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  1. My issue (which isnt 100% gone, but dramatically improved) was resolved with a MAF sensor mounting change (fixed with cable tie as part of recall) and updated car software which had some throttle related tweaks. In general its loads better, but still have the occasionally jerking, but not enough to complain about.
  2. I finally got this done. Seemed the issue was its just to cold, so thanks to a hair dryer I now have a result I am happy with. On the centre lines I did them in a point just to make the finish less abrupt. Thanks for the inspiration gents.
  3. Thanks for the clarification @Colin P I assume you heated up the sealant / sticky stuff to remove them and clean off the residue?
  4. Cheers @Colin P didn't realise you had these on your 400 :). How do you find the Carbon ones contrast with the gloss black elsewhere on the car in real life? I assume these are Elise Shop ones (or maybe not as only see short ones)?
  5. @JayEmm Do you have a close up pic of them on your old 400 you can post? @Junks If you are about can you share any info on what you have available? Thanks to all who have contributed to this post so far.
  6. Is there an advantage to using sugru over the recommend adhesive?
  7. Anyone on here got any experience of fitting side scoops / pods on their Evora (400 is the preference but doesnt matter much). I believe @JayEmm had some carbon elise shop ones fitted, but couldnt find many good pics, also not sure how carbon looks with the gloss black everywhere else. Also any noticeable improvement vs pure cosmetics. Cheers in advance.
  8. Just incase its the obvious issue. The DRLs turn OFF when the headlights are on. DRLs only operate with no lights and sidelights only. Just incase your looking for them to work when not.
  9. Back from the 1st MOT and 3rd year service, so given the 400 clean and fitted the cover. Its a really nice fit, might need to adjust the front abit but all good.
  10. I bought some 6mm tape today and started to have a quick go ... I need more time, managed to do the first bend but the 2nd one just wasnt happening. Any tips before I resort to Google tuition?
  11. I think that looks decent too. Did @E18VRA ever confirm the thickness he used?
  12. Yes the weather has been mega sucky last week or so.
  13. The cover has just arrived. Nice packaging and feels like a real quality item. Just need to find time to clean the car and then get it on to test the fit. Thanks again to TLF for offering this option through the site.
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