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  1. Just don't use the spare ones.
  2. The points have been made that all the teams kniew the rules, and thus the tire issues, off the bat and that motor racing has to strike a balance. I see the balance as being among a number of potentially inconsistent concerns, e.g. speed, safety, cost, etc. It strikes me that the tire construction in recent years, and this year in particular, has pushed the balance point too far to the tire management side. The result is that F1 and endurance racing have effectively swapped positions. Back in the day, and not that long ago, a team running Le Mans would commonly run at a pre-determined pace for most of the race in order to conserve the car. if the race went well they would then hope to be in position and have enough car left for a closing sprint for position. In recent years it has become almost a cliche that Le Mans has become a 24 hour sprint. On the other hand, F1 has historically been a full out sprint for most of the race. However, the demands of managing wear of the Pirelli tires has turned recent F1 races into 300 km tests of endurance. Instead of full out racing we now see F1 cars running to a pre-determined pace in the hope of having enough left to gain some positions at the end of the race. I realize that this is a bit of a simplification and that race strategy has always been important in F1. I still think that the series has badly missed its balance point and needs to do something to bring back more raciung and less tire management. Something as basic as a 10 - 20% increase in tire durability may well do the trick.
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    To adapt an old, and admittedly not overly funny, attempt at humour: Q: What is flat, black and glows in the dark? A: Pyongyang, about six hours after a missile hits Seoul.
  4. Are you insinuating that there will never be a "CSI:Norfolk" because all the DNA is the same there?
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    Same thing, only different.
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    Baseball is an excuse to sit in the sun and drink beer. Which begs the question of why you need an excuse to sit in the sun and drink beer.
  7. It's my wedding anniversary on the 22nd. Haven't bought a gift yet, so if the Mayans are right I'm off the hook.
  8. I was at Weissach this afternoon, picking up the Elise from service. While I was waiting, it sounded like someone was in the process of finalizing a deal to buy the '02 Esprit. Was that you, Gerry? I decided not to stick my nose in.
  9. I've seen this car at Weissach - it certainly looks good, but I haven't seen it running. It has been in stock there for quite a while now. I agree with comment that cars cost more on htis side of the border than in the US, although I don't know how well a 1.5x premium holds true. Esprits can be brought in from the US, which should tend to keep prices in line, but buying it already in the country will avoid a lot of hassle. Having said that, V8 Esprits don't show up on the Canadian market all that often. Overall, it sounds like typical pricing for buying from a dealer, i.e. towards the upper end of, but still in, the reasonable range. Slight clarification from the last post. I hadn't checked the price immediatrely before posting and I now see that it is a bit lower than I thought it was. All considered, I think it is a good value. (Also I don't want to see values drop too much in case I decide to sell mine. Not planning on it but you never know).
  10. It looks like this line of enquiry has been sitting around for a while. Come to think of it, I haven't been checking this forum much lately. Anyway, to answer the basic question, the BC Lotus Club is still active with a core group. There are members on the Island and around the province, although most are in the Lower Mainland. I agree that no-one has been updating the website so you won't find much evidence of the club online. It can also be hard to track down because there is no set meeting place - we meet each month at a different member's house so it generally becomes a rolling garage tour. As it turns out, the next function is a Christmas get together on Dec. 11th at my place in White Rock. Send me a PM if you want more details and I can pass it on diectly. I'll even make a point of logging in more frequently
  11. White Rock, last Friday - yellow V8 northbound on Johnson Rd., second in line at the red light. I was in the blue V8 turning left onto North Bluff/16th Ave.
  12. I am glad to hear that there has not been a general price increase. The final cost of the Evora I have on order is still somewhat up in the air as the Canadian price has not been set yet. Because of that I am developing a keen interest in macroeconomics and hoping that the pound takes a sh*tkicking as against the value of $CDN in the next few months. Plus, that will make a visit back to Scotland next year cheaper for me.
  13. Second life, you may well be right about the Launch Edition cars coming with the standard box. Apparently there are still a few details to be nailed down for the Canadian market cars so I'm not positive that the first deliveries here will be correctly designated as "Launch Edition". In fact, it makes sense that they won't be since the Evora won't make it here until into 2010 and I expect that more than 450 cars will have been delivered in othere markets by then. Unless the factory is reserving some early production cars for North America it makes sense that all of the Launch Editions will go elsewhere. Anyway, the Vancouver dealer has ordered a few cars for the first deliveries here and has specified much the same options as the Launch Edition cars, with the close ratio box. I like the overall specifiction and one of them has the colour combo we want (Quartz Silver / Paprika) so that's where the deposit went. I'm not too concerned if the words "Launch Edition" are a slight terminological inexactitude when applied to that car. I'm looking forward to the addition of this car but still have to figure out how to keep three Lotus in a two car garage.
