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  1. AFAIK, there is no black trim along the lower edge - just the top and side edges. Richard
  2. That is a stunning job Simon. I look forward to seeing it one day. Richard
  3. I'm not certain, but I believe it may be possible without removing the dash. If your Excel is like my S2.2 Elite, the wiper motor is on the bulkhead behind the glovebox. I have never tried it but have read that you should attach string to the wiper spindle and undo the securing nut, push it down through the hole in the bodywork and withdraw it using the wiper cable (which should be removed from the motor). The string can then be used to guide a new wheelbox and cable into place in a reverse of the removal operation. Good luck, Richard
  4. I'm not sure they are Elite parts. The long piece is made by Valeo, which name has only been in use since 1980. The chrome piece looks like the trim for a light fitting (front indicator/sidelight?) and no such part was used on the Elite to my knowledge. I'm not sure about the plate - is anything stamped on the other side? Richard
  5. This picture of an S1 Elite at launch shows chrome finish. The parts book says the non-electric mirrors were Cromodora. Those in the picture look like these. I am pretty certain that the electric mirrors would have been chrome or black, not body colour. I think body colour mirrors are a relatively recent styling feature anyway. By the way, does anybody know the location of that picture? I'd be interested to know.
  6. I've only seen a modified bumper with recesses for fog lights as a Lotus product for the Elite and Eclat; is this where yours are mounted? Richard
  7. I'm not sure that it is necessarily overload. I have the problem intermittently on my car on more than one fuse. The glass fuses and holders do not seem to make a sufficiently good connection, which gets hot when load is applied. I have applied Tim Engels' suggestion of a cleaning fluid that supposedly works very well on model railways. It needs to sit on the surface for a few hours; I applied it last weekend and will find out if there is any difference next time I take the car out. Ultimately, the solution is probably to replace the fuse box with a blade fuse box. Richard
  8. I've just read the great review featuring your car in C&SC. You beat the Merc and Lancia, with no less a judge than Martin Buckley! Well done!

    (Article is at

    1. Leigh Greenham

      Leigh Greenham

      Thanks Richard, yes it was a good article, particularly after the same magazine's Julian Baume panned the car when he road-tested my Elite against a Elan 2+2 back in 2002.  He didn't admit that he actually owned an Elan 2+2.

      It's odd the recent article has just gone online, it was printed in the summer of 2011 !!!!  If they keep to that 9-year pattern I'll be getting another call from them next year!



