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  1. Have you done this mod, sounds nice and simple.
  2. Mark, I have no doubt. The Evora will be my 3rd Lotus, but maybe I am lucky and never had to take my Elise or Exige into the dealers for any special work. Just trying to go into things with my eyes fully open.
  3. Is there a list anywhere of common warranty issues and Evora recalls? Would be handy to have a list of things to verify when buying on the 2nd hand market.
  4. Another pre purchase question for you guys. I quite like the look of the Oyster Interior, and I had something similar in an Elise a long time ago. I appreciate it could show dirt easier, but as I clean my cars alot I am not to phased by this. I just want a feel for how the light colour is durability wise, and also good and bad feedback from people who have it in theirs. Who knows I may plays safe and stick with the black, but I think the Oyster adds abit more up market look to it somehow, but hopefully not to OTT.
  5. So its like a bead of light that travels around the car at about chest height when you are sat in it?
  6. Wow just been reading up on this. Sounds great, and performance increase to. I think this will be on my list of things to check out.
  7. I think your thinking of the Difflow ones, not cheap and dont think it likes the same as the S verson -
  8. I really like the look of the Evora S diffuser, I am sure its stupid money, but does anyone know the part number and cost?
  9. Just going over what you get in each pack. In the premium pack it mentions Accent lighting. Anyone got this on theirs and able to describe and ideally post a pic? Thanks in advance.
  10. Interested to hear the response to this post. I like this interior also, although black still does it for me also.
  11. Cheers and interesting info indeed. So 5th and 6th is where the real difference is.
  12. So based on my research. A non close ratio box is 205g/Km and a close ratio box is 215g/Km CO2 emissions Does anyone have the ratio numbers for each of the two boxes? I heard the first three gears are identical, just trying to get a feel for what the differences are and why people seem to prefer the close ratio one.
  13. amoss I think your suggestion is best as this way I dont have to travel only to find out the car doesnt have it. I will look into this.
  14. When looking at the Evora 2nd market is there a way to easily identify if the car as the standard gearbox or the close ratio one? Thanks in advance.
  15. mdavies, justin182, myfavedave and TBD. Thanks for taking the time to respond, it really does make me feel more comfortable considering an Evora based on the updated feedback. I totally get the long distance dealer thing being a pain, mine is about 40 miles round trip so not as bad. Back to giving it some serious thought, still trying to find feedback from people going from an Exige S to an NA Evora, see how they found the change in power etc.
  16. Yeah I can understand the frustration there, and that would really put a dampener on my ownership. Would you be happy to share the list of grips off line?
  17. Justin, I dont suppose you have maintained a list of your niggles? As a prospective buyer on the 2nd hand market I would be interested in checking the obvious.
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