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  1. Very nice and it is indeed the best colour combo
  2. Deffo be interested to hear if anyone sells this for self application.
  3. Ouchie as expected (wonder how much the carbon one from the 410 is
  4. All viable, I am just a fussy bugger when it comes to this stuff, so if its not perfect it frustrates me
  5. Agreed. I have thought about doing similar, but ordering a new front bumper bit to remove the lovely screw holes there and the scratches and scuffs that come with having a plate on their previously. However based on the fact its over £100 for a couple of badges, this part is probably more expensive than I would like to spend
  6. ColinP do you have your number plate low like that to give yourself an indication of catching the splitter on things?
  7. Yuppers. Looks like a nice example, welcome to TLF
  8. Ok so the badges arrived in the post, as you can see the lettering is smaller, and also turns out the font of the Evora badge has also changed, particularly the R. Sadly the Evora badge has a slight scuff under the paint, and the spray job the on Lotus lettering is poor, so if I looked to remove them from the white strip (especially on the U) it will expose the chrome So I will contact Lotus and see what they can do.
  9. When I ordered it, they said the only option was A132U0988S, so didnt appear to be an option to specify something else.
  10. I had bad creaking noises on my old Exige also, turned out to be the ARB bushes, I replaced them and applied a good helping of lube, and it never had an issue again.
  11. I think the car looks great. If it was my car (of course it isnt so just sharing opinion) I would have Black Lotus lettering on the back to tie in with all the other black bits, and I wouldnt put the GTE stickers on the side, and I also would lose the sun strip (I had one of these on my Exige for a while) and seemed abit "common" after a while. I am really impressed with how its all come together, I like the tyre writing also, well the Michelin bit anyway I look forward to a video of the first drive.
  12. Thats my point, even though in real life they are different sizes, when you go to order them the 400 parts says they say they are replaced by part number A132U0988S which is the same as the original Evora. 400 Part Evora Part The parts should arrive next week so I will take a picture to show the size difference.
  13. Cheers for looking. Still trying to decide if the smaller L O T U S letters from the S1 will look ok on the 400 or not. I have ordered the black ones like I put on my S1, but a little worried its going to look odd. Guess I will hold them up before replacing. Whats frustrating is, the press photos of the 400 have black lettering, but when you check the 400 parts, it has the black lettering, but its the same as the S1, even though we know the size is different.
  14. Cheers CocoPops, dont suppose you have the same for a NON 400 Evora?
  15. Does anyone have "official" diagrams that show the L O T U S spacing measurements on the S1 Evora and 400?
  16. Yeah there is a lip at the bottom is fits into. Pull out the small carpet section before the fuse panel cover, and you can then pull the bottom out a few degrees and then it will slide out.
  17. Welcome to the club of awesomeness.
  18. Cheers thats interesting. I was actually more interested in the plastic footwell cup holder in the front. Do you have diagrams and part number for that?
  19. Has anyone actually identified the part number for the cup holders anyway, to check availability and price?
  20. Thats a pretty good idea, I might check this out and see how it looks, works and feels.
  21. ha ha same problem here, still not found a good place for the garage remote, never thought I would miss homelink, but I do.
  22. hehehe indeed he does, but the same problem with it rolling around the floor, if its not upright it leaks, because kids forever drop things on the floor destroying the devices integrity
  23. I hate to say it, but I have already missed the cup holder (door handles) of the S1 Evora, only because when I take my son to school he has his drink and this used to go in the door and now its rolling around in the footwell. I wouldnt mind that plastic looking cup holder if the price isnt too insane.
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