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  1. I’m in the same boat, waiting for an i4. Possibly 2024/25 before it comes to Sweden. Only 4(!) V6 FE allocated this year to us up in the north. Well, well - I’ll have to live with the F-Type another year or rwo then
  2. Anyone fluent in greek that can translate this press release into english (or swedish…)? I’m either getting old or I’ve been out of Lotus ownership to long to get what this is about.
  3. Now there is a video from the event as well: Not mine, but produce on behalf of the club
  4. Brilliant day at Ring Knutstorp last Sunday. 70+ cars in three different groups took term on track. The weather was our side as well. A bit chilly in the morning, but blue sky and dry. Caterham Nordic was there as well as the only Lotus dealer in Sweden, Bilhallen. Next track day will be Sviestad outside Linköping in August.
  5. Now we have 12 cars confirmed, soon time to put a cap on this in order to keep it manageble
  6. Makes you wonder what is happening with the Evija. Judging by those that has been on the factory tour lately, the Evija production is not part of the tour. Odd, given that the Evija is claimed as the ”halo model”.
  7. Time to take the ferry to one of the best (and most remote) tracks in Northern Europe. Gotland Ring is situated in an old limestone quarry at the island of Gotland. Unless you are local it takes some effort to come here. There are ferries departing either from Oskarshamn or Nynäshamn. Do check out the guideat Please contact me via PM if you are interested. Information is also posted at (in Swedish).
  8. On August 6 2022 we (as in Lotus Car Club of Sweden) arrange a track day at Sviestad (near Linköping). Situated 2 hours drive south of Stockholm. This track is narrow but works well for Lotus cars. The club has been here before. Please contact me via PM for more information. Or take a look at the Swedish web site in case you master the language, For more information about the track itself, check out this excellentguide:
  9. Dates are now confirmed for our track days in 2022. First out is the now classic one at Ring Knutstorp. On May 1st 2022 we (as in Lotus Car Club of Sweden) arrange a track day at Ring Knutstorp in the south of Sweden. This track is brilliant for Lotus cars and usually the weather is great in the beginning of May. Please contact me via PM for more information. Or take a look at the Swedish web site in case you master the language, For more information about the track itself, check out this excellentguide:
  10. Now 8 cars confirmed and another 13 showing interest. Some of us have booked the hotels as well.
  11. 6 cars confirmed and another 9 showing interest 👍
  12. Great work with the renderings. I do hope that there will be more colors to choose from (or to special order) by the time the i4 is being put into production. I loved the Motorsport black I had on my Evora. Almost become bronze in the sun. Then turning black when in the shadows. Adding some golden stripes and wheels plus red mirrors...
  13. I'm more than happy with sports cars that can be taken to the track without having to modify them. At least here, the track limits are 95 dBa out on the track. So, many either have to short shift or change the factory exhaust to a quieter aftermarket system. Several friends in the Swedish club have got black flagged with standard Exige and Evora. Not to mention those with the titanium option, total waste of money.
  14. Did 3-4 per year in my Evora. Will likely do the same with the Emira.
  15. Now we have a preliminary plan. So, if you want to take a look at the presentation please send me a pm with your e-mail address. We also have a Roadbook with hotels and detailed maps. But that will only be shared with those that decide to join.
  16. Plans are in the progress. Back in 2020 we planned to go to the Alps. For obvious reasons that didn’t happened. A few members did part of the tour. For 2022 we now plan to revisit this grand tour, with some adjustments. If you are interested to join and are available September 9-19 2022, please send me a pm.
  17. Given that the Emira is a coupé, I’ll keep my F-Type convertible 👍
  18. Although it looks good in yellow on the screen. I’m lean9ng towards Motorsport black as I had on my old Evora. With some red and gold bits and pieces.
  19. I like the involvement of JB in the media buzz around Lotus. Clearly the old fan base isn’t enough to sustain the business. In order to reach new customers any means are good. Lotus engineering involvement in the E-Rally thing as well as the Radford Motor endeavour sounds like more than just a check to say nice things about the Emira. Just recently talking to our only dealer here in Sweden. He is amazed of the inflow of new people asking and putting down deposits from outside the inner circle. I hope that Lotus can get some quality cars out from the start. These new customers may not be as forgiving as the previous customers.
  20. Not a big fan of huge wheels with stupid low profile. I prefered running 18” on my Evora compared to the stock 19/20”. So, I hope that the promissed GT4 car means that there also will be a sensible set of wheels available. Just like the Evora.
  21. Some interesting comparison with 718 and A110 in the EVO article: Looking forward to the final specs and pricing. They are a bit vague right now to say the least.
  22. Given that the Evija use Öhlins I hope that Öhlin dampers at least will be an option on the Emira.
  23. Naaah, wouldn’t happen here. We’ll sit quiet and wait until further official communication comesfrom Lotus or Radford 😇
  24. Also on Youtube if the link above doesn’t work
  25. Well, I didn’t see this one coming! Looks very promising at this point though Article on the subject:
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