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  1. Some second hand advice - I knew a fellow some years back who swore by this method but I never did use it for fear of destroying the garden. Anyway, his suggestion was to expose a mole tunnel and then attach a hose to a BBQ tank, or similar source, and introduce propane into the run. Give it a few seconds to settle as propane vapour is denser than air and drop in a source of ignition. Big boom, no more moles. Of course, if you put in too much gas there is also no more garden.
  2. Just feeling generally happy with my lot in life after reflecting a bit on one of life's minor irritations. I was initially quite unhappy this morning when I had to quit my ice hockey game early because of a cramping hamstring. But then I thought I should be bloody happy that at age 62 I am still fit enough, and have the time and resources, to go out a couple of times a week to chase a rubber disc across an artificially frozen pond. Playing also lets me subtly recognize two elements of my background (Scottish born; Canadian raised) by wearing Braehead Clan kit, with the added bonus of puzzling the other guys who wonder where I got the weird jersey from. The other insight I got from watching the last few minutes of the game is that old-timers hockey has one parallel to porn - the underlying activity is much more enjoyable as a participant than as a spectator. Trivial, but if it makes me happy it does the trick.
  3. My sincerest condolences as well. I lost my mother to cancer 25 years ago but have not lost the treasured memories. Hang on to those and it will get easier with time.
  4. Ok, for a modest Lotus collection on the shores of the Pacific: Europa Twin Cam......purchased July 1977 - still got it Esprit V8...................purchased November 2003 - still got it Elise.........................purchased March 2010 - still got it Do I see a pattern here? Lotus separation anxiety?
  5. Well, at least the same continent in both cases.
  6. On the other hand, if Trump does win the election it will be first instance of a billionaire moving into public housing that has been vacated by a black family.
  7. Yup, could be the same reason the Canadian dollar has been recovering lately - American liberals moving money north in anticipation of filing refugee claims if Trump wins.
  8. My vote has to go to the Dodge Ram pick-up truck. Not that it's intrinsically worse than other trucks (which I am not overly fond of), but my Elise has been hit twice by inattentive knuckleheads driving Ram trucks. Luckily low speed, low damage on both occasions.
  9. It's still winter weather here, at least in most of the country, but here is something from sunnier times a few months back:
  10. One of these days some bright spark of a researcher is going to come out with a study proving that breathing kills brain cells, while neglecting to note that not breathing kills them faster.
  11. I undertake some volunteer work doing Community Policing with the RCMP - fraud seminars for seniors, basic security measures and recording speed & traffic stats on the local streets. Interesting work, although some of the knuckleheads I see driving about can be truly frightening. I usually do one afternoon a week. The combination of volunteer work, playing ice hockey a couple of times a week and monkeying about with the cars gets me out of the house and keeps me sufficiently occupied in retirement (that is quite important).
  12. calvan


    In Feb. 2010 I won CDN$500,005. I got an Elise, my wife got a diamond, a good chunk went to fix the house, which had developed a water leak, and the rest eased the transition into retirement. Oh, and our 2 adult children got some too. An amount like that is a windfall but it is easily spoken for without being life changing.
  13. Here is an unexpected benefit of owning an Esprit, although I imagine that some other mid-engine cars could give a similar result. After several years away from the game, I have recently gone back to playing hockey (for clarity, ice hockey) and have joined an old-timers team playing two mornings a week. The Esprit trunk is just large enough to hold my equipment so I often drive it to games. The unexpect benefit is that the 25 minute drive to the rink is long enough for engine heat to warm my skates to a nice toasty temperature. And after dragging my carcass out of bed early enough to be in an ice rink dressing room at 8:00 a.m., warm skates are something to be happy about.
  14. A couple of years back, when I was in Scotland seeing family, I met a fellow whose claim to fame is that he once punched Tony Blair. It turns out that it happened when they were both kids, about 11 or 12 years old, but I gladly bought him a beer anyway.