  9. Would sticking strips of aluminium foil (to follow the contours) be any good?
  10. Not more than £1k if she's been standing that long, unless she's been well looked after. Recommissioning will be time consuming and potentially expensive to do properly, and the paint will probably need attention which is also expensive. £1k is, I understand, around the price that would be paid by someone after the parts.
  11. The Hinckley Motorshow will be delighted if members can join them for the day. This is Hinckley BID's 9th annual motorshow for Classic and other vehicles of Special Interest and takes place in the town centre. It's FREE to exhibit and to attend. For the best parking please register and arrive early by 7am. If you would like to take part please contact 01455 698494 / [email protected] Also please contact Stuart Elliott: [email protected] For more information go to! More than 800 vehicle owners filled Hinckley town centre last year to show off their vehicles to a crowd of several thousand people. Oliver Winterbottom will be attending again this year with his book A Life In Car Design! Please post here as well if you plan to come along. I hope to be there - just a couple of things to sort out first. Sorry about the short notice, but it is a good day out. Richard
  12. TechyD, thank you for your courteous response. I'm pleased that we now seem to have more about which to agree than disagree - not to mention our love of Lotus. I have a couple of friends with Evoras and one day I mean to have one! Richard
  13. First, some maths. 400ppm is 0.04%, not 0.4% (or 4%!) I'm sorry you find my response trivial, but the reasoning you present is more religious in nature than scientific. Just because one can imagine that all our activities must be somehow damaging the planet doesn't mean that they are. That is why we need science based on observation of actual conditions. The observational record shows that, repeatedly during history, temperature rises are followed by increased CO2 emissions, not the other way around, thus there is no strong evidence that CO2 concentrations are a major contributor to global warming. I'd also comment that if you look at industrial history, it is marked in its early phase by increased and damaging pollution, but as prosperity develops, the levels of pollution and environmental damage drop dramatically. This is one very good reason to encourage continued economic growth as it spreads prosperity around the world. A significant contributor to deforestation is the use of forest products as biofuels. A particularly nasty example relevant to the UK is the felling of mature forest in (I think) North Carolina to feed wood pellets to the Drax power station in Yorkshire. When the government published its 'carbon calculator' for Drax, it showed that emissions from felling, processing and transporting the wood alone represented around 50% of the emissions from using coal to generate the same amount of power. Further, wood pellets are dirtier to burn than coal which would mean that the whole process is over 50% dirtier than burning coal. This example demonstrates that the political 'cure' for climate change can easily be worse than the 'disease' (should one exist!) Regarding the BBC's position - if you are not aware, somebody (perhaps the Committee on Climate Change) managed to get the BBC to write into its charter the duty to present the existence, and highlight the dangers, of anthropogenic global warming - so whatever its virtues in other fields, the Beeb is not even-handed in its reporting of this area. I'd end up by saying that something I find disturbing about many promoters of the belief in anthropogenic global warming is the focus on population growth as the major villain. Given that we aren't likely to stop reproducing anytime soon, who are we going to get rid of? This is a worryingly totalitarian view, which is able to be countered by correlating prosperity levels with wealth - as wealth increases, so the birth rate goes down. Another argument for policies promoting prosperity rather than totalitarian control. Poverty levels and health have both improved during the rapid population growth we have experienced - I think we should be mindful of these achievements.
  14. The prototype is at the Motor Museum at Gaydon. It was never put into production. The prototype used the same design of door mirror as the Elite/Eclat S2.2!
  15. Back in 1992, Lotus developed this programme by bringing together engineers from their active and passive suspension teams:
  16. Unfortunately, the BBC is extremely biased in its coverage of climate change. They constantly do the Al Gore trick of generalising from the particular. With a hugely complex system like the climate, it is possible to cherry pick any event that supports your view, as we see with all these shock headlines about weather events that turn out to be entirely within a normal range. The world has gradually been warming since the end of the Little Ice Age in the 1800s, and this has nothing to do with anthropogenic CO2 emissions. Even now, CO2 only represents .04% of the atmosphere.
  17. Last call - could anybody who wants to join the Elite/Eclat parking at the open day please let me know asap? Thanks, Richard
  18. Hi Brian, Do you have the battery cover piece with the tool compartment? This was originally supplied in a flexible leatherette finished hardboard type material. Not having one on my car, I made a replica from plywood and covered it in carpet. It is an odd shape and happy to send you pics of mine if you don't have one. The boot floor carpet sits on top of the removable wooden boot floor. It is the full width of the boot floor up to the lip of the recess in which the battery sits, cut to shape to the curved body side on the nearside, I believe - although not on mine as I have a high pressure fuel pump there for my efi system. On mine, it is the full deptrh of the floor up to the carpeted panel sitting against the fuel tank. You should be able to get these measurements off your car. I did manage to buy a replacement carpet set off eBay but this is 5 years ago and it was not at all precisely cut, plus there seemed to be various odd bits I didn't use! I found I had to fit the carpets then trim them to the size I required. Cheers, Richard
  19. Have you tried Lotusbits? They should have some decent used ones. ATB Richard
  20. The open day takes place on Saturday 17th August, and his year, Malcolm Ricketts has very kindly agreed to reserve a small parking space for any Elites and Eclats in order to mark the 45th anniversary of these cars. In addition, it looks as though Oliver Winterbottom, Richard Morley and Peter Lucas will be there, so we will have a great opportunity to talk with these former Lotus executives, all of whom were involved in different aspects of the development and launch of the cars. Malcolm Ricketts has a wonderful collection of Lotus cars from the 50s and 60s, mainly linked with his classic Lotus racing activities. In addition there will be a display of machinery brought by visitors. I haven't visited before but have heard very positive feedback from people who have, and it is well worth a visit just to look at Lotus history in the metal. Here is the Club Lotus link to the event showing limited information at the moment: I understand that it is not necessary to book with Malcolm Ricketts, but if you would like to bring your Elite or Eclat along, please contact me so that I can ensure you have a space in the 45th anniversary parking. It will be necessary to arrive before the event opens (at 12.00) in order to access the parking. Any spare space can be allocated to Excels of course! Finally, it is an outdoor event so is weather dependent, and may not go ahead if conditions aren't suitable. Hope to see you there, Richard
  21. Welcome! Replacing the diff with one from a Supra (or Excel) is not straightforward as the whole front and rear suspension is different on the Excel, with different chassis mountings and pick-up points. Just changing the gearbox may be possible, but I think the Eclat S2 had a slightly modified chassis to accommodate the Getrag box, which was bulkier than the original Lotus 5 speed, and I suspect the Supra box as fitted to the Excel is also bulkier. You'd also need a custom propshaft I guess. Better to pay for a decent Salisbury diff to be shipped over there, or even find an Excel wreck and use the chassis and running gear from that! Good luck, the Eclat is a lovely, delicate looking car and much rarer there than here! Cheers, Richard
  22. Well, it has excellent history being Mike Taylor's old car, and the price is very reasonable. Go for it!
  23. I've checked both the Elite and Excel parts manuals and there is only one dipstick tube for the 912 engine - A912E0633F. However, there are different tube fittings - the earlier cars used a press in fitting. In any case, the length of your tube could explain your misleading dipstick readings!
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