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  1. To follow the idea of names reflecting car colour, I often refer to my Europa as "The Little White Deathtrap". If you could see the number of badly, but aggressively, driven pickup trucks and SUVs on the road here, the reason for the name would be all too apparent. The Esprit looks great!
  2. Good for you, that was an important project to see through. And in any event, "upping sticks" is generally frowned upon in hockey regardless of playing surface.
  3. @rallyesax, I'll go with your earlier comment and say that goalies are merely misunderstood. Although it does take a certain mindset to stand between the pipes while people are firing a frozen-solid disk of vulcanised rubber at you. To give a nod to the Lotus underpinnings of the forum, I make a point of taking my Europa to hockey once or twice each season. All it takes is cramming a couple of sticks and a large bag of somewhat malodorous equipment into the passenger seat (always on a day that I can keep the windows open). As you can imagine, a Europa attracts a fair bit of attention at a hockey rink. The biggest reaction is usually when I pull regular player sticks out of the car - people see hockey gear being taken out of a car that small and assume that I'm crazy enough to be a goalie 😉
  4. it's great to find another hockey player on TLF, especially a goalie. We can always use more goalies, even if some people think are a generally a tad eccentric🙃 I usually, but not always, play defence. There a couple of rinks near me that run drop-in hockey so for the past few years I've been playing there instead of in a regular league. It's a good set-up but we never know how many players we have until just before the game - over the last two seasons I have literally played every position except goal. You're welcome to it, my friend.
  5. I haven't been playing for a bit over a year due to shutdowns but hope to be back at it in a few months. Could do with the stress relief!
  6. Depends on what you're looking for. If you are evaluating it as a long term career post, working on state of the art equipment in an exciting field has a lot appeal. Particularly if the company has good prospects for growth and advancement. If it just a job, go for the extra money and buy a set of carbon wheels for your Lotus.
  7. I grew out of this phase (I hope) by my mid-50s but for a while my family was convinced that it was my life's ambition to be 10% scar tissue, by weight
  8. I saw a news item that someone in New York left his BMW parked by a fire hydrant for four days. Of course, there was a fire across the street with this result:
  9. I will take the plunge, endure the reaction, and express the first dissenting view on the new CoP package. I agree that it is an attractive lot of trinkets provided and likely a step up from the old Certificates but in my, admittedly subjective, opinion it is vastly overpriced. Part of that view is that I really question the durability of a cardboard box over the long term unless you just want to put it on a shelf and leave it there. So I shall not be rushing off to order one, much less three of them. Having said that, if others will get pleasure from it and it generates a bit of revenue for Lotus Cars so much the better. Mike. PS. Now watch my wife go out and order one for Christmas, thinking it is something I will treasure. Best have a word about it.
  10. Located less than a mile from where I was born. Not that that will give them any cachet 🙄.
  11. There are times when what appears to be an error of grammar or punctuation can reveal a hidden truth. For instance, one of the elementary schools I attended in my youth had a sign at the roadside saying "Slow Children Playing". Indeed, many of them were.
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