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  1. After some figuring out I got a design for the headrest that works: Pic in natural light: Would love to upload some more pictures but unfortunately I can't due to size constraints.
  2. @mr.oogieboogie: that's a clever way of doing it! Slow progress today:
  3. Vinyl arrived yesterday, so I could start making the covers. Colour comparison: Black bolsters with red stitching: Test fitting the beige middle section, still need to attach the hogrings: Better pics of the repainted recliner wheel: Next up will be finishing the upper middle and redesigning the headrest as I'm replacing the buttons with velcro.
  4. @Barrykearley : I'll try to keep up! @mr.oogieboogie: That was the original plan. Your seats look very nice! Some progress pics: Resprayed the recliner wheel. Before: After: I'll post some better pictures tomorrow, too dark right now.
  5. Hello everybody, I am currently working on restoring @Escape's seats of his Esprit, and I thought it might be interesting to share the process. (I'm not sure if this is the right subforum, if not feel free to move it) The seats will be upholstered in Vinyl and a different colour combo, similar to this Audi S4's seats but with red stitching on the bolsters. I'm starting with the passenger seat, since this one has no damage and thus will serve as a perfect template for the more beaten-up driver seat. Disassembly begins with taking off the back cover, held on with six screws and tied to the frame by two elastic straps . Next is the seat recliner wheel. Cap comes off with the help of a screwdriver and then there are a few nuts to loosen. The leather cover must then be pulled over the metal wheel. The piece of leather over the headrest is held in place by four rivets, after removing those there is a piece of foam glued to the frame. Next is removing everything on the back and bottom of the seat. Clamps pop right off with the help of a srewdriver, hogrings have to be cut. The metal rod attached to the bolster has to be pulled through, otherwise the cover can't be removed. And last there are two rivets connecting the bolsters to the frame. By simply lifting the bottom cushion these can be reached to be removed. After all that, the covers can come off! After removing the covers, the colour change that has occured over the years is very obvious. Next I worked the foam with a steamer, giving a nice result. Before: After: And that's it for now. I'm still waiting for the vinyl to be delivered. Next up will be sewing the covers and attaching it back to the seat. I hope you enjoyed this little write-up and I will update it as soon as more progress is made. Have a good weekend!
  6. So I made something new last year. I made a stainless steel model keychain of a Lotus Esprit Turbo, which is very sturdy and looks beautiful (polished). Have a look: Opinions? Or do you want one? I'm all ears If you want some user experience, ask Bauke, he already has one
  7. Asking price will be set at 15 Euros or 11£. If interested mail to nicolaslotus at, so I can add you to the list of people interested. Then I can start to create them. Will be a great christmas present! Best, Nicolas
  8. @Bibs Thank you for letting me have it! @swindon_alan Yes everything is possible. Email me for a price, I just want to let you know that it'll be cheaper if more people want the same wheel. Because a one-off will be 3D-printed, if more are produced it will be with moulds made from the 3D print.
  9. Hello everyone, (Not sure if this is allowed here, so if inappropriate please remove) So here I go, first let me introduce myself; I'm a 20 years old Lotus geek. The person responsible for my Lotus-virus is gvy (with his Esprit S2.2), thank you . Because of my student budget buying one isn't easy and Bauke gave me the idea to sell some home-made Lotus keychains. First model to be made was the Lotus Speedline. I used a picture from the internet and started drawing in 3D, I did many testprints with a 3D-printer and finally after adjusting lots of things I was able to make a good looking prototype Speedline rim. If you're interested in a keychain, you can email me (nicolaslotus at for further information. Please note that models pictured here are prototypes, final results will be even better and also available in gold and chrome. I would also like to know what wheels you would like to see produced, Compomotive CX and OZ futura are in progress of being modelled. Cheers, Nicolas
  10. I was also looking at buying the car, but didn't do it in the end... Can the experts tell me it was a bargain or no?
  11. I'm looking for pictures for this paintscheme (white with black stripes and bumpers) Thanks!
  12. I'll sure do that I'll see you soon thanks!
  13. well, I think I live in your street!
  14. hey everyone a time ago I fell in love with the lotus esprit because of a guy in a black s2.2. Now that I'm 16 I want to buy a lotus and restore it a bit (interior, etc...) But it's so difficult for me to choose which kind of lotus and which color. So I've searched whole youtube and google for vids and pics, but could you please send me pics of your lotus esprit (I prefer the s2 and the s3) and also your comments on your car so that I know how well a lotus esprit drives Thanks already Nicolas
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