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  2. What kind of booster is that in the front of the Evora?
  3. I saw this last night too while walking the dog through the park. I thought it looked pristine and really stood out. Do you stay locally Ian?
  4. I'm in Stonehaven but will nip down to Stracathro for the run over the Cairn.
  5. I bought one at that price late last year. I'm guessing £40k-£45k in two years time. Keen to hear what other think.
  6. Thread resurection! Has anyone fitted a 2Bular to an Exige V6?
  7. Can I ask where you can get hold of large sized lotus prints? Garage looks great by the way
  8. Maybe not the best but good for me and my V6 Supercharged! image by christopherjgrant, on Flickr
  9. Hi Stu, I'm very happy with the paint protection film. It was just the front end and the sills I had done but i'm really happy with it - and I am quite fussy. Chris
  10. Spent a couple of days this week giving my new car some TLC. The photos really don't do the colour (or shine) any justice! DSC_5700 by christopherjgrant, on Flickr DSC_5686 by christopherjgrant, on Flickr DSC_5659 by christopherjgrant, on Flickr
  11. I remember seeing it at my work with its distinctive number plate!
  12. Thanks Anthony. I'm aware of the Fennel Sunday Breakfast thing and always been meaning to head up to it. Did you previously have a yellow S2 Exige? I think the blue car you saw is now Murray's demo, the one I got was also direct from the factory.
  13. Likewise, I'd like to come along to the Alford Lotus day and go on track if possible. Also interested in the Speedfest. Cheers, Chris
  14. Thanks Al, how do I sign up for the LEGS PM mailing?
  15. Up early this morning after a quiet night last night. So, with a new toy in the garage, and empty roads calling, there was only one thing to do! DSC_5595 by christopherjgrant, on Flickr
  16. Thanks for the comments. Very heavy rain and standing water here today so it's not been out of the garage. I'm happy just going out to look at it, as sad as that is!
  17. I picked up this lovely Laser Blue V6 today. Really happy with it and looking forward to getting some miles in Thanks to Brandon and the team at Murrays Lotus Exige 1 by christopherjgrant, on Flickr
  18. EC225 delays aren't being helped by the fact the rest of us flying 92's have decent backlog due to weather - the S92's from all operators were due to be used to help CHC catch up. Due off Tuesday here, fingers crossed.
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