  15. This is also a bit off topic, but I have sometimes had people approach me to see if I would be interested in selling a Lotus, particularly my Europa. Standard response is that they had best start with a significant multiple of current "market value" to get even a glimmer of interest. Most of the numpties are confused by this as they don't seem to appreciate that the real notion of a market value is the price paid by a willing buyer to a willing seller. They seem to think that if the Hagerty valuation (purely as an example) says it is worth $X they should be able to buy it for that. But, as I don't want to sell, they have to do something to pique my interest and that likely ain't gonna happen.
  16. Ah, the prospect of documenting our fleeting fame. About six years ago a short-lived sci-fi television series called Caprica was filmed in Vancouver - it was intended as a prequel to the Battlestar Galactica series but only lasted for one season. Anyway, they needed some older cars, both British and American, for filming and hired my Europa for one day's shoot. I was at work then so my son dutifully drove it for the day (and retained the $ $ paid for use of the car). As I recall, the Europa had a one or two second cameo in a couple of episodes and presumably is now echoing through history in someone's DVD collection.
  17. Proper Windows 7 sounds like a good idea. I'm the first to admit that I iew my computer as an appliance - I want it to be as reliable as my fridge and consider it to be perhaps a little less exciting. With that background, I went out and bought a new laptop a few days ago. It had Windows 8.1 and I loaded Office 365. Big mistake. It was such a piece of crap that it went back to the store a coupe of days later. Maybe I'll look at a Mac or, even better, a new abacus.
  18. Recognition of the day has even reached the fromer colonies. This coming Sunday is the 9th annual St. George's Day British Car Show held in Fort Langley, BC. I will be there, but as a Scottish-born, Canadian-raised Lotus owner, I will have the Saltire window flag on the car.
  19. The comments on brand reputation and prejudice put me in mind of something I saw recently, perhaps in this forum but I don't remember the source. So with advance apologies for some innocent plagarism I offer the protoypical magazine review of a new Porsche (or Corvette or other "prestige" marque): " The new Porsche is perfect. Siginificant engineering work has corrected the many flaws of the pevious model, which was perfect."
  20. Far from it. The curse of the nanny state with daft rules and unintended consequences has spread far and wide. Here is another Canadian example: The City of Vancouver is one of the few Canadian cities with the pwer to enact its own building code - most codes are done at the provoncial or federal level. Anyway, a few months ago the Vancouver City Council decided to amend its code to ban doorknobs. In the interest of making doors more accessible to people with mobility or grasping disabilitiies, it is now mandatory to use lever mechanisms rather than knobs on door latches. This applies to all new buildings, not simply public buildings in the city limits. (If I was to build a new house inthe city, which I am not about to do, I might think it in my own interest to use levers but I would have no choice). Fast forward a couple of months to a report in the local papers. They quote a study from an Opthalmology Association in the US which is now reorting an increase in serious eye injuries in young kids, particularly boys. It seems that they are running around houses (as kids are wont to do) and running face first into door levers which, for a 4 or 5 year old, are at eye level. Of course, kida have done this since who knows when but the levers are typically pointy and much more damaging than old fashioned doorknobs. In fairness, I have not researched the article cited by the papers but it seems to make sense. More unintended consequences of over-regulating governments
  21. Many of those rank up there with: There are 10 kind of people in the world - those who can read binary and those who can't
  22. Messed tht up somehow. The past post should have had a comment that boring was the wrong word - jaded would have been better. The trip across the Rockies can be a great drive if you have the time for stops, sidetrips and bursts of speed. On the other hand, when you set off in the morning knowing that you will be on the main highway for the next 590 miles or so, a certain grim determination sets in
  23. Right, back to the dull bit of answering the basic question. "Calvan" doesn't get used a lot - not being a frequent poster - but it does have a background of Canadian geography. At the time I registered I was working, and staying, in Calgary even though my permanent home is near Vancouver so I just combined the first syllable of each city. Those days are done now and I kind of miss Calgary, but not the travel. In my peak year I did the round trip drive across the Rockies 5 or 6 times. Great scenery but even that gets boring after a while.
  24. Admitted lifer. I (more porperly "we" as my wife is quite complicit in this) have had the Europa since 1977. It has seniority of tenure on both kids, as I remind them from time to time. The fleet has grown over time. We added a V8 Esprit in 2003 and an Elise in 2010, but if I had to go back to just one Lotus it would likely be the Europa.
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