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  1. superdavelotus

    Urgently wanted

    I wasn't thinking straight sorry, having a rough day!
  2. superdavelotus

    Urgently wanted

    I wouldn't personally recommend welding it as it's a structural item (holding the spring). It's up to you at the end of the day. Alan Voigts Gearboxes are in the process of remanufacturing these albeit to suit up to V8 models. They are in their workshops in their cast form, just waiting to be machined on their CNC (waiting for their programmer guy to turn up!). They do have two used early Stevens hubs but I suspect they need these to take measurements for their machining process but you could ask? David
  3. superdavelotus

    Prices Soaring

    One Off Example! So guys, what do you think of this standard 99 V8 with 11K on the clock from new for £69995! Also on Autotrader Lotus ESPRIT V8 GT ONE OFF IMMACULATE EXAMPLE 3.5 2dr New&onesearchad=New&postcode=ch459jf&page=1
  4. superdavelotus

    Wierd, Cool, Esprit bumper.

    Hi there, It looks like they've used a standard SE bumper, blended/ joined the two together and got rid of join line. They have filled the indicator hole in and replaced it with this dodgy looking clear indicator which looks tacky IMO. The lower bumper/ valance, they have filled the inner opening and then cut a circular hole for fog light. It's neither one thing or the other IMO but that's down to taste. My advise would be not to change your bumper so much otherwise you will devalue your car. If you really want to modify your bumper then try and find another one second hand so you can change back at any time. Also looking a bit closer at the white car, the gaps between then bumper and the body don't look right to me? I suspect that it looks better in the video than in the flesh Personally if I had your car and wanted to modify the bumper, I would take the fog lights out, replace all the mesh with an aluminium type and put a deeper rubber lip on the bottom like the S300 front end. I hope this helps, David PS. If the owner is on here then my apologies, I am not slagging your car off, each to their own on modifying their won cars. I have modified my Esprit but have chosen to keep to what Lotus intended i.e. 2002 conversion. My first Esprit I modified differently and not to everyone's taste
  5. I think your door which is not locking needs adjusting. I once had to fixed my driver's outer door handle. When I refitted it I had the same issue with the door sometimes not locking. It's an adjuster between interior handle and metal rod I think which operates the locking mechanism from inside. It was a few years back so speaking from memory and I don't have my Evora anymore.
  6. superdavelotus

    Busted rear lower arm bush

    I bought my bushes from PNM Engineering or PNM Parts
  7. superdavelotus

    Busted rear lower arm bush

    Yes that's the one, it needs to be between other side of bush and arm.
  8. superdavelotus

    Busted rear lower arm bush

    When you have installed your new bushes, did you tighten all the nuts and bolts when the car was jacked up in the air? If so, it's wrong, you are supposed to tighten it up with weight of car on ground. The lower link is a torsion bar and is twisted by nature. If you tighten everything up in the air then lower the car down, it will have so much more twist and stress on the bushes and everything else on suspension components. This is just what picked up when doing mine last month, I am no expert. Regards, David PS, Are you sure you've mounted it right and with all the correct snubber washers and other washers in correct locations? I see that you've installed the top link wrong. The big washer (snubber washer) shouldn't be at the end of the bolt, it should be where the bush is. Look at you Lotus Parts list for correct location.
  9. superdavelotus

    MOT Emissions Failure

    Do you have sports cats fitted? Either way I think your cats needed to be hot. The readings aren't that bad another go wouldn't harm.
  10. superdavelotus

    V8 1998 clutch master cylinder

    I've just had a look and found this, is it any use to you? I could post it today if you needed it urgently.
  11. superdavelotus

    V8 1998 clutch master cylinder

    If you get stuck, I may have a used one. Try PNM and then SJ.
  12. superdavelotus

    Evora grills matt black

    I used Wilko's Quick drying satin black plaint from a tin £6. I used a 1/2" brush and trimmed down the bristles so it didn't spray paint on to parts I didn't want painted by dabbing on to the grill. I also masked off the aperture to lower bumper, approx. 2". Paint does get onto the masking tape so you do need to mask the bumper aperture. Having just looked at the info on the paint, it says it's water based so I suspect there are much better oil based paints that will give you better protection. During ownership of my Evora, the rust didn't come back. I like the covered of the paint from Wilkos and also the finish once dry when using a brush. Other paints leave too many brush marks and makes the grill look bodged. So I would try a couple of different paints and se which best suits you. Something to bear in mind, I used a quick drying paint which is mostly water based to it dries quicker. Using an oil based paint, you will need to apply much lighter and keep an eye on drips and runs over a longer period because it will take hours to settle and dry. The paint I used, I made sure I only put a bit on the end of the brush and applied lightly. The reason is that the paint will still run and start to fill the bottom on the diamond shaped part of the pattern to you grill. You want to avoid this. If it starts to happen, go over with an unloaded brush to dab the excess off. I hope this helps!
  13. superdavelotus

    Esprit v8 interior colours

    Hi there, i know the differences between the different models and later ones having a wider tunnel etc. With a carpet set, you always get more than the actual bit it’s fitting. I.e the side walls lap onto the floor under the base carpet. The rear I think you have to trim slightly and laps onto floor. It’s only the floor mats that would differ if at all. Personally if you get pursued Steve into making some then I’d bite his hand off!
  14. superdavelotus

    Esprit v8 interior colours

    I bought carpet set for my 90 turbo from SJ Sports Cars back in the day. Not sure if they do them for the V8 and what the differences are?
  15. superdavelotus

    Esprit v8 interior colours

    I’ve just had a look and there is no reference or markings to suggest what colour or code it is, Sorry.