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  1. I'll be heading up there to meet with some Elise and Ferrari folks. Would like to caravan up there with some Boston folks as well. Boston caravan: Meet at the Soldier's Field lot ("The Lot") at 7:45 AM for an 8 AM departure. It's a straight slingshot onto Storrow Drive from the lot onto I-93 N. Map to "The Lot": Perfect weekend, weather wise. Perfect timing, foliage wise. What a great excuse to put more miles on the car before winter storage! A full day of driving curvy roads - pit stops for food and foliage...perfect photo opportunity! See you there! -Will
  2. A message from Shawn D. (Red Lotus Elise from the 2006 Northeast Exotic Car Show): Date: Saturday, October 7, 2006 Event open to all cars Meet at Hooksett rest stop off I-93 in NH at 8:30 AM for 9 AM departure: 1. Hooksett, NH to North Conway via Rt 28 and Rt16. 2. Intervale, NH to 113N via Hurricane Mt. Rd. 3. 113N to 2W to 16S to 302W to Bear Notch Rd. to Kancamagus to Lincoln, NH (I haven't been down 113 but it sounds narrow, twisty, and remote. Kancamagus to Lincoln. Shouldn't be as crowded so late in the day. Might stop at a rest area along the way for some sunset shots). 4. Dinner in Lincoln at ~17:00. (Not sure where. Gordi's, Truant's, or Common Man might have decent parking.) Map Image of Run:;d=1159932551 The proposed route focuses more on back roads and less interstate. Stops along the way might include: - Wolfeboro, NH pitstop - North Conway for 2 hour lunch and stretch - Glen, NH pitstop - Dinner in Lincoln 1 hour Once again, leaving Hooksett at 9 AM, I expect to be back in Hooksett by 7:40 PM. Looking forward to seeing everyone, Shawn D.
  3. airbusdrvr - Looking forward to seeing your new jack point mods! Perhaps we could all use the switchover. DVR - Love the wheels on the yellow V8. What kind are they? I'm glad the final Esprit stayed on this side of the Atlantic :-) JoeyO - Great link. Love the silver "channeled" jack for only $11. Having 4 of them makes complete sense. Question: How did you bend back the bent tab?
  4. Thank you all. Much appreciate your feedback! Denis, thanks for the compliment. Do you REALLY have the final Esprit shipped to the US? She is yellow.
  5. So I just got my vehicle back from service. They've always taken great care of my car, because they know I'm meticulous. I do my usual post-service inspection today to discover that two of my jacking point flanges were bent. I don't know why it's a big deal, but it's bugging da heck out of me. Questions: 1. To prevent fuming over this issue in the future (and forever more), I'm contemplating shaving them all off with my Dremel carbide cutter. That way it'll always be a FLAT surface...why does Lotus do this T-shaped tab anyway? On all my other cars and pretty much all makes I've seen, the jacking points are always flat! 2. Should I just bend them back? Because the factory jack in the bonnet has a slot that accommodates these flanges. If I shave them off, then I'm scared that using the factory jack in the future would cause my vehicle to slip off, since the contact point is so small and the flanges serve to hold it in position! I have a feeling it'll be an impossible feat to bend these things back...any suggestions? The mere idea that they will never be perfectly straight even after bending is annoying me to a point of shaving them clean off. 3. Should I just drill out the rivets and take the jack flanges clean off (or are they actually bonded to the bottom of the body with adhesives as well)? It would make everything look much better, but then I risk not being able to identify where the exact jack locations are. At least by shaving off only the protruding part of the flange, I can still identify the exact jack point locations via the remain base plates. And yes, I have a set of hockey pucks with slots cut in them to prevent such incidences. But I kept them at home for my personal use. I figured since my Lotus mechanic hasn't bent a single flange in the last 10 years through both my Esprits ( V8), this was an unlikely incident (plus I really trust him). Bottom line, I'm not going to complain to him about it. I'm certain it was an accident. Thanks for putting up with my rant...any advice, views, "dude, you're too anal" comments welcome. Finally - Having bent jacking tabs/flanges...or even to a point of their complete that something all you Esprit owners get "bent out of shape" about? Is it common? Is it one of those things classified under "they all do that, with it" category? Arrrrggghhhh, Will
  6. The drive up there with these rides was unforgettable. Let the good times roll! -Will
  7. The drive up there with these rides was unforgettable. Let the good times roll! -Will
  8. Just to clarify, the lot I'm talking about is right in front of Sears across the service road, along Middlesex Turnpike (if you look out from Uno's main door, it's to your 2 o'clock). No one really uses it because it's the furthest walk to any mall entrance, so the extra space will be good. It's where they keep the large excavators and snow plowers during winter time. Nonetheless, at 8 AM, there will be very few cars, so a group of sports cars will be quite conspicuous. Ken (Testarossa), Fred (Testarossa), Mark (Diablo Roadster) and I will be waiting for you guys. Look forward to seeing you all!
