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  1. Hi Bibs, I am into roofing but more into industrial metal roofing. I have quite a bit of domestic roofing experience. So here's what I can see:- 1. The new lead extends across the entire width of chimney breast. This is a good thing as they can't just stop on the boundary otherwise it would leak where they stopped. 2. Ridge tiles joining the two properties is a new one on me and not really good practice. They should have either used lead or a GRP secret gutter detail. 3. The two tiles on your sister's side right next to lead gutter aren't positioned correctly. They should be like the tiles on the adjacent property. You cand see how much it's short by the organe side lap that the tiles used to cover near corner. 4. There's a corner off the secoond tile up from gutter near ridge tiles. It will be leaking there! 5. Without stripping the tiles off above lead gutter, the lead gutter could be short and not lapped under roof tiles enough. It should go upto roughly where the second tiles are. There's no science behind exact measurements but you need a reasonable depth in the lead gutter in order to get water away before it back up and over the back of the lead gutter. 6. The pointing is poor and hasn't been angled off for water to drip off. This is not likely to be cause, more damp over time. So I would say remove a couple of the ridge tiles (held in place by cement) and lift up tow rows of tiles. You'll see your problem then. It will be either the two tiles need sliding down, the broken tile on second row or the lead gutter not having enough distance under the tiles. It will take about 2-4 hours labour to do this work providing it doesn't need a new lead gutter. If it does then add another 4 hours. I hope this helps and if you need any more info, ring me anytime!
  2. I reported a dodgy listing yesterday to Ebay, seller has lots of underpriced other listings with a mobile number that doesn't exist and a message saying to contact them via email!
  3. I have an agreed value of £50K for mine and my annual premium is about £300. As the value has gone up over the years, the premium has always stayed around £300 for some reason? I am not going to argue with that!
  4. I have an agreed value on my 99GT for £50K for the past couple of years. Mine is low mileage at 39K.
  5. Hi Barry, I am reading this for the first time as I haven't been on this forum for a long time. I saw quite a few post on the FB Lotus Esprit forum group with lots of pictures of meals and assumed you've just purchased a new cook book! 👨‍🍳🍪🥠❤️ It sounds very traumatic for you and your kids, I hope it all gets resolved swiftly now and you get the result you derserve! Hang in there buddy!
  6. Item 2 is not strictly true. These are already being cast remanufactured by Alan Voigts Gearboxes, so this could be a bit misleading to the potential company thinking they were the only company only able to supply these. I know they will be different as the are CNC machine billet alloy but other buyers can source the OEM spec as they were made through Alan Voigts. Just thought I'd mention it.
  7. Hi Trev, What's your budget for a decent late V8 with then? Prices have gone up but nothing like all the other marques which have shot up even more!
  8. When are they going to announce the draw date? Or are they trying to make it into a classic by dragging it on?
  9. That’s weird, mine locks both doors with fob but only one door with key? Silly question but what position is your drivers door lock?
  10. Hi there, if the module is there then it’s just behind the carpet above a ledge on the passenger side of the car as the instructions suggest. So on your car it would be on the right side. When I broke the V8 way back in 2008, it wasn’t there. if one side of your locking isn’t working, Have you checked the door locking mechanism and that it’s receiving the signal? That’s the first place I’d be looking.
  11. Hi Chris, I don't know anything about the Borsch type sorry. I've just fitted some replacement rubbers for my original ones but the fitment is crap. I suspect it will come out at some point. So I went to Wilkos yesterday and bought their own brand aero wiper blade 24" and they come with all fittings to most wiper arms. Their default connector is the one that fits our wiper arm (the hook). They are only £4.50! I plan to fit mine today just to see if there are any fitment issues. I might wait until my replacement rubber on my original fails before properly changing. My original one was a Valeo btw. Regards, David
  12. Hi Dave, I'll try and make it tomorrow and bring my car round. Your Porsche looks great! I had an Evora as a daily car but in the end I needed a 4 door car. I might look at one of these in the future as they are great all round cars! Regards, David
  13. Hi Dave, Congratulations on your purchase. I think the problem lies with actuators and also a boost leak. I also think the intercooling system is not helping due to more pipework for boost to travel and likelihood is that also is leaking. So back to a stock system problem, most likely one of the lines running to actuators or back to boost controller has either split or become disconnected, hence the delay in boosting. I would say the actuators are then sticking, either springs rusty or build up of crap is causing the over boost. I live right by PNM, I might pop down when you come to collect it. The owner prior to the guy you bought it from is called Roy from Doncaster and I used to have his contact details. I'll try and look for them but it's been a few years and I've changed my PC a few times since! So you 911 991 is that the new 3.0 engine or the classic 3.8? You have a cool car garage btw! David
  14. Hi Kimbers, Just play along with it. I had a similar one selling a bike for my father in law. I had two emails, one claiming they were working overseas but was willing to pay me the asking price and it would be collected by a courier. The other one slightly different but they both look to be a scam. When they talk about payment and mention services like Paypal, just say that you don't have a Paypal account. They can easily reverse the payment once the item has been sent and Paypal always sides on the buyer. They just need to say that they never received it. Western Union payment and the like I would steer clear of. Just tell them that the only way you sell your items is cash or bank transfer. See if they play the game then. One of my scam appearing emails actually turned out to be a genuine buyer that lives 5 miles away from me. Only trouble is that we can't agree on a reasonable price. I was convinced it was a scam by their poor spelling and grammar. David
  15. I wasn't thinking straight sorry, having a rough day!
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