  14. That's a good point about the drag race, but seeing as 1st and 2nd are the same in both boxes neither will give an advantage if you partake in the Stoplight Grand Prix. Otherwise, I think my bias is coming out that the close ratio setup looks better for the opportunistic pass or just blasting through the twisties. Anyway, my decision is made. I went to see my friendly local Lotus dealer today and put a deposit on a Launch Edition car. With the close ratio box. It won't be here until early next year but it is on the way. I should have it about the time this Winter Olympics nonsense is wrapping up. As a point of interest, the dealer had pre-ordered a few cars on spec. All have the close ratio box. When I'm at the dealer, I usually wander over to the service area to see if there is anything interesting in. Hit the jackpot today - a Lambo Miura sitting literally underneath an Esprit V8, the latter being on a hoist. It has been a while since I've seen one but there is a car that makes even an Evora look dowdy.
  15. I've done some calculations from the spec sheets and compared the results of the overall gearing to my Esprit V8. I realize that the two cars are not directly comparable but they are similar in weight and the overall sizes of the rear whell/tire combinations are almost identical (assuming the tire manufacturers give accurate in the width and aspect ratio values). I got an Evora spec sheet from the dealer in Vancouver. It says: Sport Box Standard Box 1st 3.538 3.538 2nd 1.913 1.913 3rd 1.407 1.218 4th 1.091 0.86 5th 0.9697 0.79 6th 0.8611 0.638 Final drive (both boxes): 1st - 4th: 3.777 5th & 6th:3.238 I calculated the overall ratios for the two 'boxes and for the Esprit V8. The results are: Sport Box Standard Box Esprit 1st 13.363 13.363 13.07 2nd 7.225 7.225 8.01 3rd 5.314 4.60 5.37 4th 4.121 3.423 4.05 5th 3.139 2.558 2.96 6th 2.279 2.065 -- The overall gearing of the Esprit is quite similar to the Evora sport box. The overall gearing is, arguably, a bit low for the Esprit but given that it has more power in a car of simiilar weight and tire size, I think the sport box will be the way to go with the Evora. The Esprit does not run at uncomfortably high revs in highway driving, and even with the sport box there is still an extra gear that the older car doesn't have. There will be a slight trade-off in economy over a long sustained cruise but I think I will prefer the performance of the close ratio box. A lot of my distance drives are through fairly mountainous terrain - crossing the Rockies to Alberta or pats of the US northwest - and I am concerned that the standard box will be geared a bit too long for quick acceleration when a passing opportunity presents itself. Mike.
  16. Hi guys, I'm here as a transplant from the Esprit forum looking for some information on the Evora. For basic background, I am in Canada and already have two Lotus - an Esprit and a Europa. I'm planning on ordering an Evora for when it reaches the Canadian market next spring. After looking through the spec sheet, it looks like I should be ordering the close ratio "sport" gearbox. My prejudice is that I want to be able to keep it in the fat part of the torque curve for better response and acceleration in the intermediate gears. Given the constraints of North American highway systems, I don't give a rat's ass if I lose a few percent in theoretical top speed or highway cruising economy. My question is whether anyone can shed some light on the relative merits of the two 'boxes in the real world. Comments? Mike.
  17. I use the "standard" leather fob with Lotus badge keyring for the Europa. There is some risk if I drop it, but that car is now so odd and hard to get going that the average scumbag might not bother with it. The Esprit key I use on a regular basis is on a leather fob that says "Bothwell Castle" on it. If someone mails it back there, I'm screwed. The spare key is on a 3 inch chain with a metal Lotus badge but that makes it easy to find in the drawer.
  18. Shot taken in June of this year on the deck of the Albion Ferry. Since 1957 Albion ferry was a free service taking cars across the Fraser River between Fort Langley and Maple Ridge, B.C. (the curious can refer to Google maps) It was discontinued at the end of July when a new bridge opened up a couple of miles downstream. The new bridge is, of course, a toll bridge.
  19. Age - is that in terms of chronology, physiology, or psychology? As a quick history, I obtained: wife at 21 first Lotus (Europa) at 23 Esprit at 49 Am now 55 and still have 'em all. I acknowledge old fartdom.
  20. You may keep your poor sneakers, sir. Although it does remind me that somewhere in the garage I am marinating a bag of hockey gear that has been sitting since my knee gave out. But that is only three years so it is yet young.
  21. Precisely. Which is why natural selection has made it such a poor sneaker.
  22. This points out one of the Esprit's great weaknesses - it is one of the world's worst cars for sneaking up on someone.
  23. Since when does a Lotus define a mid-life crisis? I bought my Europa when I was 23 and still have it. Does that mean I haven't yet outgrown that stage of life? On the other hand, I was 49 when I bought the Esprit. At that time I was living and working in Calgary although we kept our place on the coast and my wife stayed there most of the time. Her comment about buying the Esprit was "It's cheaper than you getting a girlfriend in Calgary - and it had damned well better not help you find one." Draw your own conclusions.
  24. I'm out on the Left Coast, near Vancouver. I'll be in Calgary, with the Esprit, during Stampede so I might see you around.
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