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  1. Next meeting on Wednesday: Time: Dec 2, 2020 06:30 PM London Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 743 8638 7545 Passcode: 15pLHN see you there Richard
  2. This is a placeholder for an idea that a few of us have come up with following the sad loss of Oliver. Originally discussed here on viewtopic.php?f=34&t=11760&start=15 Hopefully we can add details as time goes on. The proposal is to hold a run from around the country, the ultimate destination being somewhere Oliver related in Norfolk (maybe the famous pub from which he borrowed a gas mask in which to attend a board meeting at Lotus.) If you don’t know the story, as Oliver would say, “read my book!” It’s been suggested that we have three rendezvous points - e
  3. Can anyone who would like to bring their car to Oliver’s funeral on 3 December at 12.00 at Wymondham Abbey please post here or message me. Due to lockdown restrictions attendance at the service is limited to 30 people but if you want to cruise round Wymondham that will be fine! I am finding out from the funeral directors whether there may be an opportunity for a few cars to follow the cortège. Finally, I understand the family may arrange a memorial service next year once restrictions are lifted so everyone can pay their respects. Thanks, Richard
  4. You raise some worrying points. On the plus side for humanity, as prosperity increases we consume less ‘stuff’ than we did before. IN the UK, material goods consumption has reduced compared to 10-20 years ago. This trend holds true across all developed nations. Population increase also slows with increased prosperity and the rate of global population increase is now very small. Also pollution in developed nations is much less of a problem these days as environmental concerns become more important in decision making as prosperity increases. On the negative side, the narrative you rela
  5. Hi Oslo, the projector lamp and distribution unit should be mounted on the heater unit more or less behind that bunch of green wires in your picture. I have just replaced mine and discovered that it was the fibreoptic cables that were dark. I replaced the unit and the bulb anyway. You can buy fibreoptic cable on eBay - I cant remember the size But just measure the diameter of yours. You’ll need to glue the ends into the unit and the switch surround - I used some rubber adhesive. Cheers, Richard
  6. Meeting start time brought forward to 18.30. Please join when you can - I probably won’t be able to join until closer to 19.00. Cheers, Richard
  7. Here is a fantastic podcast with Rob Borrett interviewing Mike Kimberley, Steve Cropley and James Elliott about Oliver's life and designs. Steve Cropley in particular makes some amazing remarks about the Elite - we're hoping to transcribe these. Well worth the time listening to the whole episode: ... 0498509412 I thought this warranted it's own thread as I believe it is very significant that Oliver's cars are being talked of in such positive terms. Cheers, Richard
  8. Here is a great tribute to Oliver from Mike Kimberley on the Lotus Cars blog:
  9. Next meeting Wednesday 18th at 19.00 Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 299 086 3598 Passcode: 8dGKWi See you there Richard
  10. I think the only ones will be in Oliver’s private collection. I’m not aware of any such collection at Lotus. Cheers, Richard
  11. Hi David, I’m not aware of any that are available separately, but his book ‘A Life in Car Design’ (Veloce Publishing) does include a number of drawings including of the Type 75. Cheers, Richard
  12. I don’t think the backbone itself is wider, but the fibreglass does need cutting away under the rear seats so that the suspension arms can be accessed. I believe that there are also some minor changes needed for body/chassis mountings. cheers, Richard
  13. Are you sure? Graham Robson in The Third Generation Lotuses shows the wheelbase on Elite and Excel identical at 8 ft 1.8 inches. Cheers, Richard
  14. Hi Lee, Mine is one of these. I chose to retain the Elite look as much as possible by using 14" Speedlines from an early Excel. I don't think Oz wheels would look right on an Elite, but each to their own. Apart from looking underneath, there isn't much to say that these cars are different! Cheers, Richard
  15. It is very sad that Oliver has passed. Here is the picture Kimbers wanted to see of Oliver and Mike recreating that PR shot next to my Elite (still stickered up from it's Le Mans trip) at the NEC in 2015:
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