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  1. Shot taken in June of this year on the deck of the Albion Ferry. Since 1957 Albion ferry was a free service taking cars across the Fraser River between Fort Langley and Maple Ridge, B.C. (the curious can refer to Google maps) It was discontinued at the end of July when a new bridge opened up a couple of miles downstream. The new bridge is, of course, a toll bridge.
  2. Age - is that in terms of chronology, physiology, or psychology? As a quick history, I obtained: wife at 21 first Lotus (Europa) at 23 Esprit at 49 Am now 55 and still have 'em all. I acknowledge old fartdom.
  3. You may keep your poor sneakers, sir. Although it does remind me that somewhere in the garage I am marinating a bag of hockey gear that has been sitting since my knee gave out. But that is only three years so it is yet young.
  4. Precisely. Which is why natural selection has made it such a poor sneaker.
  5. This points out one of the Esprit's great weaknesses - it is one of the world's worst cars for sneaking up on someone.
  6. Since when does a Lotus define a mid-life crisis? I bought my Europa when I was 23 and still have it. Does that mean I haven't yet outgrown that stage of life? On the other hand, I was 49 when I bought the Esprit. At that time I was living and working in Calgary although we kept our place on the coast and my wife stayed there most of the time. Her comment about buying the Esprit was "It's cheaper than you getting a girlfriend in Calgary - and it had damned well better not help you find one." Draw your own conclusions.
  7. I'm out on the Left Coast, near Vancouver. I'll be in Calgary, with the Esprit, during Stampede so I might see you around.
  8. This episode happened a couple of years ago I took the Europa out for a vital automotive exercise - picking up pizza for Friday dinner. There was a multi-generation family group leaving the restaurant as I pulled up and a young guy, about 22 or 23, came over and said "Hey, its a Lotus Europa". When I expressed some surprise that he knew what it was, he stuck his hands out in front of himself, started vigorously waggling his thumbs and said "I used to race one in GT2." Video games aside, it was the first real one he had seen. At least his dad, who is about my age, knew a fair bit about it.
  9. I always found that life was easier as a simple crastinator, before I turned pro.
  10. Maybe its time for those of us who keep our old-timers on the road to start up a "Little Old Lotus" (LOL) thread to counterbalance the "Little Lotus Chat". It's not as quick as an Exige, but still a lot smaller than an Esprit: Here it is again, this time in front of the best fish & chip place in White Rock: The fish & chips won't be open until some proper spring weather gets here, but I'll be back then.
  11. This saga strikes a chord for me, being the second owner of both a Europa and an Esprit. Both are driven regularly and I would hate to see either one go, particularly as I would have to give garage space back to my wife's car. But..... (Warning: the following comment may be considered heretical and offensive to some readers of this forum) ... if I could only keep one, the Esprit would go and the Europa would stay. The reasons are varied, and not entirely logical. The Esprit is a fantastic car and better in most areas. On the other hand, I can scare the crap out of myself at much more reasonable speeds in the Europa. At least it sounds like your Europa is going to a good home.
  12. To the extent that my Esprit has a name, it gets called "The Wideload". Assigning a feminine gender to that name is simply asking for trouble.
  13. Strictly wet shave for obsolete historical reasons. Back in the halcyon days when the first G-car was still in development and you could buy a real Europa from your friendly Lotus dealer, my head actually grew a lot of hair. Thick, luxuriant and down past my shoulders. The relevance of this is that until you have experienced it yourself, you have no idea how painful it is to have a lock of hair find its way into an electric shaver and rapidly wrap itself around all all of the mnoving parts. I soon switched to wet shaving and have stuck with it since. Habits die hard even though I am now among the first to know that it is raining.
  14. Getting back to the original topic of cars and wives, I can see my automotive future planned out for me. My wife thinks the Evora is marvellous and wants one for herself once it hits the Canadian market. Since I plan to retire in two or three years and have no intention of leaving the present house with its two car garage, it looks like the fleet take shape as follows: -buy an Evora for daily use and permanently allocate one spot in the garage to it -rent offsite garage space and alternate the Esprit and Europa between there and the second spot -keep her Merkur XR4ti since a large hatchback comes in handy from time to time. It can continue to live outside. -ditch the Jetta tha I use for work now. Things may not work out that way, but that's the plan for now.
  15. Further detail to Andy's list of Europa models. The early Twin Cams had the Renault 352 four speed transaxle. The Specials had a Renault 356 five-speed box. There also are a cars labelled as Twin Cams that have the five speed. The five speed transaxle is supposedly stronger and better able to handle torque loads. At least that was the rationale that Lotus used for not putting the 126 bhp, Weber carb version of the Big Valve in the early Twin Cams. Mine, for example, has the four speed and Stromberg carbs. It is mildly tweaked with no gearbox issues. Still, the five speed version in the Special is the preferred transaxle.
  16. I didn't intend to be nitpicking, but the picture of the Gremlin brought back fond(?) memories - a lack of power exceeded only by the feebleness of the brakes, a steering box that used oatmeal as a viscous coupling fluid, and more understeer than your average oil tanker. It was even that colour. By the way, the Gremlin was funded by her father as a grad gift. He ignored our advice to get a Honda Civic because it had just been introduced to North America and you know how unreliable those foreign cars can be for getting parts. That just illustrates the basic golden rule of money - he who has the gold makes the rules. By your reference to "mama", I assume you mean the Supreme Exalted Ruler who can drive either Lotus but generally chooses not to.
  17. Chrysler Gremlin? That's an AMC Gremlin. I should know - my wife had one when we got married. And its driving characteristics are not as bad as its appearance - they're worse!
  18. Here is a list taken from cars that I have seen in real life, not just in pictures. That does tend to limit the list somewhat. These are in no particular order but are the five that have had the most visual impact: 1. Lamborghini Miura 2. Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic 3. Lotus Elite - Type 14 4. Ford GT40 Mk. II 5. Iso Grifo My own two Lotus - Esprit and Europa - make an honourable mention list but that takes it beyond a top five. It also shows that I may be stuck in a bit of a time warp as there are no really current cars that came into consideration.
  19. I've heard that they are planning to market it as the Dodge ReCharger.
  20. I agree with Daniel. From 30+ years of Lotus ownership (31 for the Europa and 5 for the V8) I've learned that they are much healthier when exercised regularly. Something always seems to go wrong in storage. When winter weather permits I like to take mine out for a good run - at least ten miles to gp through all the gears and get all the fluids up to temp. Perfect excuse for a blast along the back roads on a sunny day.
  21. You mean they knocked it cock-a-leekie and now we're all in the soup?
  22. Not bald, just getting broken in. Plus, the car needs a bath. It turns out that the timing was not bad - it was close to home and it looks like the tire will hold air until I can get it attended to. It could have been a disaster next week as I'm going to the West Coast Lotus Meet in Oregon. Unfortunately, I don't have enough time off work to take the coast road so it will be about 490 miles down I-5. That road has to be at least a quarter-finalist for the world's most boring highway.
  23. Went down to the beach for fish & chips this evening. This is what I saw on exiting the car: Not amused, but made it home.
  24. Well, the woodwork can be a very comfortable place at times. To start worming my way out of the wood, here are a couple of international shots showing my V8. In both pictures the car, beach and boats, are in Canada. Thesewere taken just down the hill from home in white Rock. The land across the bay in the background is part of Washington State in the US of A.
  25. The title for this thread calls for car pics in "noteworthy places". That should disqualify my messy garage. Still, the recent comments about the Europa call for a picture of the Lotus fleet at home. (Assuming that I have atteahed the picture correctly - bit of a Luddite at the keyboard)
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