  5. Hi I have been asked to display my Copper Esprit at an event next April relating to film cars. As well as many other films they intend to be celebrating 60 years of James Bond. Organizers have discovered the white S1 Esprit they had lined up will no longer be available so they are looking for a replacement. It is a charity event for a childrens hospice. I believe also help with costs may be available. Please PM if any white S1 owners are interested.
  6. All I am getting on occasions significant inference noise via my radio speakers which goes up and down with engine revs. Strange thing is it’s sometimes there and others not. Any ideas why it would be intermittent with car in same status. I.e. day time driving, no electrical items on or off differently to any other time but sometimes a lot of interference and other times nothing. Thanks
  7. Well guys. Thanks for the replies. I have made suitable adjustments to the rods and they now sit in the closed position perfectly. Thanks all
  8. When my headlamps go down they always drop too low. Probably worn motors somehow inside but don’t know. Can they be fixed refurbished at home? Maybe a reconditioning kit is available. Thanks for any advice
  9. Have always maintained my tank water level at around 50%. Couple of weeks ago as car was put away I noticed a bit of water coming from the overflow. Presumably as pressure was lifting the spring cap. Went out yesterday. Water was slightly low so put a bit in back to around 50%. Again was dripping a bit as far was put away. Engine temp fine so am quite sure I have enough water. Other than a knackered cap or filling the expansion tank too high when cold is there anything else that could cause this. Oil is fine and no water drips anywhere else. Hoping head gasket is ok. Any thoughts.
  10. Hi Yes relay as Simon above says. Behind bulkhead trim panel by your right hand ear. Couldnt believe it when I found it.
  11. Thanks guys. Will look into this.
  12. What type of black paint do people use in the front spare wheel bay. Mine needs re doing.
  13. GST in Newmarket although did hear a rumour he now refuses V8 cars but dont know how true that is.
  14. All who have commented, whilst I havent done much re organizing, even though there is still time I just can not make Sunday. Just too much on with work and one or two personal things that are taking a significant amount of spare time. On top of that Sunday weather doesnt look great. I will select another weekend in a few weeks. Hopefully better weather and Im not run off my feet. Sorry to any that had it in their mind for Sunday.
  15. Ill be there work permitting. Ill aim for 7PM
  16. nick Tell us time date and venue and ill be there work permitting.
  17. Alan Im only down the road. Ill come over assuming dry weather
  18. PhilW


    Hi Anyone got a decent spare flywheel for an ‘84 Turbo Esprit they would sell. Thanks
  19. Anyone fancy a runout on Sunday 23rd May weather permitting? Get those COVID cobwebs blown away! Get those cars running again. Meet at McDonalds at the top of A11. Bit of a tour (Route to be decided but thought over to Swaffham, upto Fakenham, Holt, Cromer and down again) but open to suggestions. Find somewhere for a late breakfast or early lunch By then somewhere with indoor seating should be possible. I thought meet 8:30 for set off at 9am. Any takers?
  20. Yes from me Nick for sure. Came on here to post a proposed drive on 23rd May. Will post separately so dont hijack your post. When are you thinking?
  21. Looked this company up yesterday and will likely use them too when all mine are assembled. One question though which I will probably get destroyed for........Are inner tubes a solution or a good reason why not?
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