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  1. nice video aerobat, car looks and sounds awesome
  2. I have 3rd cat, backbox and airbox in the garage for my old NA Evora taking up room in the garage, need to get shot of them (wonder if they will sell on eBay or something)
  3. Yeah was a good drive, even met an Evora 410 on the way back, the breakfast sandwich wasnt bad either
  4. Car looked and sounded fantastic I thought you were pulling over for a chat, but then you ushered me past Good to see another Lotus on the roads anyway!
  5. Car looked and sounded fantastic I thought you were pulling over for a chat, but then you ushered me past Good to see another Lotus on the roads anyway!
  6. What happened to everyone? Saw a green esprit parked up when leaving, but no one else?
  7. Only the rear one right, not the footwell one?
  8. Yeah ... I was thinking more that I assume you are going the SOR approach to get more than a proposed part ex price. So was thinking more how do you ensure you get an increase over the part ex, otherwise its a wasted exercise overall.
  9. I have never done SOR before, I assume you set a minimum figure you would accept after fees etc?
  10. Food for thought, thanks for sharing Dave
  11. Just did a quote with them and its a little cheaper. I currently have zero voluntary excess, by default its £350 with them. Is this the same for you DJW?
  12. Damn my forum searching skills clearly suck
  13. Just spotted this old post, so thought I would add for reference.
  14. I did a quick search and couldn't find an existing thread dedicated to Evora insurance, so here it goes. I think we all appreciate discussing insurance isn't an apples to apples comparison as each person has individual circumstances, mods, location, etc but I think its still good to find out who people are using and rough pricing. Currently 8 Years NCD on this car, 4k mileage, no track days and Social, Domestic, Pleasure and Commute 2010 Evora NA with barge boards, larini exhaust and radium induction kit declared and kept in garage with protected no claims was £314 per year with Esure. 2016 Evora 400 with no modifications, kept in garage with protected no claims is £654 per year with Esure (was expecting it to be £564, so decent increase)
  15. Some years in my S1 Evora I only managed around 500 miles ;( With a mixture of work, family and then the weather being crap when I did have a chance, meant I just didnt get to use it as much as I would like. I did around 6k mile total in my Evora in the 5 years or so I owned it. Hope to get time to do a few more in the 400
  16. Just to close this one off. Lotus don't reissue the keyblade tab with the number on, but after proving ownership they were able to email me the missing info.
  17. ha ha, I prefer the 400 over the 410 personally
  18. Okies, deffo sounds like a missing item. I will follow up and see if I can get hold of it.
  19. I have the little plastic bag. Has the spare key and 3 copies of the 4 pin alarm code on, but no key code. I wonder if Lotus HQ can provide a replacement.
  20. Been going through the manual again to find something out, and reminded me of something I meant to post and never did. I have the 4 digit alarm code, but did you guys get the 6 digit key blade number with your car, or just reliant on the Lotus system to have it recorded on file?
  21. Not seen the Evora in that dark blue before, quite like it
  22. Amazing service from Lotus Warranty, spoke to them on the phone about the side reflectors. Less than 24 hours later I have replacements in my hands, top top service.
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