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  1. Saddo alert!

    In general, aerials are fitted on the offside to improve reception in built up areas. However this is more of a guideline than a rule, so I'm not surprised if the odd Lotus escaped with one on the 'wrong' side! Richard
  2. Power demands of additional items

    It certainly would - and does - have an effect. Hydraulic PAS saps a handful of bhp. This is one reason that electric PAS is used frequently on modern cars - instead of a pump running constantly, power is only used when it is needed. Similarly aircon will, when active, sap bhp, but the compressor (which is the device that takes the power) normally has a clutch fitted so it's only activated when needed.
  3. Lotus Elite Press Release

    A really good find - thanks for posting! It contains some interesting information about the design of the car and is a very good account of the design and development process and how the whole car works. A couple of minor mistakes - 'plain' should be 'plane' and 'Guigaro' should be 'Guigiaro!' Still, no Lotus was ever perfect, but refreshingly human.
  4. Nice work and a very useful description. Lotusbits did my conversion so I wasn't aware of all the issues you uncovered. One area in which I may be able to help is that of the rear seat belt mountings; as you say the seat moulding in the body has to be cut away to clear the Excel chassis. I would imagine therefore that the mountings off an Excel should fit as it will have similarly narrower seat aperture mouldings. Good luck, Richard
  5. I can't remember all the details, but the Speedlines fitted to the Elite S2.2 were 4x100, whereas those fitted to the Excel were 4x114.3 and so it's not entirely clear cut. However this shouldn't affect the fitment of the Excel wheel well, which should fit. I have the original Elite setup and keep the spare in a zipped wheel bag which at least means it stays clean. Richard
  6. I don't know about the condition of the car, but regarding the active suspension this was a fantastically innovative approach in the day. Unfortunately, the cost of the system (valves, sensors, controllers etc) was, I understand, too high to make it commercially viable. This car doesn't have the computer used to control the active suspension. Sourcing some more up to date hardware to replace it wouldn't be too much of a problem to someone with the right skills, but also missing is the Lotus software that controlled the system. Recreating this would be the biggest cost as it would need to be developed from scratch, and would necessitate a lot of system testing to make it work properly. All you really have with the car is the hydraulic system, which likely will also need major overhaul - and the components, if available, are likely to be expensive. So reluctantly I agree with you! Richard
  7. Lotus Festival 2017

    I hope so too! I'm trying to canvass attendance. Anybody from here planning to come along? Richard
  8. Is there going to be an Elite/Eclat/Excel display area at the festival this year? I'd like to come along and have also posted on to see if anybody there is interested in being there. Richard
  9. Hi Don, I've had these fitted since I replaced my coilovers with the SJ spring set and am very pleased with the result. In my judgement there is just enough compliance in the suspension to give a comfortable ride while providing excellent handling. Mind you, I have the Excel suspension setup so it's not directly comparable. Steve also lists a rubber spring seat ( B075C0129Z) - have you considered that? Richard
  10. Windscreen top aluminium strip

  11. Fuel consumption

    Very funny guys! I'm driving down to Spain in it next week so I hope my average speed improves somewhat...
  12. Fuel consumption

    My car (Excel SA based Elite with Lotusbits fuel injection) just did 32.5 mpg travelling between Worcester and Castle Donington over 3 days for the recent Donington Historic Festival - and I wasn't holding back. On shorter journeys it's in the high twenties.
  13. 4x4 elite project

    In my opinion a waste of two otherwise collectable vehicles. Land Rover 4wd is too heavy and agricultural for a sports vehicle. Something like the Ford 4wd off the Sierra would be more appropriate. Richard
  14. v8 elite

    I know what you mean about Mercs. You can't fault them but you can't bond with them either. I spent a day at Mercedes Benz World a while ago, drove several AMG V8 cars, tremendously quick and competent but rather characterless I felt. Richard
  15. Eclat 507

    There is no such car as an Eclat 507. From memory, the S1 Eclats were numbered 520-523, and the S1 Elites were 501-504 - the number defines the specification. The car in the picture looks like an S1 (it has the S1 doors) but has been fitted with an S2 front spoiler. It does look nice but you really need to look closely at it - both the overall condition and the extent and quality of any modifications. Good luck, Richard