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  1. Stemmer det, min er en av de siste uten turbo, med Eagle-ramme/understell som ble laget for SE, men det originale Stevens-karrosseriet. Den kombinasjonen er kun laget i 30-50 eksemplarer, men sånn er det vel med de fleste Esprit'er.. ingen er helt lik noen andre, og din var bare laget i ett eksemplar, leste jeg? Det er mange hyggelige folk her på forumet, jeg var i UK og kjøpte min bil, totalt var jeg der 3 turer før jeg fant bilen jeg ville ha. Fikk masse tips og hjelp fra folk på forumet, og fikk til og med en tur i en Sport 350 som var i nærheten av en av bilene jeg skulle se på! Kjøreskole hørtes spennende ut, men er det mulig å komme seg med bil til England nå når båten ikke går lenger? Dessuten, har hatt litt småtrøbbel med bilen min så den egner seg best for lokal kjøring har jeg konkludert med..
  2. is waiting for the spring..

  3. Fin bil! Er ikke mange Esprit i Norge, jeg vet bare om min NA og en SE i Rogaland, tidligere var det en V8 her men den ble solgt til
  4. I bought mine from SJ Sportscars, P/N SJ075L0001,
  5. The Norwegian online magazine are having a poll for which 70's sportscar they will do a test and article of, and of course we want that car to be the Esprit! Please follow the link, tick "Lotus Esprit" and click "Stem n
  6. SCC085912KHD13594 1990 Esprit NA
  7. I thought it was to cool the lamps a bit before tucking them back in, since there's no delay for the normal headlamp switch except when you have your high beams turned on or just turned them off... Then I've learned something today as well
  8. I replaced mine a couple months ago, I was told it's not manufactured by the original partnumber anymore but I bought a replacement plastic one from SJ Sportscars and it fits perfectly. Not a drop has leaked since then According to my parts list you should have the same radiator as my car, as long as you got the plastic wingnut located in the LH wheel arch. Heres the SJ-partnumber: SJ582 RADIATOR BLEED SCREW & WASHER
  9. Thanks for reply... I'd be most happy to buy a new, but that will be stopped in the customs for tax & stuff, which will delay the delivery AT LEAST two weeks.. :crybaby: Does anyone have one spare which is in good condition, I can pay by Paypal, and the seller can put a low value on the package (less than
  10. Today my gearchange cable snapped, and I had to limp back home in 3rd gear... I would (of course) like to get my car back on the road again as soon as possible. I guess Lotus didn't manufacture the cables themselves, so does anyone know which car/manufacturer Lotus have "borrowed" this from? Hopefully this might be easier available in Norway, so I don't have to wait 3 weeks for parts from UK... The original partnumber is A082F6359J, up to '93MY non-USA
  11. I'm considering importing a pair of Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 from USA, as I found these available in dimension 245/50ZR16 here: Have anyone tried these, and are they similar to the original Eagles in performance? Are they worth 2-3 times the price than the Kumho's which seems to be the only ones in correct dimension available in Norway?
  12. I don't know for sure, maybe if you find the two hoses that goes directly to the heater. You really need to get some pressure directly to the heater, as the brown goo was quite thick at the start before the water runs free. And I don't think it would be such a good idea to push it all the way through the pipes to the engine compartment, shortest route for the mess is the best.
  13. Wooohooo I did the backflush-thing today, and now my cockpit becomes nice and warm I just disconnected the two heater hoses from under the front of the car, and held a standard garden hose against one of these and flushed all the mud out until clear water was running through. Of course it was a mess, and I was glad I had a nice warm garage with a lift to do it in or I might have frozen to death as wet as I became... I also flushed out the radiator, and filled with new distilled water and antifreeze
  14. I agree, Lotus Challenge is terrible! I played Gran Turismo 4 on PS2 a lot while I was waiting for my Esprit to arrive, it is really great and features these Lotus-cars: Carlton ('90) Elan Series 1 ('62) Elise ('00) Elise 111S ('03) Elise 111R ('04) Elise Sport 190 ('98) Elise Type-72 ('01) Esprit Turbo HC ('87) Esprit Sport 350 ('00) Esprit V8 GT ('98) Esprit V8 SE ('98) Esprit V8 ('02) Europa Special ('71) Motorsport Elise ('99) It costs only
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