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  1. This season is coming to an end up here in the north. But planning for 2020 is in full swing. Recent years we've gotten into the tradition of Grand Tour. For 2020 we are looking towards the Alps. Preliminary plan (dates subject to change) 4/9 Göteborg (ferry to Kiel) 5/9 Kiel - Speyer 6/9 Speyer - Schwarzwald Hochstraße - Vierwaldstettersjön - Flüelen 7/9 Flüelen - Susten pass - Grimsel pass - Furka pass- St.Gotthard pass - Porlezza 8/9 Porlezza - Iseo 9/9 Iseo 10/9 Iseo - Stelviopasset - Sölden 11/9 Sölden - Timmelsjoch - Jaufenpaß - Großglockner - Inzell 12/9 Inzell - Leipzig 13/9 Leipzig - Kiel (färja to Göteborg 14/9 Göteborg - home WE'll have a planning meeting in Stockholm on November 23rd with those that has expressed interest so far. But if anyone else is interested to join, please send me a PM.
  2. The 90 looks good, especially in green/white combo. Not so sure abot the 110. That one looks too much like any other Land Rover/Range Rover. But each to their own. I can certainly see myself replacing the XC40 with a Defender 90. It will however most likely never see any off-roading.
  3. Relocation done, time to unpack the collection. I might have bought a few more during the Summer, ooops...
  4. So, last weekend we arranged Lotus Festival Sweden 2019. Starting at Friday evening with BBQ at Bilhallen I Mjölby. This is one of two authorized Lotus dealers in Sweden. 50 persons had signed up for the event and the parking area outside quickly filled up. Mainly with newer models, but a couple of Esprit showed up as well. IMG_1559 by Stefan Axelsson, on Flickr IMG_1546 by Stefan Axelsson, on Flickr IMG_1526 by Stefan Axelsson, on Flickr The star of the show this evening was a stunning type 30. Restored by Magnus Ahlqvist, owner of Motorima in Rydaholm. Do check out his web site, he is very skilled when it comes to turning aluminium sheets into car body panels. This car has been in Sweden since 1967 and is now fully restored. During the weekend we stayed at the newly built Quality Hotel The Box in Linköping. Since there was a bit of a shortage of parking spaces, we took the liberty to spice up the front yard with some colorful Lotus cars. IMG_1514 by Stefan Axelsson, on Flickr IMG_1642 by Stefan Axelsson, on Flickr We spent most of the Saturday at Mantorp Classic, a historic racing event that takes place every year. This year was a bit special though, Mantorp Park (the race track) celebrated it 50th anniversary. As a result of this and some intense advertazing to the club members we managed to gather no less than 65 Lotus at the club area. Then there were some more at other clubs plus those cars that were competing. So, in all, we were just shy of 80 cars. This is an all-time high for the Swedish club. Among the cars were a type 6, a type 12, two type 23 (one replica and one reproduction), one type 30, a type 51 etc. The majority of cars were Elise and Exige, but we also had quite a few Esprit. IMG_1609 by Stefan Axelsson, on Flickr IMG_1582 by Stefan Axelsson, on Flickr IMG_1630 by Stefan Axelsson, on Flickr IMG_1595 by Stefan Axelsson, on Flickr In the evening we had the annual meeting with the club to conclude last year and elect a new board. I resigned as secretary for the club and was given a bottle of Evora wine. IMG_4752 2 by Stefan Axelsson, on Flickr On Sunday we drove a "rally" along some Lotus friendly roads and finished off with lunch in Söderköping. IMG_1652 by Stefan Axelsson, on Flickr IMG_1649 by Stefan Axelsson, on Flickr IMG_1650 by Stefan Axelsson, on Flickr More photos from the weekend can be found at Flickr:
  5. Last weekend we arranged Lotus Festival Sweden 2019 in and around Linköping. On Saturday we visited Mantorp Classic as Mantorp Park celebrated its 50th "birthday". Mantorp Park is a race track just south of Linköping. We counted to 65 Lotus cars at the club area during the day. For this thread, there were 7 Evora (out of 30 in total in Sweden). A couple of photos below (more to come in my thread in RoW).
  6. Going through the photos from the weekend. 65 cars at our club area on Saturday! All-time high for a Swedish event. Including a Lotus 6, a Lotus 12 and a Lotus 30. All genuine and in running order. You’ll find a teaser here: Lotus 30 restored by Magnus Ahlqvist in Rydaholm. Start-up inside the show room of Bilhallen in Mjölby. One of two official Lotus dealers in Sweden. They hosted a BBQ on Friday evening with some 60+ guests. Great start of a great weekend!
  7. The old logo, wasn’t that banned just recently???
  8. 52 cars joining us in the club area at Mantorp Classic. Plus a number of Elans that are racing. During the lunch break we’ll get the chance to show the cars on track.
  9. Now are the final two day published as well, incl. Elise Trophy at Snetterton 300.
  10. Day 8 and 9 are now published. Day 9 cover Silverstone Classic, a very wet experience.
  11. Days 5-7 are now published as well.
  12. Thank you Bibs, I admit it would have been easier to write in Swedish
  13. Day 3 and 4 online as well.
  14. Day 2 online. Some delay due to loads of photos and poor internet connection on the hotel.
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