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  1. Anyone know the part number and cost for the "Sticker" Lotus, Evora and 400 decals? I noticed all my chrome is pealing (2 years old) 400 still ok for now.
  2. Great to catch up gents, car is filthy again now @DJWNo laughing about the rain, I remember from my Elise days as long as your moving its not to bad, I did cringe at the Golf driver pulling in front of you though!
  3. Not planning on eating, just given the car a quick clean and about to head off.
  4. Assuming no family drama and the weather is reasonable I plan to pop along. Need to try and find the time to give it a clean too as its covered in crap from the bad weather.
  5. Potentially will need to check plans. To confirm its 6PM on 21st April - Old Tewkesbury Road, Gloucester GL2 9LR
  6. I went from a N/A S1 to a 400 and no regrets. There are alot of similarities, but plenty of differences also. I recommend test driving one to see if you feel its worth the premium.
  7. I think you might be right @Bibs I have fitted them to each of my cars, got them for £3.50 each (so cheap), and the result vary wildly. When you read the small print it they cover their arse by saying its only an "indicator" On the plus side now I have easy charging access on all the cars.
  8. Anyone else comment on the slight squeal noise in this video? It difficult to pick up on the phone, but I believe its still a slight squeal / whistle coming from the pulleys since the belt has been replaced. I might be getting abit overly paranoid now so wondering if this is how they all sound or not. I only noticed as I was out fitting a CTek Comfort Indicator to help keep an eye on the battery level.
  9. Looks like the trickle charger was having a moment. I disconnected it, check the voltage and it was 13.5, reconnected the charger and it went to green, so all good again ... for now Now just need to go back to the dealers for resets.
  10. New battery is in, and on the trickle charger. Little concerned that it was with a good level of charge but the trickle charger is still going after 3 hours. Time will tell I guess, least its got a 5 year warranty if it goes to crap quickly.
  11. I do have a reader @Colin P, but it doesnt detect anything when I plug it in. I had the same issue in the fact there was no spanner on the dash, but still had the lurching issue which was then cleared by the dealer. Yes I never had any issues with my 2010 NA at all battery wise, which is why its odd the 400 has. I havent been able to identify any power drains.
  12. Looks like the Varta Silver Dynamic E38 is the one to go for. I will try one of these to replace the current Bosh S4 thats in there at the moment and hope all is well. It did some tests and looks like the alternator is charging the battery, see about 13.8 on the meter with the engine running, which seems about right as DRL and stereo is on.
  13. Its just frustrating, this is my 4th Lotus, and although not major problems I have had pretty much frustration ownership up until now I am just going to do some basic checks first, make sure the alternator is charging the battery etc.
  14. Sigh I must have some bad karma or something. Came back to the car after getting home, car wont start so despite the car being 2 years old, and already having the original battery replaced by the first owner and I always keep it on trickle charge I guess it needs another new battery. I now also need to do another 2 hour round trip to get things reset again, as now have the airbag light on and the jerking back.
  15. I am back from the dealers. Apparently when I had the battery issues leaving last time, it had set the throttle and or clutch sensor abit out of whack. They reset everything and it now seems ok. I also got the belt replaced and this seems to have eliminated the squealing noise. The only noise I have left I am told is the exhaust flap opening / closing, so I will see if I can grease that or something and then should be good.
  16. Never noticed any difference between my NA Evora and Evora 400 and I am pretty nerdy with these things.
  17. I have recently ordered a 3/4 plate from fancy plates for my Evora (currently run without). Only did this as was ordering some plates for a project car I am working on, and thought rather have 3/4 than normal if I need to put one on. I should add I got a speeding offense before Christmas and no mention of no front plate.
  18. Cheers for the info Pickle. My car is booked in for beginning of Feb to have the squeak sorted (belt and pulleys) and hopefully the hesitation sorted. I will post back once sorted.
  19. Wow thank you very much, I will give them a call.
  20. Ah They cleared it and made no comment and it didnt come up, but I do think its some how related. Wonder if clutch sensor will be an item they keep on the shelf. Thanks to all the input as usual from the forum members.
  21. No spanner on my dash which is the odd thing. Anyway, got the car booked in for later in the month to check the MAF and belt and pulleys. Should all be under warranty.
  22. I call it an AUX, TIMING, THE belt , but like you say there is only one belt that drives the supercharger, etc etc. I mention it has the odd squeak when it went in for a service, they added some lube but said some just squeak so if its annoying it needs to be replaced, but the belt itself is fine The car is 100% garaged, I don't take it out in the wet, its abit of a garage queen (like all my Lotus to date). Anyway MAF looks clean, checked the throttle body thats all clean too, guess I just need to get it booked in and see whats what.
  23. I am just going to give it a quick look over. Bloody thing, why does it have to do it AFTER I have travelled to the dealers for a service Might as well see how much it will cost to change the AUX belt whilst its in as it has a squeek which they couldnt fix and said needs replacing.
  24. Posted a video of the coughing if it helps anyone diagnose.
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