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  1. I grew out of this phase (I hope) by my mid-50s but for a while my family was convinced that it was my life's ambition to be 10% scar tissue, by weight
  2. I saw a news item that someone in New York left his BMW parked by a fire hydrant for four days. Of course, there was a fire across the street with this result:
  3. I will take the plunge, endure the reaction, and express the first dissenting view on the new CoP package. I agree that it is an attractive lot of trinkets provided and likely a step up from the old Certificates but in my, admittedly subjective, opinion it is vastly overpriced. Part of that view is that I really question the durability of a cardboard box over the long term unless you just want to put it on a shelf and leave it there. So I shall not be rushing off to order one, much less three of them. Having said that, if others will get pleasure from it and it generates a bit of rev
  4. Located less than a mile from where I was born. Not that that will give them any cachet 🙄.
  5. There are times when what appears to be an error of grammar or punctuation can reveal a hidden truth. For instance, one of the elementary schools I attended in my youth had a sign at the roadside saying "Slow Children Playing". Indeed, many of them were.
  6. calvan

    Age & Time

    On the other hand, if time flies you must be having fun.
  7. July 1 is Canada Day - national holiday - but this year was a bit different as the vast majority of events were cancelled or had some sort of a virtual alternative. I normally alternate between two events - either volunteer work with the local RCMP to help out with the crowds at the beach or at a car show put on each year by some friends who run a high-end restoration shop called Jellybean AutoCrafters (shameless plug, but their work is good enough to have been shown at Pebble Beach). Both were cancelled this year but my day was saved when I got an invite from Jellybean to join a max 25 c
  8. And a brief follow-up question to the solar experts here: If Covid-19 makes you puke, does that count as a Coronal Mass Ejection?
  9. True. I stand corrected but I must say you handled that with flare.
  10. Sam, I will put my two-bits worth in on a couple of points. And since free advice is generally worth what you pay for it, I won't be offended if you ignore me completely. The main point is in the work to be done to put it together. Not so much whether you can do it but more whether you like to do it. If you don't think you will enjoy assembling the car, follow @jep's advice and move on to something you can get in and drive. Otherwise, read on. My own inclination is much like Justin's. I am at best a semi-competent wrench turner but I sure love to drive. And bear in mind that at
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