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  1. Hi All I have protech shocks fitted on my 85 Turbo all round but I am not sure what the 'neutral' (i.e. most similar to the original) or best setting is for front and back. I'm tempted to set them to the middle click and see what it fees like. Anyone know how many clicks work best. Thanks Gerry
  2. Like everyone else I was greatly saddened to hear of Nick's passing. He was a true craftsmen and I count myself privileged not only to have had him and Steve work on my Esprit but simply to have met him. There are very few people where you feel an immediate connection, an equal understanding of what is needed and a sense that they are probably one of the best at what they do. Nick I think was one of those people. The attention to detail stood out and I was not surprised to read that his shop was always in high demand. All the best Steve and I hope to see you later this year with a little more work.
  3. The two yellow wires in the picture are in fact yellow with a thin green line. The green wires are solid green. I had the loom made up by Auto Sparks Ltd in Nottingham. I think they had the template for the S1 but not the S3 turbo so I sent them the old loom and the wiring diagram as a guide. They probably do now! They replaced almost all the connectors but there are a few they reused the old. They took about 3 weeks to turn it around and it is very well finished. It cost around £800 I think so not cheap. Re the plektrons. I am not sure that these are related to the interior door lights. I have attached a picture showing the wire in the original loom. Unfortunately I did n't capture its connections in the shot but it looks to me as if it was attached to the fuse box(s). It's not that easy to see but the wire in question is at the top of the picture taped to the bunch of red and green wires going to the fuse box and also to the bunch of purple and yellow wires going to the other fuse box. I'd still like to see your picture of the plektron for the interior lights, just to check.
  4. Attached a pic of the two plektrons and wire arrangment I am trying to figure out. I think one end should be attached to the fuse box, but I am not sure which terminal and I have no idea about the other one. On the plus side I have made some progress with the ignition wiring which I had simply plugged in incorrectly and with the headlights which worked after I connected an earth to the windscreen wiper motor housing. Thanks Gerry
  5. Thanks guys for the advice. I will try and put it to good use this weekend and let you know how I get on. I will post a few pics of the diode piece I am trying to reconnect too. Thanks again.
  6. I'm most of the way through the 3 year nut and bolt restoration of my 85 turbo and, as per best advice have installed a new wiring loom but have hit something of a brick wall trying to get things working. I thought I had connected virtually everything (using the many pictures I had taken when removing the old one and the wiring diagram in the manual) but it seems I have n't. What works... All side lights. indicators flash All hazard lights Illuminition to the dashboard (although I have not connected the fibre optics) Horn Headlamp flash Whats not working... ignition switch - no lights on dash and engine does not turn over with key dipped beam does not come on with the switch main beam does not come on centre dash illumination reverse and brake lights. Also, there is a rocker switch directly under the steering wheel - what is it for and what are the connections. Similarly does anyone know what the connections for the aerial are? Also I have two pektron diodes connected by a short green wire with a green/yellow wire out of each end of one diode and a single green wire out of the other. I believe they connet to the fuse box but I cannot figure out where. Can anyone help with the above or can the recommend a good auto electrician in the south London Surrey border area that I might be able to use to get over this hurdle? Thanks Gerry
  7. Many many thanks. I have sent my email in. Gerry
  8. Does anyone have any ideas about how to keep them looking good. Ceramic coating etc?
  9. They look great. Just can't wait to get my hands on one.
  10. Well done for organising it all. Really looking forward to seeing it as the car is in bits at the moment. Gerry
  11. Please add me to the list for a manifold. Great news. Gerry
  12. Thanks guys for all the posts. I will check out Brodie and the Lotus factory to see what the costs are like. The gearbox is okay but as it is out of the car I thought it might pay to get it checked out and change the bearings as a precaution. I might do the job myself if the cost is ridiculous.
  13. Can anyone recommend somewhere in the south east where I could get my gearbox rebuilt please. It is a citroen box from a 1984 LC Turbo. Thanks Gerry
  14. Matt This is fantastic. Just looking at the picture and the progress is the inspiration I need to keep going on mine. The car looks great. Gerry
  15. Hi Troy Id be interested in a full engine bay set please in blue (or black if it helps). I have an S3 Turbo LC. Thanks Gerry
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