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  1. I am looking for $4500.00 for the set which includes the caps. This set was $3,827.14 from Lotus back in 2009 when was the last time they were available. PM me for more info or pictures. I'd rather not ship them, but will consider it. I am located in CT.
  2. I do have a complete set. Never been mounted. I was planning to put them on Ebay in a few months.
  3. You might want to rule out the relay first as some time ago there was a post on the yahoo group that found it to be the cause of an intermitten problem. Also see this even though it is written about a 4 Cyl Esprit
  4. V8 front brake rotors are available from EBC, Part No. GD1130. Very reasonable at around $200 on this side of the pond. Slotted and blind drilled. US source: Not sure if these are already listed as this thread is getting rather long, but a search didn't turn up a match. Edit to add - "It appears that the linked website application data states the incorrect dia (11.7") for the 2001 V8 rotor dia which is 330mm (12.99"). Please check with the EBC supplier to insure that the application is correct for your V8 model year as this rotor may be for V8 MY's up to 2000 and not MY's 2001 (& up) with AP brakes."
  5. You might give that Cat a good smack with your hand to see if you hear anything rattling internally. I would guess that is your problem as my left hand cat went with 7K on it. The good news is it may under warranty.
  6. Talon, How many miles on your clutch?
  7. Sorry the part numbers for that image are not in my copy of Lew's manual but that shouldn't be too tough to figure out. Did you try LEW's classified pages? Try getting in touch with this guy from the LEW "for sale" page claims to have an entire dash for MY2000 Contact Malc Holmes at [email protected] or phone 01908 507068 evenings & weekends (at sensible times please!).
  8. Maybe this will help to find exactly what part name or item part number that you are looking for. You might have to scroll over to see the second attachment as the two jpg's loaded side by side.
  9. 2001 Esprit #SCCDC08291HA10221 Gary Millas Avon,CT
  10. This web site seems to have every kind of magnetic drain plug ever made. Just need to know the thread size. Drain Plugs
  11. It's best not to leave the E-brake on for any length of time as the pads usually have some amout of metal in them and will rust and stick to the caliper. I always simply leave it gear if the car will be sitting for more than a few hours. This is especially true if the car has been in rain or in a moist humid climate.
  12. My '01 with just under 8k miles, with the original seals are still leak free. Other than taking it out once a month to lube the seals during the winter storage, I do absolutely nothing special to keep them up. By the way, not a drop of any kind from anywhere on my car contrary to the drive it daily to keep it healthy theory. Just lucky I guess.
  13. Try LEW's site in the classified section there are a lot of Esprit bits and pieces for sale.
  14. I believe that is normal. Heat is never directed to the upper vents either side or center. These vents are for ambient or A/C only. Heat is available only at the footwell vents and the windshield. The manual is pretty clear about this also. So that is the best kind of problem, one that is "normal" and does not require that you get into the Lotus position. Of course if there is no heat in the footwell vents then you will be doing the dead bug crawl under the dash!
  15. I installed this LED setup from IMP Concepts Works and looks great but it does take some machining and patience to install. I have all of the details if you are interested in getting yours done.
  16. My guess would be either the cat or heat shield. In my case it was the cat on my '01 with 6k miles. Either should be covered by the emission warranty. Easy to tell if it's the cat, simply give it a good rap with your hand and you will hear the guts rattling. You might also get a lean left bank or similar CEL/code.
  17. Isn't the ring and pinion as likely to fail? What are the options for a stronger ring and pinion to compliment the improved shafts? Of course then there are the half shafts to consider. Where does it end?
  18. I think the info on LEW at the bottom is for the 4 pot as the part no. is No longer good and Lambda states that it is a three wire. This sure looks like the OEM sensor right down to the wire colors and connector at SJ Sportscars for
  19. Try this link to LEW:
  20. This illustration shows how the boot floor is notched around the body mounting point.
  21. Oops I now realize (assume) that question is for the original post.
  22. Just had mine done @ 7500 miles and seven years old. The belts looked great, no cracks, not shiney from slapping the covers. But, I'm glad that I had them done as they had never been adjusted either. Lotus will pay to have them done within the 8 years from the in service date. Call Lotus and give them your VIN and they will confirm that you are entitled for a belt change. Replace the aux belt at the same time and you will be good to go another 18 months before a belt inspection. Lotus USA 1-800-245-6887 or 770-476-6540 Atlanta, ask for Andy Plant. You might ask Andy who he recommends in your area as it is not a job that you want just any Lotus dealer to do.
  23. You might think about either posting the MY with your questions or changing your car info to reflect the Lotus that you own
  24. The hydraulic lifters are the source of the noise. It appears that it is pretty common on the Esprit as I have the same noise. It is more apparant on my car if it sits for a long period. Having low viscosity synthetic oil it seems to drain out of the upper parts of the engine and therefore it takes a few seconds to build the oil pressure back up to lubricate the lifters. If it really bothers you could look into installing a preoiler or an accumulator. I have been looking at this company in the states In the meantime I wouldn't be too concerned unless the noise doesn't stop which would probably indicate a failing lifter. Here is a previous thread on the subject:
  25. Eric, the right wheel well tank is an overflow tank. As the water expands and when the system becomes pressurized above the radiator cap rating, it will overflow into that tank. When the engine coolant cools it will pull a vacuum and flow back into system. I have found that the overflow tank needs to be filled about half full but don't be surprised if the level ends up being about 1" from the bottom after a few days. The manual states "the level in the expansion tank will seek it's own level and need not be of concern". The important thing is to check the main coolant tank regularly.
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