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  1. Sadly don't have room for something like this, but it would be the dream Cheers, I had heard of race ramps in the past but forgot the name. Will take a look.
  2. Evening gents, did some searching but couldn't see the info I was looking for. For those who work on their cars themselves, are there any recommended ramps you can use to get the car slightly elevated to making working under the car a little easier? Thanks in advance. Dale
  3. Glad its making progress. Looks sad like that
  4. Ah man sorry to hear that. Fingers crossed for speedy and not to expensive recovery.
  5. Went for a nice drive out yesterday in the sun all seemed well and I enjoyed it Whars happened to your Brendan?
  6. Just back from the dealers. As I suspected it was the AC Compressor clutch. They said it had some swarf on it from fitting the new one (seems odd, but whatever). Said everything looks good and I can no confirm the sound has gone. YAY. Now to hopefully enjoy it again as the good weather is back, just need to keep the AC on all the time to ensure never have these issues again didnt notice quite how noisey the AC compressor was before, takes the attention of the transmission noise I guess. Just sounds like got ALL the fans going from the outside even on low, lol.
  7. For those interested here is a little video. I turn the aircon off 4 seconds in then you can hear the noise.
  8. Indeed all will be resolved eventually, just frustrating taking time off work etc, but not world ending.
  9. Just got my Evora 400 back. All is well ish ... I mean its working again and I have aircon, but if I turn off the aircon there is a serious rattle coming from the AC Compressor area (I am guessing its the AC Compressor Clutch rattling). Sent the garage a video, and guess another 200 mile round trip in my future and time off work. Frustrating but 1st world problems. Will update for others benefit once all fully sorted.
  10. Cheers Bibs, I remember back in the say when I had my first Lotus Elise people liked them for HGF issues. I might look into it and see whats covered, cost, etc. I think in general I shouldnt worry, as its a proven engine etc. Then get these issues and suddenly brain goes into panic mode
  11. Well the good news is I will have the 80 mile drive back when its ready. If I remember reading back right, yours has been ok with the refurbed one since getting it sorted?
  12. Still no car, but was informed yesterday that Lotus have decided to pay for any repairs to my Evora 400. This is fantastic news as my year in general so far has been abit crap. Will update this post again once I get it back with more info on what went wrong and had to be replaced. I do now feel abit anxious on when I get it back, is there something else waiting to go wrong ... do I keep it ... do I sell it? I love my Evora 400 and its the best Lotus I have owned (my 4th one), and although I sometimes think about selling as I don't get to use it too much, I end up going for a drive and continue to love it. I assume there are no worthwhile aftermarket warranties to provide abit more cover?
  13. Still waiting for more information, but the current update is they believe the AC Compressor seized which is what caused my issues.
  14. I still not heard from the Lotus garage yet about my car, so still only guessing at the issue. I will update here once I know the issue, costs, and what I do etc etc.
  15. Cheers for the info Phil. I guess all I was mentioning is the potential coincidence, and also I have never had any aircon issues on any of my cars up until now.
  16. Sorry if reviving this post is not appropriate, but think I might have the same issue as the OP. Went for a drive today, then all of a sudden high pitched squealing, smoke from the engine bay and then it cut out. I have been recovered home as its Easter weekend, but the AA will be collecting it to take to Lotus Silverstone on Tuesday. Whats interesting is, I had my 3 year service 139 miles ago, so out of warranty by 4 months now, but when I took it in I said my aircon wasnt working, and apparently it was out of aircon fluid, so they sorted it, but told me to always leave aircon on to avoid future issues. So if this is the same issue, and with such little mileage, I hope I have chances of fixing as a good will gesture. Car has only done 8000 miles.
  17. My issue (which isnt 100% gone, but dramatically improved) was resolved with a MAF sensor mounting change (fixed with cable tie as part of recall) and updated car software which had some throttle related tweaks. In general its loads better, but still have the occasionally jerking, but not enough to complain about.
  18. I finally got this done. Seemed the issue was its just to cold, so thanks to a hair dryer I now have a result I am happy with. On the centre lines I did them in a point just to make the finish less abrupt. Thanks for the inspiration gents.
  19. Thanks for the clarification @Colin P I assume you heated up the sealant / sticky stuff to remove them and clean off the residue?
  20. Cheers @Colin P didn't realise you had these on your 400 :). How do you find the Carbon ones contrast with the gloss black elsewhere on the car in real life? I assume these are Elise Shop ones (or maybe not as only see short ones)?
  21. @JayEmm Do you have a close up pic of them on your old 400 you can post? @Junks If you are about can you share any info on what you have available? Thanks to all who have contributed to this post so far.
  22. Is there an advantage to using sugru over the recommend adhesive?
  23. Anyone on here got any experience of fitting side scoops / pods on their Evora (400 is the preference but doesnt matter much). I believe @JayEmm had some carbon elise shop ones fitted, but couldnt find many good pics, also not sure how carbon looks with the gloss black everywhere else. Also any noticeable improvement vs pure cosmetics. Cheers in advance.
  24. Just incase its the obvious issue. The DRLs turn OFF when the headlights are on. DRLs only operate with no lights and sidelights only. Just incase your looking for them to work when not.
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