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  1. Topic: Lotus Grand Tourers Club Zoom Meeting Time: Jul 21, 2021 06:30 PM London Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 736 3539 1817 Passcode: 35uB7N All welcome as always Cheers, Richard
  2. Tomorrow’s meeting details: Time: Jul 7, 2021 06:30 PM London Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 758 5146 1510 Passcode: 1ga23k All welcome - see you there! Richard
  3. Wednesday’s meeting details: Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 299 086 3598 Passcode: 8dGKWi All welcome, as usual. Cheers, Richard
  4. Good - you found me here as well! I remember our chat. I thought it was a good turnout all round but would LOVE to see more Eclats amongst what we will probably now call The Lotus Grand Tourers. cheers, Richard
  5. Yes, I know, down again this morning - issue reported and is being dealt with. As the second outage in a few days, this is not acceptable after a fairly long trouble free period before last weekend. Richard
  6. Dave, you should be OK now. cheers, Richard
  7. PainterDave, There shouldn’t be a problem for registered gmail users at all. I jam also a gmail user. Please repost here if you’re still having problems. The issue yesterday evening was apparently a hacker attack on the data center, which was resolved following on site intervention. cheers, Richard
  8. In case anyone comes here looking, I have noticed that is down at the moment (17.39) I have reported the issue to site admin and will update here. thanks, Richard
  9. To add to TAR’s comment, someone on the Jensen Healey forum ran some rolling road tests with different intake configurations. The Lotus air box was by far the best performer, exceeding the performance of individual filters, particularly in the mid range. Then there is the question of intake roar which the Lotus air box does limit - the original intake pipe was even lined with foam rubber.
  10. I’m sure when I checked mine it was 90mm at the air box - yes it is tight down there by the pulleys!
  11. Next meeting is Wednesday evening: Time: May 12, 2021 06:30 PM London Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 780 6247 1223 Passcode: M8k57i All welcome! Look forward to seeing you there cheers, Richard
  12. This quarter’s issue is a bumper one for Excel owners. Brian Angus has written an article recalling the development of the Excel SA, and the regular Elite/Eclat/Excel section covers the development of the Eclat Excel Up to its launch in 1982, with never before seen (to my knowledge) pictures from Colin Spooner of the full-size mock up presented to Colin Chapman and the board for approval - which was given. Below are a couple of the pictures. Cheers, Richard
  13. Here is one appealing candidate (can be seen from M5 near Gloucester!)
  14. Next meeting on Wednesday evening: Time: Apr 28, 2021 06:30 PM London Join Zoom Meeting ... 9zRVg4QT09 Meeting ID: 784 7045 9135 Passcode: 2L3ZXv Look forward to seeing everyone Cheers Richard
  15. Hi David, I’ll need to dismantle mine to find out in which order the various washers are on both sides of the window. If I remember rightly on the external side of the glass, there is a rubber washer beneath a steel washer. i hope to have time later this week - if not it will be later next week I’m afraid. cheers, Richard
  16. David, is it the assembly that is mounted on the rear window or the motor assembly that feels loose? Richard
  17. Tomorrow’s meeting: Time: Apr 14, 2021 06:30 PM London Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 720 6072 1924 Passcode: 16FeRB All welcome as always See you there Richard
  18. I recently removed and cleaned up the rear wiper motor and mechanism on my S2.2. No pictures unfortunately, but it is simple to remove. The motor itself is off a Porsche 928, and the drive is via a peg that locates onto the rear wiper when the tailgate is closed. I’m happy to answer whatever questions you may have. Cheers, Richard
  19. Follow this link! Happy Easter Richard
  20. Next Wednesday’s meeting: Time: Mar 31, 2021 06:30 PM London Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 765 9510 5455 Passcode: Rwpc6g All welcome! See you there Richard
  21. Agree fully with Bibs. Hosting isn’t free and images take a lot of space. Over on we don’t allow images to be posted directly; rather they can be embedded in posts eg from a personal OneDrive account. This way the forum site only has to store a link, not the image itself. The downside is that it’s a bit clumsy to post pictures. I haven’t tested it but maybe images can be embedded in the same way here? There is an argument that says that the main benefit of images is to those that view them, not post them - so maybe only paid subscribers should be able to view images; however that argument just opens a different can of worms! Cheers, Richard
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