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  1. CaptainSlow

    Brake discs for S1?

    DBA 4000 fitted
  2. CaptainSlow

    Evora Picture & Video Thread

    Shouldn’t one headlight be red then? 🙂
  3. CaptainSlow

    Evora Picture & Video Thread

    A couple of photos from our visit to Gotland earlier this Summer. Beautiful island, although a bit dusty due to being a limestone rock...
  4. The Evora came second in GTB class in both races. Could have been better but a penalty due to too short pit stop set them back. Still great to see them on the podium. Link to the complete results:
  5. Anyone who has one spare bolt to fix the front caliper to the hub on a S1 Evora? Part no A132W2048F. Have ordered from DeRoure, but they are on back order from Lotus which means it can take several years to get them 😾 Need one urgently in order to fit a new disc.
  6. CaptainSlow

    Towing eye

    I’ve got the straps from Lotus Motorsport fitted to mine. Not sure if they are still possible to get hold of after Motorsport got terminated. Part number for that kit is ALS5A0185J
  7. CaptainSlow

    A favour in Stockholm, 11th August

    You’ve got pm
  8. CaptainSlow

    Brake discs for S1?

    I’ve now ordered DBA 4000 series discs instead. Grooved discs front and back. Rear 42361S, front 42364S Air freight to Sweden. Missed four track days so far due to the others being on back-order. Getting a bit desperate by now.
  9. The Evora came 5th and 2nd in today’s two races at Anderstorp Raceway. Soaking wet conditions in both races. The second got red flagged due to a serious crash (one driver taken to hispital). Lookedmore like speed boats on the long strait. Today prince Carl Philip was accompanied by Thed Björk in the Evora. Great to see a lot more car in both classes. Although only one Lotus this weekend.
  10. My discs needs to be replaced since they've now reached the minimum thickness. I've settled for the discs that are sold by Elise-shop. and Just curious about what others has settled for? I ordered mine in April and the latest update I got they should be shipped during second half of May. Apparently the rear discs are on back order. I've been searching for groved but not cross drilled discs. But so far I haven't found any for the Evora. I've seen some kits with upgraded front discs. Anyone with experience of such?
  11. The Exige had issues with the noice limits (95 dB) on Friday. This is what they ended up with on Saturday... DSC_9963 by Stefan Axelsson, on Flickr The Michelin man seems to prove with the Evora DSC_9990 by Stefan Axelsson, on Flickr
  12. Results Race 1 – Top 5 1 Jensen Porsche 911 GT3 Cup 34 laps GTA 2 Göransson/Bernadotte Lotus Evora GT4 +10.522 GTB 3 Karlsson/Carlström Porsche 911 GT3 Cup +28.054 GTA 4 Mörner/Gullberg Ginetta G55 +50.319 GTB 5 Palma/Nilsson Lotus Exige +52.010 GTB Race 2 – Top 5 1 Mäkinen/Lilja Maserati GranTurismo MC GT4 28 laps GTB 2 Gullberg/Mörner Ginetta G55 +4.407 GTB 3 Ricknäs/Söderholm Porsche Cayman GT4 +7.673 GTB 4 Sokolski Porsche 911 GT3 Cup +1 lap GTA 5 Palma/Nilsson Lotus Exige +8 laps GTB … DNF Bernadotte/Göransson Lotus Evora GT4 GTB They were in overall lead in race 2 when one drive shaft gave up. Overall second place in race 1 (first in GTB class). Looking forward to the next race at Anderstorp. Some more cars expected to join then.
  13. A couple of photos from the qualifying laps earlier this evening. The first two races takes place tomorrow. Two Lotus on the starting line, the Evora GT4 with Göransson/Bernadotte and an Exige with Palma/Nilsson (who also runs two cars in Lotus Cup Europe). DSC_9741 by Stefan Axelsson, on Flickr DSC_9879 by Stefan Axelsson, on Flickr DSC_9749 by Stefan Axelsson, on Flickr DSC_9615 by Stefan Axelsson, on Flickr DSC_9700 by Stefan Axelsson, on Flickr DSC_9612 by Stefan Axelsson, on Flickr DSC_9599 by Stefan Axelsson, on Flickr DSC_9736 by Stefan Axelsson, on Flickr
  14. CaptainSlow

    Bosch Hockenheim Historic - The Jim Clark Revival 20th - 22th April 2018

    Who else will be there? 12 cars from Lotus Car Club of Sweden will show up. Arriving on Friday and leaving on Monday. Most of us will stay at Speyer hotel.
  15. CaptainSlow

    Pictures wanted - All Colours!

    Motorsport black, looks just black when cloudy but in direct sunlight it's almost brown due to "gold" flakes.