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  1. Great to see the progress. Hope you get the car back on the road again soon. In case you want to meet up with some fellow Lotus owners, I’d recommend that you look at Lotus Festival Sweden 2019. Link to the invite at the Swedish club site: Feel free to contact me via PM in case you’d like to join.
  2. It’s been 2 years since I had mine off to replace the master cylinder. But I recall that it was the front bumper that was adjustable. Loosening the fixing point for the bumper, pushing it to a position where you want it to be and then fasten the nuts and bolts. A second set of hands could be helpful. By the way, it’s a great oportunity to refresh the various nets in the bumper. If you haven’t done so already.
  3. According to their web site, the new museum should have opened yesterday. Any news about this? Or maybe someone on the forum was there?
  4. I’ll make an attempt to use a blog during the tour. Keep an eye at the coming two weeks!
  5. Anyone else here going? A couple of us pagans from the north will stop over and cheer the four Swedish drivers. The weekend after, we'll turn up at Silverstone Classic. Last year we went to the LCE premiere at Hockenheim. By far the best races during that weekend.
  6. Driven at Goodwood earlier today. Found this clip at Youtube:
  7. Added a couple of kits as well. Ranging from a Type 116 in 1:87 to Europa Special in 1:12. Search for ”byggmodell” in the bottom of the page. Search is ”Sök” in swedish...
  8. This year the Lotus Festival Sweden will be epic. Starting off with a BBQ on Friday evening at Bilhallen in Mjölby. One of the Lotus dealers in Sweden. On Saturday we will join Mantorp Classic to view some historic racing. During the lunch break we will have the oportunity to drive a couple of laps on the track. Dinner at the hotel on Saturday evening. Finally on Sunday, we’ll have a rally from Linköping to Söderköping. Finishing with lunch and price awarding. All details, in Swedish, at Use Google Translate or send me a PM. Especially calling Lotus owners in Norway, Finland and Denmark.
  9. About time to sign up for the next track day in Sweden. A number of club member will stay over night in Skara the night before. Especially thinking about Lotus drivers in Norway, Finland and Denmark. Kinnekulle Ring is a great Lotus track. Instructions about the day and how to apply on All in Swedish, so either use Google Translate or send me a PM and I’ll guide you through the process.
  10. Oh yes, I’ve mainly focused on road cars and GT race cars. There are a huge number of other race cars which I haven’t got.
  11. Finally got around taking photos and sorting my models. So far, 234 of them are published on my blog. Another 40 or so to come during the next weeks. The blog is in swedish, but you can look at the photos and get an idea of what my collection consists of. You find it at What do others have in their small scale collections?
  12. Cars & Coffee in Stockholm last Saturday. Great weather and some 140 cars outside the maritime museum. This was the 4th year in a row. Some photos from the Lotus club area below: An Exige S at another part of the field.
  13. Thank's, I'll update my register. The blue one is a 2011 car. I haven't seen any brochure from 2011.
  14. Video of some laps at Gotland Ring from last Saturday. 3rd lap in this film was my best during the weekend. 90 laps in total during two days. Great track and I'll for sure come back.
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