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  1. I bought one of the first V6s demonstrators when they first came out after having had an elise s1 111s, 6 tvr's, a noble got 3r, exige s2 S, and an evora S. This was followed by a Evora S ips, exige V6s roadster, Evora 400, an exige 350 sport and now an exige 380 sport. Every change has been purely because I wanted a change and like buying cars but I could justify the point in my head. This time I am struggling to justify the change as others have agreed with in this thread. In my opinion there is a massive difference between the exige v6s and the sport 380 warranting the f
  2. I just love buying cars. But for some reason the price for an Exige now is making it very difficult to justify. The other problem is that there is no real competitor in my opinion. Maybe Mclaren but is more expensive to buy and to keep. should probably just be happy with what I’ve got as it is my favourite Lotus yet! I’ll have a think
  3. I saw that 430 for sale and I am thinking about it but still not sure it’s really worth the upgrade to my 380? i paid full price on my 380 but had a very competitive trade in on my 350. £93k still seems like a lot. just need to get my head round it.
  4. Hi All I don’t usually post but check the forums on most days. I’ve had multiple Loti and have an Exige 380 sport at the minute. I change my car every 12 to 18 months and have been looking at the newest editions for a couple of months now. How on earth does the 410 sport justify £100k fully loaded???? Thats over £20k more than a full price 380. Are people really gonna upgrade? i love these things and have had all Exige v6 models, Evora including the 400 but I think the prices are now crazy. Am I just being tight? Gav
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  6. Yep I was there in the red Exige, live in Romsey, where a bouts are you? My 6 year old son said he would buy your white exige out of all the cars there today!! Good taste I think! Gav
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