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  1. Starting location:,+MA+02184,+us
  2. Starting location:,+MA+02184,+us
  3. Thanks to Bill Snead, I was able to tighten the two loose nut/bolt body-to-chassis mounts in the bonnet that caused the "clunking" noise upon acceleration and deceleration, and during the twisting of the body while ascending and descending the driveway. The problem is gone for now, but I can't help thinking that if the rest of the body/chassis assembly allowed the front end to move in the first place, there must be other loose areas. I want to go back through the entire vehicle and tighten all the nut/bolt mounting points between the body and the chassis. Could someone please assist by: 1. Identifying all the locations of the body/chassis mount 2. Explaining how to access the nuts and bolts in these locations 3. Giving the correct torquing value for the nuts and bolts Thank you!
  4. Thank you very much, I will take care of this ASAP. By the way, it WAS duing entering and exiting of the driveway that I noticed the clunk, which I tried to describe via suspension travel at hard angles (since I have a steep driveway, which requires this angle of attack to prevent scraping! Thanks again). Best, Will
  5. Just look at these photos from last year before reading on: No lawn chairs, snotty conversations on prestige, or even BBQs to spoil a full day of spirited driving. Our cars are meant to be driven, not trailered from one car show to another. Xtreme Run 2006 is here, from Boston to the Cape. This is the largest gathering of exotic sportscars in New England, for the run of a lifetime. Fellow Lotus enthusiasts, The 4th annual Xtreme Run New England will be held on Sunday, June 25th. Time: 9:30 AM Roll Out: 10:15 AM We will not be waiting this year, so plan accordingly. Meeting Place: South Shore Plaza (Braintree, MA) parking lot behind the old Macy's parking garage. We will end up in Falmouth, MA. For security purposes, the route will be announced at the meet. Each year, the run gets bigger and better with nicer cars showing up. Last year, the roster included Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Lotuses, Corvettes, countless BMWs, Mercedes, Cobras, and plenty of other high end vehicles. I anticipate this year to be just as good, if not better! The route is VERY different this year, and I expect to keep more people together (it is set up as such). Please post here if you are coming and how many people you are bringing. We will be attending a fine establishment for food and beverages. Any other questions please feel free to ask. Let the good times roll, Will '03 Esprit V8 Twin Turbo
  6. Thanks for the responses so far. Could you please (as best as you could) verbally guide me towards where these two structural bolts are in the front bonnet? Also, were they visibly/hand-turnable loose or did you have to take a wrench up to it to feel that it was loose (not hand-turnable loose). And were there visible damages done during this clunking phase? Thank you!
  7. Friends, After 1,000 miles with PUK Polyurethane Suspension Bushings all around, my front is experiencing some problems. I'm not saying these syptoms are caused by the new bushings, but I haven't had these noises before installation. Please let me know what could be the root cause of these issues...perhaps they may be workmanship/assembly problems. Here it goes: One day, I hit the brakes hard and heard a "clunk" in my front suspensions. But intermittently, it went away. I then hear the same banging/buckling sound when my wheels are at full steering travel while the suspension is being elevated or lowered. The problem is not present when the vehicle is in normal cruising mode. To summarize, I hear this knock/bang/buckling noise (sounds like the fiberglass body is being twisted in half!) under the bonnet when the vehicle: 1. Brakes hard or accelerates hard 2. Undergoes suspension movement while at full steering angles. Once again, this problem was not present with my stock rubber bushings, but only after the PolyU install. If some of you recall an earlier thread on the PUK Bushings, my front control arms, along with those belonging to others who use PUK Bushings, had to be modified to fit correctly. Given all this data, what could be wrong with my front suspension? Should I cease driving my car immediately to prevent further damage (painful given the short driving seasons in New England)? Damage of what? The steering tracks straight, does not vibrate, and is silent under all other driving conditions. I wonder what is binding. Would appreciate any tips and advice you can offer. Thank you very much!
  8. Mark, you can e-mail the owner at: [email protected] Tom Beggan got these polished Fikse rims here:
  9. Held yesterday in sunny (at last) Massachusetts: My favorite shot...amazing background crop against my red V8: I hope my girlfriend and the cops aren't looking...this chick's definitely not legal (though she claimed she was 20): I'm still scrubbing the perfume and glitter off my seats before the lady finds out. BTW, super pristine Mica Yellow Final Edition Esprit with only 1k miles. Owner = Mark...what a swell guy -Will 2003 Esprit V8
  11. If anyone is free this Sunday, come by. Great show for a great cause. This year they are shutting down Nantasket Ave., and expect 300 cars. pictures from last year:
  12. Thanks for the thoughtful feedback, Rod. I heard the vehicle was offered at $55k USD. Wonder if it ever sold.
  13. Negative, Mike. I wish! Just came across this information, and was proud to see a V8 pull those numbers on this side of the shore. It most certainly makes me want to add all those mods...wonder if this is true of our turbos: The stock T-25 turbos AKA
  14. Video of the dyno run:
  15. Finally, someone who understands my needs... A climate controlled, individual garage condo, complete with Plasma TV, couch, restroom, and my beloved Lotus. Who needs a wife?
  16. Some photos from the previous years of "British by the Sea" annual car show:
  17. Friends, Thanks to Bob and Bruce, we now have an exact plan for the Lotus fun run and show this Sunday. There are three rendezvous points at three different times, the third point being the car show itself, so if you would like to join us for a spirited run, please meet us at either of the first two points. (1) Meet @ 7 AM at a huge lot by the Charles River in Brighton, MA: Departing at 7:30 AM sharp for Oxford, MA. (2) Meet @ 8:15 AM at the Oxford, MA location: Take Mass Pike to the 290 Exit. Take 290 West/South. 290 will turn into 395. Take the Sutton Ave exit towards Oxford. This will be the first part of the exit, not the second part that loops under the highway. I don
  18. Might want to check on the rotational pitch of the mirror and adjust accordingly. Mine are dead level, except for the passenger's side...which is slighly pitched up towards the trailing end...otherwise, I can't see correctly out of my passenger's side...anyone else have this issue? Who knows how various angles could affect aerodynamics and sound... I do notice my roof antenna whistling from time to time during high speed travels...hmmm.
  21. See if you can get a hold of a set of Sport 350 Chrono Magnesio rims...Mmmmm.
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