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  1. I also like your original wheels and considered putting them on my 2001 but the main reason I don't is the fear of having to clean them! The 5 & 6 spoke are just wide enough to get your entire hand in between them to clean the entire wheel inside to outer edge. It doesn't look like that is possible with your wheels. That being said I really like the HRE 547R or 541R. Great looks and except for the thin opening in the web it should be easy to clean these. (see attached)
  2. I recently installed the 34R Red Top battery in my '01. Fit great with a slight mod to the lip on the battery case. 5 minute job.
  3. I got this logo from ebay. I think they are listed as headrest logo's and come in pairs for around $8.00. It has the same brushed aluminum finish as the Daytona. I haven't found anythink that looks better and does not pose a safety concern.
  4. I'm using a Imp concepts LED boost "gauge". link I have documented the entire install which requires machining some holes for the LEDs. If you are interested you can contact me for specifics. I really like the setup because it's right in your line of sight.
  5. B) Nice work Actwon! Don't need one yet but it is comforting to know I won't have to refinance my house when I do.
  6. There is a V8 toolkit on ebay if anyone is looking for one. I know they are tough to come by as it took me two years to find one. ebay link
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