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  1. Here's your complete Esprit HID install guide:
  2. Hi where are the V8 air filters, and how do I access them? Thanks, Will
  3. Can someone please advise on the difference in sound between a rattling cat vs. a rattling heat shield on a V8? Better yet, can someone please post a picture of heat shields on a V8, so I know where they are? I have a rattling sound -- sounds like marbles in a can -- and I'm thinking it's the $$$ cat that needs to be replaced. I'm going for aftermarket high-flow cats. But I don't want to spend the money if it's just the heat shields. Thanks in advance!
  4. Sewing machine, huh? Hmmm...why stop there? Hehe
  5. Also check your front body-to-chassis mounts.
  6. Slight variation of the topic, but what do K&N's sound like when gunning it in the V8? Can you hear it being different than the stock air filters?
  7. I've learned to live with driving the car with the doors unlocked at all times. Lives of car jackers targeting Esprits just got easier.
  8. "They all do that, Sir." Additionally, I've noticed that when my car is crawling in 1st gear (vehicle moving slowly, with 1st engaged, and feet off all pedals), and I suddenly push down the clutch pedal, the engine revs up to 1100-1200 for a second or two before coming back down to around 900.
  9. Should the transmission oil of a V8 be changed based on mileage or time or both? If so, what increments/how often? Thanks, Will
  10. There's a complete set of Esprit V8 AP brakes (rotors + caliper + pads) on eBay right now. Could be the deal of the century:
  11. CD changers are so 90's... :-) MP3s in HDDs -- right in the receiver (looks nicer and takes up no additional space).
  12. baby wipes. does wonders. gentle enough for a baby's bottom, good enough for your rims.
  13. Guys, a couple of questions to run past you: Do you think the current Hyper-Flow design is susceptible to such splitting? Also, if the stock cats had no give, why was it able to hold out with the engine movements without splitting? I'm very interested in this topic, as both my stock cats are rattling.
  14. Come join us for an afternoon of cool cars, great food, and summer fun! Where: Synaptic3 Engineering
  15. A quick question on catalytic converters failing for the Esprit V8. Are emission-related components warrantied for a longer period than the standard vehicle warranty? What are my chances of having my cats covered on my
  16. Pictures from last year...
  17. Sunday, July 13th - "Rise & Shine Cruise
  18. -Colt State Park, Bristol, RI. Lots 81-84 July 26th 2008 -All proceeds will benefit the Rhode Island Chapter of the Make A Wish Foundation. -There will be two caravans... One for those coming up from CT, NY, and Jersey... and a second caravan from the north for those members coming from RI, MA, NH, Maine and any from VT. -Food is included in entrance fee -Mezz Music will be playing all day -Raffle Prizes will be awarded -Awards for cars will be handed out Please register by emailing [email protected] Subject: Bristol Run 2008 Full Name Year/Make/ Model Forum City, State and Zip Code Cars already registered include 997 GT3 RS, Audi RS6, and Lamborghini Gallardo Hope to see you all there -Peter Here is the list of cars, so far... Paid: 00 ML55 06 E500 03 M3 05 Gallardo 06 SLK55 04 CLK55 07 C300? 03 SL55 06 CLS55 030 06 STi Registered (without payment): 72 Cougar Cobra Jet 65 Pontiac GTO 02 MB C240 95 Toyota Supra TT 04 MB C240 01 BMW 330 or an Exotic 05 MB SLK350 06 Acura TL SL600 Renntech Carbon Edition 08 Porsche 997 Turbo Mercedes CLK63 AMG Black Series 08 Audi S5 03 MB S500 05 SLK350 02 C240 08 ML63 06 Lotus Elise 99 Ferrari 360 Modena 01 MB E55 AMG 03 Nissan 350z 03 BMW M3 01 Audi S4 00 Audi S4 99 BMW 323 01 Audi S4 01 Audi S4/ 03 Audi RS6 997 Porsche GT3 RS/ 06 MB SL55 K2 Mercedes Benz CLK55/ MB C36 AMG Porsche C2S 01 ML55/ 04 S4 01 Nissan Pathfinder Nissan Armada 00 Nissan Maxima 08 MB C63 AMG 08 MB SL550 86 BMW 325
  19. Mine is the exact same way...since 53 miles on the odometer when delivered new. Questions there anyone out there who has both convex speaker grills on both sides?
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