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  1. Well, erm, I'm not quite sure how to describe that experience. I'm a bit stunned! Apart from a caterham I haven't experienced a car so raw, so involving, and so much fun. But where the caterham was just full on fun, the exige is a much more serious piece of kit. A great noise, amazing handling and steering feel, serious acceleration, and a full on sensory overload! The dealership was nice enough to let me go without a salesperson with me so my 9 year old son sat in the passenger seat as we ripped around the country lanes having an absolute blast. Laughing, grinning, at times screaming, and basically loving it. What at a car! I can't wait to put one on my driveway
  2. Well today's the today the sun is shining and I can't believe I'm this excited about just a test drive! Haha. I'll post my thoughts on the car later today......
  3. Hmm I think I'd be a very sad man if I smash a lovely exige up on track. Fiesta it is for a few times. My only experience on track has been half a dozen "experience" days in various fun cars (gallardo, R8, caterham, atom, 12C, GTR) but I'm definitely sure track days will be just my kind of thing, still I'll give the fiesta a run out asap.
  4. Yep I think the ST deserves a little run on track. It's pretty much stock (stage 1, and some springs), but it handles brilliantly so I'm sure it'll be fun without getting me in trouble. I need to do some research about track days now, I know literally nothing about how to arrange one and who to call. I'll look through the section on here and have a read.
  5. Haha well ok fair enough, it's a different thing altogether than an exige. I imagine no where near the same experience. But a nice car still. Oh wow, thanks that's very good of you. I'll get the test drive done and I'll be in touch. Nothing like real feedback from an owner. Thanks very much.
  6. Yes the TTRS is a good shout and super tuneable, but I wasn't blown away by the stock TTRS I drove a year or two ago. It was good but not great. Maybe I'll have another look though.
  7. Good GTR review and pretty much what worries me. Cost and more of a novelty.
  8. Well I'm glad I'm not the only one to go through these dilemmas. dont know if I could do the hybrid thing but I can see why you did to free up the cash.
  9. Haha I'm really building this car up in my mind now. I hope it's as good as i imagine!
  10. Hmm good points there. It's difficult when researching cars as finding out how much it costs to buy is simple, but those hidden running costs are difficult to find out about. So thanks for the info it really helps. Certainly the the more I read and the more advice I'm getting the more I feel the exige might tick so many boxes for me. Well it's all about the driving for me now. I agree the ST+exige might be perfect for me. Fingers crossed.
  11. The e92 definitely needs to be on my list then, sounds like my kind of car. The GTR I have a real soft spot for I'll be honest. It's that whole Japanese tuner car thing which really appeals to me for some reason. But it's so expensive to own and modify, and on a test drive I found I just couldn't even start to open it up as it was bonkers fast and it didn't feel exciting at slower speeds. So day to day I think it could be frustrating. Amazing car though! Roll on monday and some sunny weather to see what the exige can do !
  12. Yes it will. I'm hoping it's as engaging and exciting as the caterham but just a more everyday useable car. Can't wait to find out.
  13. Well thanks to all. So many great replies I don't know where to start. Erm well I won't expect too much from a Cayman then. I'll test one anyway just to prove it to myself. Good point about tracking the fiesta. Honestly though I need a car for work every day and worry about tracking my only car. Maybe the exige will be my daily road car for a few weeks and I can use the fiesta to get the hang of track days then bring the exige in when I feel more confident. I always fancied throwing the fiesta around the track Good idea with the evora but it's still just too small. My kids are 12 and 9, and I'm 6"2', so there's no way we would all get into the evora. Shame as its a beautiful car.
  14. Yeah it seems the GTR would be out of my league from a maintenance point of view esp if I track it. And from running a light-ish nimble ST I can see how a light car wins all day for driving thrills. So GTR and M4 won't give me that. I was excited about the cheap cost of running a caterham on track and of course it's even light than the lotus. But I doubt id drive it more than half a dozen times a year. Exige though could be used all the time, with the fiesta being there for those terrible weather days and when i need the back seats which is rare. Well the exige test drive is Monday at 11am. To say I'm excited is an understatement haha. I need to test the Cayman as well I guess but it sounds like I'm testing the right car on Monday!
  15. Yes I'll be honest the little fiesta was bought as a put on between my old mk6 dsg golf R and the next car. But it's really grown on me. The golf was at 400hp and with 4WD I really miss the oomph, but the fiesta is a different league in terms of steering feel and handling. It's such a lively fun car. That and an exige would be perfect for me!
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