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  1. I see thta a dealer in Kensington has a Bizzarrini 5300GT listed on its website. Good thing the wife bought a lottery ticket this afternoon.
  2. The Esprit shares garage space with my Europa. I've had the Europa since 1977 so from long useage and seniority, it is simply called "the Lotus". From side-by side physical comparison, the Esprit is called "Wideload".
  3. 1997 Esprit V8 Midnight Blue Metallic / Tan interior SCCFE33C4VHF65199 Mike Boyle White Rock, BC, Canada As an example of what this could turn into, check the Europa registry at:
  4. I may as well mention three upcoming events in the Vancouver area. These are all static shows, but they provide some opportunity to other cars and owners First, there is a British car show in Fort Langley on April 20th. This is a realtively small show, with attendance capped at 60 cars due to space limitations. I had my Esprit there last year but will be entering the Europa this year. The link for info on this is Second, there is the larger All British Field Meet at VanDusen gardens on the Saturday of the May long weekend. I think its the 18th but don't have a calendar handy. I'll probably take the Esprit in this year. Third, is the Langley Cruise-In in September. This is a massive show with 1200 -1500 cars, although it is >95% street rods and muscle cars. Not really a typical Esprit crowd, but I figure that since I grew up in Langley and the Esprit does have a V8 in the back, it should fit right in. Mike.
  5. We've had disparate comments on the announcers in this thread. We may have an odd advantage here in Canada as the F1 races are available on two networks - SpeedTV or TSN, which picks up the ITV feed. That allows the commentary to be compared. I gave up on the ITV announcers last year, as they spent at least 70% of their time marvelling on how the sun rises and sets from Jenson Button's arse. (Not a knock on Button, but simply the jingoistic announcers). I haven't watched ITV this year, but I suspect that the fawning over Lewis Hamilton may be even worse. I'll steel myself and try it for one of the North American races later in the season. Not before, sice the races start at 5 am here on the West Coast and since I'm not daft enough to get up to watch, I will have to tape one or the other for a more leisurely viewing time.
  6. I may as well chime in, although a bit late for still being Albertan. I moved back to "civilization" on the West Coast last year after spending five years in Calgary. I was there long enough to learn that one of the beauties of the Calgary climate is in getting spring six times a year, although one of them is usually in August. On the other hand, B.C. taxes hurt a bit. Both Loti ('97 V8 and Europa) are now comfortably set in the limited snow zone about 50 km. SE of Vancouver. Mike.
  7. One of the (relatively) old gaffers at 52 and have had my Esprit for three years. I bought a Europa when I was 23, and still have it. Next July will mark 30 years with that car. It has seniority over children, although my son thinks it is an heirloom with his name on it.
  8. Now somewhat politically incorrect, but try "The Party" - Peters Sellers 1968. Funny, even if he does drive a three wheel Morgan in it.
  9. Quite some time ago, must be close to 20 years, some knuckle draggers with an ice-pickspent a night going up and down the hillside where I live. Some 50 t0 100 cars had some, or all, of their tires punctured. They got all four on my Europa, but those tires were crap anyway so I was not entirely displeased to have my insurance company replace them. The real point is that those particular knuckle draggers were not too bright as their spree included all of the cars parked outside of the Hells Angels clubhouse (since moved, but those guys were good neighbours). The police never caught them but it also never happened again. DYI justice, perhaps? Mike
  10. A lot of interesting comments in this thread. I can't help thinking that out here on the West Coast I am much more likely to take my Esprit to Starbucks instead of Tim Horton's. I'm also more likely to see something interesting parked there than at Timmy's. Or is this just a form of caffeine snobbery?
  11. There's this Irish bloke walking down the street with a small steering wheel sticking out of the fly of his trousers. Finally, someone says "Excuse me, sir, do you that you have a steering wheel sticking out from the flyof your trousers?" "Oi," he says, "and its driving me nuts!"
  12. I,ve driven my '97 V8 between Calgary and Vancouver a few times, just short of 600 miles each way. It is scenic drive across the Rockies, and I improved it with a 200 km. detour to avoid highway construction last time. Having said that, I basically sick of it from repitition these days. My wife and I took a good drive two years ago, taking an extended route to Calgary. We crossed the line into the U.S., went down the west coast of Washington and Oregon. The coast is spectacular although we encountered the worst traffic along this stretch. We then backtracked up the Columbia valley, through Idaho and crossed back into Canada in the Kootenay region of southeastern B.C. Some great roads with little traffic as we avoided the interstates as much as possible. The total distance was a little under 2000 miles spread over about five days. The Esprit ran fine the whole time (this was before the engine blew up) and there may be a similar trip in the cards for this year. Mike.
  13. I'll add my tale of engine woe. This should be a rare event but I am curious to hear if anyone else has experienced this type of failure. I have a '97 V8, originally a US market car adapted to Canadian regulations. About 18 months ago the engine grenaded with about 19k miles on the clock (previous owner didn't drive it much). The shaft that turns the cam belts suffered a sudden, and complete, bearing failure. In addition to dropping bits of bearing in the sump, the right cam belt lost tension and stopped turning. Four pistons each hit four valves. Lotus replaced the engine, so I was happy with that. Actually, they replaced it twice as the first replacement wouldn't turn over after the dealer put it in the car. All is fine now with the replacement. However, if it fails again within 20k mi. I might be measuring the engine bay for a Chevy small block. Have there been many known failures like this?
  14. This a combination reply and self-introduction. I seem to recognize Rob's car from some he took about 16 months ago showing his Esprit parked immediately behind my blue '97 Esprit V8 (with Alberta plates) on a street in Vancouver. Is that right, Rob? Now the self-introduction. I'm new to this forum, although not to Lotus. I've got a '73 Europa TC (not entirely relevant here) that I've owned since 1977 and the already mentioned '97 Esprit that I've had since 2003. The Europa stays at my home base near Vancouver. The Esprit is in Calgary, where I am for the time being. By the way, I am basically sick of the drive across the Rockies going back and forth beteween the two places. Great scenery, decent roads and enough police radar that you could cook a steak from the microwave radiation. That's assuming you can past the RVs and construction zones. Mike. PS I like the picture of Deka Lake - I went to summer camp there several decades ago.
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