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  1. Given that the Emira is a coupé, I’ll keep my F-Type convertible 👍
  2. Although it looks good in yellow on the screen. I’m lean9ng towards Motorsport black as I had on my old Evora. With some red and gold bits and pieces.
  3. I like the involvement of JB in the media buzz around Lotus. Clearly the old fan base isn’t enough to sustain the business. In order to reach new customers any means are good. Lotus engineering involvement in the E-Rally thing as well as the Radford Motor endeavour sounds like more than just a check to say nice things about the Emira. Just recently talking to our only dealer here in Sweden. He is amazed of the inflow of new people asking and putting down deposits from outside the inner circle. I hope that Lotus can get some quality cars out from the start. These new customers may not be as forgiving as the previous customers.
  4. Not a big fan of huge wheels with stupid low profile. I prefered running 18” on my Evora compared to the stock 19/20”. So, I hope that the promissed GT4 car means that there also will be a sensible set of wheels available. Just like the Evora.
  5. Some interesting comparison with 718 and A110 in the EVO article: Looking forward to the final specs and pricing. They are a bit vague right now to say the least.
  6. Given that the Evija use Öhlins I hope that Öhlin dampers at least will be an option on the Emira.
  7. Naaah, wouldn’t happen here. We’ll sit quiet and wait until further official communication comesfrom Lotus or Radford 😇
  8. Also on Youtube if the link above doesn’t work
  9. Well, I didn’t see this one coming! Looks very promising at this point though Article on the subject:
  10. Team up with Prodrive for the race cars would make sense. They know what they are doing. I agree on the statement above regarding classes. GT3 and LeMans series have higher profile.
  11. About to ditch my F-Type and return to Lotus. I’ve had a look at a GT430. As much as I love the Evora, I find it hard to justify 1.4 MSEK for what is basically a 10 year old car with a facelift. Much more tempted to order a new 131 then.
  12. About time that Lotus get back into motorsport
  13. The Lotus in the Peaks event was epic! 👍👍👍
  14. So, time to summarize seven years of Evora ownership. We bought the car in March 2014, an ex demonstrator at Lotus Gothenburg. By then it had 5,000 km on the odometer. The car was one of two Evora that they bought for the showroom in 2012 when they opened their business. We sold the car in July this year. By then we had driven it 100,000 km. That included one trip to Italy and two to UK. Some 20 track days and a lot of other local events. Plus using it as daily driver during the Summer. By then the car looked like this. Various upgrades and modifications included a full Larini system including manifolds, barge boards, splitter, tow straps front and rear, Sparco race seats, harness bar, Schroth harness, slotted discs, Team Dynamic wheels, some paint and vinyl. Regarding reliability and maintenance the only major issue have been the dreaded clutch master cylinder. Apart from that, replaced discs and pads, one new battery, a lot of Pirelli PZero Corsa rear tires, until we changed to Michelin PSS. All in all a great car, very much under rated, at least here in Sweden. Also got to know a lot of great people, both IRL in the swedish club as well as virtual via forums and FB groups. Who knows, we might come back to the fold later on. We will for sure keep an eye on what comes out of Hethel in the years to come. Meanwhile, take care and enjoy!
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