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  1. On my S2 the battery I use is a Yuasa Premium type 048. I'm pretty sure it fits the S1 as well; looking at the battery from the side with the terminals nearest to you, positive is on the right. Cheers, Richard
  2. The early mirrors were, I believe, Cromadora finished in chrome. The parts list also shows a mirror manufactured by Raydot. Then there is a third mirror listed whose part number begins with A079 indicating it was a part first introduced on the Esprit (probably the S1). I suggest you contact Lotusbits in the UK who specialise in the model, and may have some secondhand units available. Phone is better than email as they don't always respond to email! See Cheers, Richard
  3. I don't believe the hubs are changeable. The earlier models of Esprit used a completely different Vauxhall derived front suspension, I believe. PCDs were used as follows on Elites/Eclats and Excels: Elite S1: 114.3 on GKN Turbines Eclat 520: 100 (on 13" wheels; if fitted with 14" wheels, then 114.3) Elite/Eclat S2.2: 114.3 if fitted with GKN Turbines; 100 if fitted with Speedlines Excel: 114.3 all wheel types (yes, even Speedlines!) I think I'm right! Richard
  4. Yes, I love those Wolfrace wheels on the right car which the Eclat certainly is! The original steel wheels on the Eclat 520 had the Ford PCD and were the same as those on the Lotus Cortina, I believe. The part number for these show that they were first used on the Elan, but the hubs themselves are unique to the Eclat. Cheers, Richard
  5. Credits: Styled by Oliver Winterbottom, engineering design by Peter Lucas
  6. Hi Neil, Can you pm me your email address and requested username and I'll contact the administrator directly. Thanks, Richard
  7. From memory, spec 1 is 16 degrees but the later specs are all around 10. Richard
  8. Here are the details for Wednesday. Look forward to seeing you there. Richard Woollaston is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: Elite/Eclat/Excel owners' meeting Time: Jun 17, 2020 06:30 PM London Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 719 0197 0621 Password: 4REe3n Maybe next time we could have a Vroom meeting!! Cheers, Richard
  9. You shouldn't have to - the radio fits into a standard slot and should come out once the frame catches are released - maybe you need to poke a removal tool down the sides of the radio? Look forward to seeing how you're getting on! Richard
  10. One of the options when you schedule a meeting is 'Enable join before host.' We didn't need to try it last time so don't know if it works as you'd expect. You also need to switch Waiting Room off I think. Cheers, Richard
  11. Here are the sign in details. I've set the meeting up so it should be able to start in case I'm not back in time. Richard Woollaston is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: Elite/Eclat/Excel owners' meeting Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 299 086 3598 Password: 8dGKWi See you tomorrow Richard
  12. Next meeting tomorrow (Wednesday 3rd). Can I suggest an 18.30 start as I will be out all day? I'll post the Zoom details later. Thanks, Richard
  13. I gave up the struggle trying to customise a card from Moonpig or Thortful, so ended up printing out everyone's messages and sending it in a blank card we had in the house with this Ravilious picture: Cheers, Richard
  14. Hi Gareth, I'm sorry you feel that way about the security on - I had hoped that had been dealt with satisfactorily. When we conversed about potentially moving to TLF hosting earlier this year, I highlighted some issues that would need to be addressed and probably paid for. As we have seen, upgrading and migrating the site to the owner's new hosting provider has had its own issues, but has also resulted in improvements to, and the owner is committed to continuing with improvements as there are still issues which had accumulated over the years. Unless there were a phpbb expert in TLF prepared to invest the time, we wouldn't have this benefit. The current issue is under analysis. For whatever reason - and not to do with usage - bandwidth consumption on has increased massively. I am not familiar with the technicalities or commercials around the owner's hosting arrangements, but have to respect that this is his business as we get the site for free, and it is down to him to find and fix the source of this increased bandwidth problem. Now I can contact him pretty much instantly, he has provided instant response to the bandwidth issue when it has arisen, and despite the frustration of having these outages, am happy that he is committed to preserving and enhancing the future of Were I not confident, then I along with other members of the forum would be looking for alternatives that protected as far as possible what has to offer. I don't view vs TLF as a battle to be fought and won; rather it is two different solutions, both with lots of good history and user loyalty, that can coexist and each hopefully benefit from the other - especially now with the formation of the Club Lotus Elite/Eclat/Excel section, which of course has no forum of its own. All the best Richard Hi Phil, Could you pm or email me from TLF with your details (email address, requested login name) and I will attempt to get this dealt with? I know we were hoping to have moved to a fully automated membership application process that screened out invalid applications, but maybe this isn't fully in place yet. Thanks, Richard
  15. is online again. A lot of bandwidth is being used which will be investigated over the weekend. Thanks again, Richard
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