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  1. Welcome from a fellow Ontarian (Toronto)! I am pretty sure I saw your beauty a few months back parked in Toronto in the Distillery District, I had to take a quite a few pictures of course... 😃
  2. Found the wheels, thank you everyone!
  3. Hello everyone, I am looking for a set of V8 wheels that I plan to use as temporary replacements for my Sport 300 wheels while I have two of them refurbished. Open to multiple models, with preference to the AWI monobloc, or the Sport 350 Cronos. Any help sourcing these is appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Sorry for the long delay. I am not up to date with what Shift has had recently for sale. Did you go? Did you purchase?
  5. Have there ever been any with a combination of the following? - Kenwood KDC-93R CD head unit - Kenwood KGC-9042 Equalizer Or would this have been a custom build?
  6. Very interesting, thank you! My 1993 Esprit came with a Clarion CRX 121R.
  7. Everyone, what were the options for the radio/CD head units for the Turbo SE? I know there were Clarion radio options on the S4, but perhaps before that there were Kenwood options perhaps? Thanks!
  8. Thank you very much! Francesco
  9. Excellent! By the way, where did you find the Lotus protective sheets?
  10. It is extremely difficult to road register these cars in the US, anyone who tried it/managed to do it had to go through some magic DMV trickery, as it is not road legal there at all.
  11. This is great information, I want to wash mine, but it doesn't fit in the washing machine. How do you get it washed to make sure it does not get damaged?
  12. jollyroger


  13. Everyone, any idea whether GTO Racing Ltd. (Lee Jones), the company that among other things services UN1 gearboxes and fits Quaife diffs to Esprits, is still in business? Their web page seems to be compromised, and emails are bouncing back... Francesco
  14. John, I tried to PM you but it says you cannot receive messages. What is the price of the kits and when will the order close and be placed to the manufacturer? Francesco
  15. Hi Jacques, thank you so much for the suggestion, I will remove the bracket and have it welded with the additional horizontal plate, excellent idea. Where is the turbo type plate? The next time I take the car out (it is in storage now) I will try to take a picture of it. Francesco
  16. Resurrecting this old topic for a quick question: I was one of the people who purchased the Larini exhaust, and it's brilliant. I have one issue though: one of the steel brackets that holds the exhaust has split, as it is very thin. Has this happened to anyone here? Any recommendations? I had the bracket welded, but it split again...
  17. You are not alone, my friend, you are not alone
  18. Yes, that is exactly him. I am trying to get in touch...
  19. Hello everyone, I am looking for Mr. Simon Cox, a fellow (former) Esprit enthusiast, who has participated to this forum sometime ago, but recently has not been active here. His username here was "siocox". I would be grateful if anybody who could please put me in contact with him, he used to own a Sport 300 (I do too) and I would like to ask him a few questions about it. Thank you in advance for your help... Cheers, Francesco
  20. Everyone, as per title I am looking for a roof panel for my Esprit. I have the glass roof and I would like to have a chance to swap it occasionally for the standard roof panel. Cheers, Francesco
  21. Everyone, as per title, I am looking for a pair of one piece Sport 300 bucket seats, any help is appreciated. Cheers! Francesco
  22. I know the feeling, I couldn't agree more
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