  9. Date: Saturday, August 26th, 2006 Time: Show Cars 8:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. / Public 10:00 a.m. Rain Date: Sunday, August 27th, 2006 Location: Anheuser-Busch Brewery in Merrimack, NH Information: This site is dedicated to providing details, photos and contact information for the annual Northeast Exotic Car Show, held each year on the beautiful grounds of the Anheuser-Busch Brewery in Merrimack, NH. The organizers of the Northeast Exotic Car Show are very proud of our past achievements. Last year's event, our first-ever attempt, was able to raise over $10,000 for the Make-a-Wish Foundation of New Hampshire. Link: Last year's photo are here: -------------------------------- Caravan Details for the MA Folks: Same as last year...Burlington Mall parking lot, in front of Uno's Pizzaria, in the huge back lot along Middlesex Turnpike, where the construction is not touching. Saturday, August 26th Burlington Mall Parking Lot 8 AM Post if you're interested in joining the caravan, so we know how many to expect. Looking forward to seeing everyone!
  10. Great video! Thank you. A picture means a thousand words, so a video means about a million. I've tried the same thing with the roof bag luck. It seems only easy when storing the "raw" roof without the bag. Anyone with similar experience? Perhaps a video demo of the same exercise with the roof bag on?
  11. Good question...not sure if it has to do with power. Anyone?
  12. Has the vehicle ever underwent an aftermarket audio system installation? Has the original wiring ever been tampered?
  13. My car is bone stock, including the ECU. And mine did die on a hot day with the A/C fully cranked, *and* after a high rpm run. This has happened only once so far (knock on wood).
  14. The car fans running, even after you shut your car off, is normal on the newer Esprits. There's an electric water pump, located just behind and under the driver's side firewall (bulkhead) that continues coolant circulation along with the front fans running until allowable temperature is achieved. I've been running the car hot with the A/C on full blast as well, and the water temperature does approach 100...but never over, so that's normal. Your car stalling, however, is something you should run a check on with a scanner or via your local dealer. Are you getting a check engine light or any other warning lights?
  15. This has happened to me...what gives?
  16. Thanks, Bibs! I wasn't sure where to put it, since the sale/wanted ads all gets posted on LEW, and I don't know how to post on LEW... No stories on this car. Just one of our local Esprit dudes. With the original MSRP sticker at $92,515.00. The current owner is a lawyer from Worcester. All service records available. He wants a new toy, and needs a private sale that yields just above the trade-in/whole-sale value to win. That should answer any questions on price. The car is located in Autobahn East/Michael's Motorsports in Lexington, MA. Man, I should sell my daily and pick up this ride! Yellow '02 next to my red '03! -Will
  17. No financial interest. Just got a call from Mike of Michael's Motorsports on their newest acquisition. A pristine, local 2002 Mica Yellow (metallic) Esprit V8 with 18k miles. Asking price for the beauty is $45k. The interior is black with yellow piping. The car is located in Lexington, MA available for viewing/sale immediately. For additional information, please contact Mike Fridmann of Michael's Motorsports at: 617-593-5013
  18. Cold air intake and a sport exhaust would be a minor modification. Any forced induction, whether via supercharger or turbocharger, has always been considered a major modification. What would Lotus' 2.2-liter engine crank out without that giant Garrett turbo? Probably not as much as what Toyota has been able to do with the current Elise engine (with even a smaller displacement). Question is: If Lotus was left with a task to design a *normally aspirated* 7-liter, could they pull off 505 hp? I know BMW, Lamborghini, and Ferrari can... Leave it to the boys at Callaway, Mallett, LFelter, to turn the 505 hp into 1000+ hp on the Z06 (watch that power to weight ratio jump past the S4s or Sport 300 with this 3100 lb Vette). Whether you decide to supercharge or turbo the already have 505 hp as a can only go up from there. Also Chevy trannies, as with most Japanese trannies, you can do 0-60's all day long without worrying about 2nd gear synchro or drive shaft issues. So if we could get a BMW priced engine, and a Japanese tranny into the new Esprit, we'll be good B) But then again, the idea is for Lotus to do all this inhouse! Also, I'm all for a normally aspirated 4.6-liter V8. Turbocharged engines yield a non-linear torque curve, that could be tricky on the track. Especially the 4-bangers that smacks your head against the headrest at 3k rpm. Imagine, coming out of a corner with that fine heal-toe, and then having to deal with that sudden unpredictable level of torque on exit and to break traction. At least with a supercharger, full boost is usually developed near redline, so the behavior is more like a big block with a linear torque curve throughout the full rpm range. OK, now that I've convinced myself of the sub 4-sec 0-60 mph and 11-sec quartermile Z06, how much would you figure the Chevy dealer would give me on a trade-in for an '03 V8? OK, only kidding. -Will '94 S4 - ex '03 V8 - current
  19. Lucky for you, where salt-free, pothole-free, ice-free, and snow-free roads are a year-around phenomenon. I need to move out to CA! -Will "Less than 4k miles a year V8 in New England" -- not by choice!
  20. I'm trying so hard to follow this thread, but my eyes keep going back to lotusessex80's avatar...
  21. 7-liter Corvette Z06 V8 engine = 505 hp, normally aspirated :-)
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