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  1. When are they going to announce the draw date? Or are they trying to make it into a classic by dragging it on?
  2. That’s weird, mine locks both doors with fob but only one door with key? Silly question but what position is your drivers door lock?
  3. Hi there, if the module is there then it’s just behind the carpet above a ledge on the passenger side of the car as the instructions suggest. So on your car it would be on the right side. When I broke the V8 way back in 2008, it wasn’t there. if one side of your locking isn’t working, Have you checked the door locking mechanism and that it’s receiving the signal? That’s the first place I’d be looking.
  4. Hi Chris, I don't know anything about the Borsch type sorry. I've just fitted some replacement rubbers for my original ones but the fitment is crap. I suspect it will come out at some point. So I went to Wilkos yesterday and bought their own brand aero wiper blade 24" and they come with all fittings to most wiper arms. Their default connector is the one that fits our wiper arm (the hook). They are only £4.50! I plan to fit mine today just to see if there are any fitment issues. I might wait until my replacement rubber on my original fails before properly changing. My original one was
  5. Hi Dave, I'll try and make it tomorrow and bring my car round. Your Porsche looks great! I had an Evora as a daily car but in the end I needed a 4 door car. I might look at one of these in the future as they are great all round cars! Regards, David
  6. Hi Dave, Congratulations on your purchase. I think the problem lies with actuators and also a boost leak. I also think the intercooling system is not helping due to more pipework for boost to travel and likelihood is that also is leaking. So back to a stock system problem, most likely one of the lines running to actuators or back to boost controller has either split or become disconnected, hence the delay in boosting. I would say the actuators are then sticking, either springs rusty or build up of crap is causing the over boost. I live right by PNM, I might pop down when you co
  7. Hi Kimbers, Just play along with it. I had a similar one selling a bike for my father in law. I had two emails, one claiming they were working overseas but was willing to pay me the asking price and it would be collected by a courier. The other one slightly different but they both look to be a scam. When they talk about payment and mention services like Paypal, just say that you don't have a Paypal account. They can easily reverse the payment once the item has been sent and Paypal always sides on the buyer. They just need to say that they never received it. Western Union payment an
  8. I wasn't thinking straight sorry, having a rough day!
  9. I wouldn't personally recommend welding it as it's a structural item (holding the spring). It's up to you at the end of the day. Alan Voigts Gearboxes are in the process of remanufacturing these albeit to suit up to V8 models. They are in their workshops in their cast form, just waiting to be machined on their CNC (waiting for their programmer guy to turn up!). They do have two used early Stevens hubs but I suspect they need these to take measurements for their machining process but you could ask? David
  10. One Off Example! So guys, what do you think of this standard 99 V8 with 11K on the clock from new for £69995! Also on Autotrader Lotus ESPRIT V8 GT ONE OFF IMMACULATE EXAMPLE 3.5 2dr New&onesearchad=New&postcode=ch459jf&page=1
  11. Hi there, It looks like they've used a standard SE bumper, blended/ joined the two together and got rid of join line. They have filled the indicator hole in and replaced it with this dodgy looking clear indicator which looks tacky IMO. The lower bumper/ valance, they have filled the inner opening and then cut a circular hole for fog light. It's neither one thing or the other IMO but that's down to taste. My advise would be not to change your bumper so much otherwise you will devalue your car. If you really want to modify your bumper then try and find another one second hand so you can cha
  12. I think your door which is not locking needs adjusting. I once had to fixed my driver's outer door handle. When I refitted it I had the same issue with the door sometimes not locking. It's an adjuster between interior handle and metal rod I think which operates the locking mechanism from inside. It was a few years back so speaking from memory and I don't have my Evora anymore.
  13. Yes that's the one, it needs to be between other side of bush and arm.
  14. When you have installed your new bushes, did you tighten all the nuts and bolts when the car was jacked up in the air? If so, it's wrong, you are supposed to tighten it up with weight of car on ground. The lower link is a torsion bar and is twisted by nature. If you tighten everything up in the air then lower the car down, it will have so much more twist and stress on the bushes and everything else on suspension components. This is just what picked up when doing mine last month, I am no expert. Regards, David PS, Are you sure you've mounted it right and with all the
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