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  1. Hi Chris, I've been following your thread with interest, especially the water pipe issue. I don't know that much about the clearance issues that other people know about but I have been thinking about a solution. I haven't though this through properly so please don't shoot me down in flames. How about pulling the old pipe out a bit at a time until it hits whatever (engine, fuel cross over pipe, radiator etc), then chop it off at the chassis end and pull some more out and repeat until all the old pipe is out. Replace with plastic plumbing pipe or other pipe with some flexibility to be able to insert from underneath. Is this possible? Can any experts on here confirm whether this could be a possibility? As for your alternator, I had mine replaced as an exchange from a company in Manchester. They did an excellent job and the price was good too! I found them on Ebay and collected just to make sure it was the right one. I'll try and dig out the receipt and send it to you. ABS will reset if it's the wheel sensors, sometimes my ABS light comes on when I reverse and then goes out once I go forward a few revolutions. Running problems, your exhaust may be the culprit causing bad readings to your O2 sensors. It may have damaged one or two so check their readings are fluctuating on the voltages. If they aren't then that particular one may need replacing. Regards, David
  2. I am not certain but my guess would be the air con drain pipe may have come off. Is this leaking with air con on or at all times? It's worth eliminating the air con first.
  3. I only paid £100-120 for my headlight recoat at Oakmere Lotus but I took the headlights off myself. That's the difference I suspect is the labour for taking the headlights off and back on again. Mine took 30 mins to remove and twice as long to refit due to alignment issues but that's because it was my first time doing this. This saved me £350 in the process which I think is worth it and I get to know how my car's put together. My car is not garage and I did all the work outside on my driveway.
  4. superdavelotus

    M20 crash

    That looks like Adrian Heath's car coming back from Belgium? If it is you Adrian,I hope you are OK?
  5. Oakmere Lotus offer a service to remove the clear coat and relacquer them either by taking them off the car and sending them or taking your car in and they will remove them. I did the former and it's obviously a lot cheaper and more convenient for me so I didn't have to leave my car there. They turned them around in 48 hours. They did a really good job and I was pleased with the results. The headlights didn't peel after then and I sold the car a year later.
  6. superdavelotus

    Some F**King Scroat

    Hi Mark, Only just read your post, sorry to hear about it. Have you got your patio temporary secured yet? I can always pop round a lend a hand? My next door neighbour was broken into on Christmas Eve and I made theirs secure. Let me know and I've pop round as I only live in New Brighton. Regards, David Walters
  7. superdavelotus

    So I am the proud owner of a Lotus again

    Gareth, Seeing as Kimbers doesn't need mine then you are more than welcome to have mine? It's nearly always only one that's gone never both. PM your address and I'll post them to you. David Hi Kimbers, It's a 5 min job but you need to either hold the tailgate or support it. I used one of those telescopic poles and held tailgate in place. Used a small flat headed screwdriver and pulled the clip out and the end just pops off the ball joint. Same at other end. If you are using your other hand to hold the tailgate then it's a bit tricky or ask someone to hold it for you. Here's a link to the install guide Tailgate Strut Install Guide David
  8. superdavelotus

    So I am the proud owner of a Lotus again

    Hi Kimbers again, Firstly the part number I've just found it C132B0058F and secondly I've found my old struts which I know one is working. PM your address and I'll post both of them to you. You may be able to find 2 working ones out of the 4. Regards, David
  9. superdavelotus

    So I am the proud owner of a Lotus again

    I bought tailgate struts from Lotus as they were so cheap at £16 + VAT. When I change mine, I only found one to be faulty but replaced both anyway as I had bought them. Check yours, it's easy to check, take one off at a time (make sure to support the tailgate when removing), the one you can't press it so easily with your hands is the failed unit.
  10. superdavelotus

    So I am the proud owner of a Lotus again

    Hi Kimbers, Congratulations on your new purchase! You must try and keep hold of this one and the biggest mistake I made about cars was selling my Evora. I still miss it every day. If you ever sell it, it will be your biggest mistake. I would love a 400 but my work as died of last year and with my daughter going to Uni, it's taking it's toll with trying to support her as well. We want to see lots of photos and especially of the interior (which I haven't seen myself due to lack of not being on this forum lately).
  11. superdavelotus

    Headlight Replacment

    Hi Paul, PM sent. Regards, David
  12. superdavelotus

    Headlight Replacment

    Hi Paul, I can't really be bothered to pack them up safely and post them to be honest otherwise I would have sold them. This is why I've offered them to you for free as long as you picked them up or got someone to pick them up for you. I have a lot on my plate at the moment, hope you understand. Regards, David
  13. superdavelotus

    Headlight Replacment

    Hi Paul, Here's a picture of mine, are they any better than yours? Where are you based? I reckon a bit of rust eater on the backs and they'll be pretty usable. If you can pick up you can have them for free. Regards, David
  14. superdavelotus

    Headlight Replacment

    I might have some usable spare headlights if you want them? I would need to see their condition and send you a photo. I know the outers are pretty decent but I think the inners are starting to go.
  15. They aren't made any more for a few years now. Your best bet is to buy some clear ones and coat half of it with clear amber.