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  1. Didnt think so ... wonder if the scrappy would be interested
  2. Having a sort out and realised I have all sorts of car stuff in the shed. Two of which is an exhaust and complete air box off a 2010 Evora (about 6k miles use). Is there much of a market for this stuff?
  3. @DJW Congrats on the car change, have to catch up at sometime and hear what you think of the 350.
  4. I have a Snooper MySpeed in my cars for camera areas, works well for me. I also have a Snooper HD2 Dash Cam
  5. After a wire messing around with the multi-meter I found a decent ground. I will post a picture later for other future reference.
  6. Hi gents, finally getting around to installing my dash camera, hope to do one night in the week. I have installed this before on my previous Lotus, including my old Evora. However I took the fuse panel cover off in the footwell tonight in preparation for next week, and it looks like everything bolts into plastic casings. Has anyone got a recommended good ground connector in the footwell of an Evora 400?
  7. True, but I am certain I don't have McLaren money ... or I would have one already.
  8. Dave if you get a McLaren I would like a nose around please
  9. Very nice Dave, thats some great cars there.
  10. There are worse problems to have Cheers, glad it might be of some use
  11. Had the wheels off the car today to replace the side reflectors, so thought I would show how clean the wheels looks after a quick rinse off with water. The wheel wax still holding up well. I do love the gloss black wheels, but they do show up all little scratches if you look close
  12. I thought I would provide a little update on this, as I finally found the time to replace them. So the version on the car is black backed, so when they get water ingress this shows up really bad, the revised version is grey backed, perhaps this will be better if water gets in? Fitting them was semi straight forward, they have a self cutting nut, which to be honest is abit crap but it does the job (ish). The back one went on fine (front and rear are different part numbers), basically you can tell as the 3 little lines should be horizontal. The front ones seem to have a slightly thinner stalk for the self cutting nut to attach to, so I added abit of glue to the nut to ensure it didn't fall off. Just need to do the other side now, so its all matching
  13. I have never removed a badge and put it back on again, but like the idea. Does anyone have a link to some thin tape they have used for this purpose, that doesn't damage the paint if you take off again later.
  14. Made a little Evora 400 video montage, thought I would share (appreciate feedback as trying to get better, but ran out of time for more creative shots).
  15. I have had lots of people think the Evora is a Ferrari, its a mixed feeling in a way
  16. Some are more obsessive so you don't have to be Its all part of the service
  17. Some pics in this thread if it helps.
  18. Cracking looking car. Looking at the pic of the kids reminds me when I squeezed the recommend Recaro child seat into the back of my Evora all those years ago.
  19. There are some pics in my detailing thread. This is my forth Lotus now, I get to a couple of meetings mention on here, used to go to MLOC meets alot back in the day, but don't get much free time these days.
  20. Nice post Colin, totally agree with the 400. I just came back from a short blast in mine, I love it, the sound is AWESOME.
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