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  1. I use a YUASA PREMIUM 12v Type 048 in my Elite. It fits fine. Cheers Richard
  2. rjwooll

    Gearbox replacement

    I'm certainly no expert (have an auto!) but it sounds like the problem could be in the selector mechanism rather than the box itself. The gearlever should sit in some kind of cup and these often wear out or disintegrate. Good luck, Richard
  3. From a quick look at the parts lists: The Elite and Eclat S1 each have different part numbers - no idea why? The Elite and Eclat S2.2 use different part numbers from the S1, but there is no Elite/Eclat difference; The early Excel has different part numbers to the Elite/Eclat S2.2; The Excel SE has different part numbers to the early Excel. Not a lot of help really! ATB Richard
  4. Dunc's right. The S1 Elite and Eclat used vacuum operated headlamp lifters. The S2 Elite/Eclat and the early Excel (up to '86 model year) used the Lucas motors, as used on the Triumph TR7. From '86 model year, the Excel used Toyota headlamp motors. ATB Richard
  5. rjwooll

    Pyrenees trip

    I had a great drive in my Elite across the Pyrenees in 2017 en route to the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona. If I'd had more time, I'd have visited Andorra. The roads I took weren't particularly fast as they were pretty windy on the mountainous bits but a great experience nonetheless. In a 3-Eleven I'm sure it would be fantastic; my advice is to start as early in the morning as you can to avoid heavy traffic. Skip breakfast - it's worth it! Richard
  6. As 2019 is the 45th anniversary of the launch of the Lotus Elite, I’m hoping that we can put together an event to mark the occasion. We should also include the Eclat, as it started life as the Elite coupe, so should be allowed to share the birthday, and it is unlikely that another event could be organised for next year. I’ve already been in touch with a few Elite owners who are very supportive of the plan, and who agree about the inclusion of the Eclat. I'll post planning for the event as it develops - the favourite option at the moment is to drive to a venue reasonably close to Hethel; I'm in discussion with Ketteringham Hall at the moment.. The actual announcement date of the Elite has kindly been confirmed by Oliver Winterbottom as Wednesday 15 May 1974. On that date, The Eastern Daily Press reported: “The Lotus Elite, a beautiful four-seater high performance touring car built at Hethel, near Norwich, and announced by Colin Chapman today. Top speed is 128m.p.h. and the luxury interior is the work of Guigaro (sic) of Turin. It costs £5445, or £5857 with air-conditioning and stereo tape deck.” As reported by Graham Robson in “The Third Generation Lotuses,” this was not the Elite’s first ‘official’ appearance in the press. The announcement had originally been planned for week ending 17 March 1974, but at the last minute was pulled due to production issues following disruption due to the 3 day week at the time. However The Sunday Times magazine (not The Sunday Telegraph magazine as quoted by Robson) had already gone to print, meaning that the first Elite advertisement actually appeared on Sunday 17 March 1974, and I am fortunate enough to have found a copy – so here it is:
  7. rjwooll

    Cool idea or absolute insanity?

    You may wish to consider changing to Evans Waterless Coolant. This has a lubricating and anti-corrosive effect, and because it doesnt pressurise (boiling point is 180 degrees C) will cause less stress to the system. I've used it for several years without problem including several long trips (Le Mans, Barcelona, Austria and France.) ATB Richard
  8. rjwooll

    eclat interior

    The cant rails sit between the windows and headlining. They are made of fibreglass and covered in the trim material. There is also one that runs across the centre of the roof covering the steel anti-roll hoop, and on the Elite there's one that runs across the back of the roof adjacent to the interior window.
  9. rjwooll

    eclat interior

    The rear side trim panels and cant rails are different. I'm not sure about the rear seats. Otherwise it should be OK ; the only specification difference I'm aware of is that some early Eclats had no side vents in the dash. Richard
  10. I'm planning to drive to the Hungarian Grand Prix which is on 2-4 August in my Elite if you're interested in tagging along? I'll be getting a camping package as my daughter will fly out and join me. I've also been talking to a few Elite and Eclat owners about organising a 45th anniversary celebration for the Elite and Eclat later this year. OK, I know it's officially 44 for the Eclat, but as it was originally conceived as the Elite coupe I think we can get away with it. We're hoping to get some Lotus alumni along such as Messrs Kimberley and Winterbottom. Planning is sketchy at the moment but it is likely to be not too far away from Norfolk! I'll be starting a thread on here soon (as well as on to attract interest and keep everyone up to date. ATB Richard
  11. rjwooll

    Drain pipe

    Yes it has 😞
  12. rjwooll

    Drain pipe

    If I had my car here I would - it's having a minor operation. There are two funnel shaped pieces bonded into the holes on each side of the gutter, upon which clear plastic pipes (look like standard screenwash pipes) are pushed. These pipes then push through holes in the bottom of the side boot compartments. However on mine they do block up easily, so I carry a short length of strimmer line with me! If you are creating your drainage arrangement from scratch, you may want to go with a larger bore drain hole and pipe, as Pete suggests. Richard
  13. rjwooll


    Hi David, I have a similar problem on my S2.2. I've found the following problems that need fixing: 1. Water may be entering via the hinge & wiper attachments to the glass - will cut some flat rubber to fit for a better seal. 2. Sealing strip won't stay on the lip - I have a new one from SJ but that's even more difficult to fix! When it is warm enough, I plan to use some gorilla glue with the seal clamped in place for a permanent repair. I believe the 'join' should be at the top by the wiper, by the way. 3. The stainless surround fills with water which leaks out on one side when the tailgate is opened. This could also be leaking into the boot in heavy rain. Apply clear silicone sealant around the outside glass/trim edge and the corner pieces. 4. Check the drain holes and tubes in the tailgate gutter are intact and watertight - they are easily damaged. 5. Check the drain holes in the compartments either side of the boot are clear. Finally 6. Don't leave it out in the rain! ATB Richard
  14. rjwooll

    Vinyl roof

    Great find - does anyone know where all those front clamp plates go? There are 2 short and 3 long! ATB Richard
  15. rjwooll

    Vinyl roof

    As my roof needs to be repainted due to the paint lifting, I have for some time been considering fitting a vinyl roof, so appreciate the input here. I did ask Oliver Winterbottom about the fitment of vinyl roofs and he commented that they were sometimes fitted at the factory if the paint finish was not considered acceptable, and that there was a double stitched seam along the back edge - he didn't mention a metal strip. If it turns out my car will need the alloy trim above the windscreen removed for the repaint anyway, then I may well go for the vinyl roof. I should know within a week or so. Richard