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  1. Agreed. If you want a bit of fun, watch a modern day Ferrari or Lambo trying to get onto a ferry ramp while you just drive straight on!
  2. ignition timing topic

    Yes, they're clear to me as well but if you don't read them carefully you can come unstuck (as the esprit owner above amusingly did!) The thing that initially puzzled me about the timing on some engines was the vacuum retard function. I hadn't come across that elsewhere but I can understand the reason it's used. Richard
  3. ignition timing topic

    I like that story....!
  4. Modern Lotus Elite Concept

    Well its good someone was inspired to do this - however as the original designer, Oliver Winterbottom, might comment, it's easy to draw a nice shape; what's difficult is to integrate a design with practical and dynamic requirements such as accommodation, engine/drivetrain position, fuel tank/battery/spare wheel, crash resistance, suspension layout and characteristics, aerodynamics etc.. If you read his autobiography it is amazing what he achieved in designing cars; not only did he create the shape which met the practical and dynamic requirements but also a costed production 'bible' with all the parts and processes detailed. For me, the Elite remains one of the best integrated automotive concepts - certainly of its time. ATB Richard
  5. ignition timing topic

    Hi there yes my timing isn't great! It's difficult to directly compare US and European spec cars as the cams and carbs are also different (and there may be air injection on some cars - Californian spec?) The timing on spec 6 engines (early esprit, US spec) can be compared with spec 5 (European spec.) The mechanical advance characteristics are very different - spec 6 advances all the way up to 6000rpm while the spec 5 tops out at 3000 rpm. At idle and typical steady speed rpm (say 2000-3000 which would have been used for emissions testing) the mechanical advance is less on spec 6 than spec 5. Add to this the fact that spec 6 uses the 8 degree retard vacuum canister and you get significantly more retarded timing at idle and steady speed. At higher rpm the spec 6 engine does have more mechanical advance but this would probably not have affected emissions testing much. e&oe as usual! Richard
  6. Evans Waterless Cooling

    Exactly - it boils at 180c I believe.
  7. Evans Waterless Cooling

    I've run my 912 engined elite for 4 years with Evans waterless coolant after a full engine rebuild and it runs just fine. The benefit of absence of pressure in the cooling system shouldn't be underestimated particularly where you have long and complicated pipe runs as the hose material and joints aren't pressure stressed. Interesting comments about the water pump - is it possible to fit a late pump with larger impeller to an earlier 912 engine? And does this later pump have the weep hole problem? richard
  8. ignition timing topic

    A very late reply as I only just found this thread. I believe that ignition timing is slightly retarded from the optimum as standard in order to meet emissions regs. Slightly retarded ignition will tend to reduce HC and NO emissions. This would explain why some people have experienced better performance and higher idle speed by advancing the ignition. All this is imho as I have no documentary evidence from lotus sources.
  9. Elite chassis??

    Agreed. I was persuaded to do my chassis swap partly on the basis of parts availability, and partly on the basis of driveshaft issues. I'd be intrigued to know if driveshaft components are now available that at least partly overcome the original issues - or were these overblown? After all the car is 40 years old so it would be surprising were there no issues.
  10. Excel SE how many left?

    Oliver Winterbottom actually designed both the Elite and Eclat. They were parallel projects - the Eclat was not, as some suggest, an attempt to counter resistance in some markets to the Elite styling, but intended to provide a more sporting model in the range. He relates that he designed the rear end of the Eclat with a slightly recessed bootlid and rear panel inside a chrome fluted surround, but when he got back from a lengthy business trip found that they had modified it to be flat without his approval! Design drawings (and I think there was also a prototype made) show that the original recessed approach gave the car far more delicacy at the rear. Also, although there is a family resemblance between the Elite/Eclat and the Esprit, only the Esprit was designed by Guigiaro. The only input he had to the Elite/Eclat was to design the interior, which is more or less carried over to the early Eclat Excel. ATB Richard
  11. induction roar

    Hi David, No pictures I'm afraid, but I have the same setup with you. There is meant to be a finisher at the mouth of the intake trunking which would smooth the airflow; I suggest you contact Lotusbits to see if they have any secondhand ones. I've tried an aftermarket part but it doesn't fit without hacking the plastic shroud which is important to direct the air from behind the radiator up through the bonnet vent - also it's uncomfortably close to the spinning things. The trunking is meant to be lined with foam which again would quieten any noise. I need to try both of these things on my car but will invest in some new trunking first I think. Good to hear from another S2.2 owner fairly local to me! ATB Richard
  12. Exterior Trim

    I believe Lotusbits are getting new upper & lower windscreen trims manufactured. Otherwise they do have a stock of used aluminium trim. The aluminium trim on the Elite is anodised. In order to restore it then you will need to get it straightened, polished then re-anodised. When I restored my Elite I found suppliers in the Sandhurst area who did this for me. The trim mustn't be pitted or badly scratched as surface imperfections will show through unless they can be polished out. Let me know if you want the details of the suppliers I used, as I had a bit of a disaster using one industrial anodiser who ruined one set of trim - it came out cloudy rather than bright. Good luck, Richard
  13. If the chassis is level with the ground, logically the problem will be the way the body sits on the chassis. Are the mounting points intact with the correct bushing? Are there any cracks in the underbody around the rear of the car? I'd take a detailed look before it goes back together.
  14. Restoring my Elite 503

    This looks an amazing restoration - I've rarely seen such quality preparation! Did you create a new wiring loom? I must have nearly passed you last Sunday - we drove up from Worcester to Dudmaston in the Elite. Richard
  15. Lotus Elite S2.2 1981 – Altair Green

    Yes David, it is me in my regulation hi-vis! I'll be back with my car this year. Are you coming along? Richard