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  1. My three latest daily drivers have had this little feature. To me it’s more about how the manufacturer have managed to implement it. My Mercedes GLK -14 was brilliant, couldn’t really notice. As soon as you let go of the break the engine turned on smoothly and off you went. After that I had a Mazda 6 -16, not as smooth when re-starting. In some cases really annoying. Especially when you just stopped at a red light which then went green imidiately, then the Mazda hesitated a bit before realizing that I actually wanted to get going again. I did turned it off from time to time. Currently driving a Volvo XC40 -19. Maybe not as smooth as the Mercedes was. But good enough not to annoy me.
  2. We’ll stay at St Marys Friday-Monday. Maybe we could meet up for a pint on Friday evening? Looking forward to a few inches less of snow this year... Luckily we had a 4WD last year, so we made it out of the parking mud field.
  3. 43 cars signed up so far. Several will arrive for dinner at a nearby golf course the evening before.
  4. Same on mine, built in June 2012. Pioneer AVIC930BT, reverse camera comes on automatically.
  5. Very different depending on what wheels and tyres you are using. Mine came with the 19/20” Design wheels with Pirelli PZero Corsa LS. Dreadful on highways with a bit of trcks. Wandered all over the place. Then fitted with 18” Team Dynamics and Michelin Cup 2. Much smoother ride and not as prone to wander on bad surfaches. I’ve since fitted Michelin Pilot Super Sport och the Design wheels. They are much more pleasent on the highway compared to the Pirelli. Also woth checking the alignment from time to time.
  6. Who else will be going to the Members meeting in April? Last year wasn’t that good with heavy snowfall. Not good for the racing... But this year they have moved it to April 6-7 to be on the safe side. We’ll be staying in Arundel this time.
  7. Just renewed my subscription for a second year. The first 6 issues has been quite good in my opinion. Paper quality isn’t that good. But hey, it’s very resonabled prized so what to expect. Will be intersting to see how they follow-up this first year. Comparing different generations of Elise, Exige and Esprit only work once in a while.
  8. Five cars booked for the tour now, plus one only for Assen and one only for Silverstone Classic. Started to look at BestBikingRoads app for suggestions on where to go in Wales.
  9. Some will stay in cottages at and some of us will stay at hotels in Visby. We've got discounts on the ferries so please get in touch with me if you'd like to join. The ferries are filling up, especially on Sunday. This is a popular weekend to visit Gotland since Thursday is a holiday and many people take Friday off.
  10. Time to take the ferry to one of the best (and most remote) tracks in Northern Europe. Gotland Ring is situated in an old limestone quarry at the island of Gotland. Unless you are local it takes some effort to come here. There are ferries departing either from Oskarshamn or Nynäshamn. We will depart on Thursday May 30 and go back home on Sunday June 2. This gives us 2 days of driving on this marvelous strip of tarmac. Do check out the guide at Please contact me at stefan.axelsson [at] if you are interested. Information will also be posted at (in Swedish).
  11. On August 11th 2019 we (as in Lotus Car Club of Sweden) arrange a track day at Kinnekulle Ring just outside Götene in Sweden. This will be the fifth time in a row that we visit this Lotus friendly track. Please contact me via PM or e-mail stefan.axelsson(at) for more information. Or take a look at the Swedish web site in case you master the language For more information about the track, check out this excellent guide:
  12. Dates are now confirmed for our track days in 2019. First out is the now classic one at Ring Knutstorp. On May 1st 2019 we (as in Lotus Car Club of Sweden) arrange a track day at Ring Knutstorp in the south of Sweden. This track is brilliant for Lotus cars and usually the weather is great in the beginning of May. Please contact me via PM or e-mail stefan.axelsson(at) for more information. Or take a look at the Swedish web site in case you master the language, For more information about the track itself, check out this excellent guide:
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