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  1. Name: Lotus Elan M100 Click to view: Lotus Elan M100
  2. I’m already on LEC, as well as a couple of M100 FB groups. Lots of information available.
  3. Finally picked up my new car today at the Lotus dealer who helped me with the import. One previous owner in Germany since new. 1994 S2 in Empire green with only 49,000 km on the meter(!). Drove it back home,, some 263 km. Seems to be a great car, although I noticed that the power steering is making some noice. Probably need an overhaul during the winter.
  4. Event cancelled due to recommendations from the Swedish goverment.
  5. Interested, will keep an eye on this thread. Considering Scotland and Isle of Man for 2021. So why not include Ireland as well. By the look of it, I’ll be keeping the Evora since the market is dead.
  6. Sent an updated Roadbook yesterday to those that are on our list. If you have registered on the website but didn’t got an e-mail, please send me a PM here. Of course, if you are interested but not yet have registered. Go ahead and do so. Use the link above in this thread. This will be an epic Grand Tour! It’s about time to get those hotels booked. Some of us will start earlier and visit Lotus Cup Europe at Nürburgring on the way to Speyer.
  7. 12 cars confirmed, and another 9 on the interested list
  8. 11 cars signed up so far, several of them for both days. The ferries from Nynäshamn are filling up since this is a popular long weekend. Filmed last year
  9. You are more than welcome to join us on our Alpine tour in September. Then you can compare the two cars side by side Cayman is joining that one. Listed among RoW and not Events:
  10. Registration is now open: Please note that this is a very popular weekend so hotels and ferry tickets will run out quickly.
  11. Registration is now open:
  12. Thanks for your reply. I’ve never seen that one before.
  13. This years first two additions to the collection. A VW bus ’Team Lotus’ and a Super GT car from Japan. More details and photos on my blog. That 340R looks interesting, what scale and manufacturer is that?
  14. I custom built a model for Cayman last Autumn. Using a Bburago model in 1:24 as a basis. The LOTUS letters on the rear clam and the Evora badge are very small in 1:24...
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