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  1. Hi all just back from France and 4000 miles on the clock it just gets better and better . Andrew
  2. I am pleased to report that i am just back from the factory after having the cars 1000 mile service carried out. Now i can and have used the cars full potential. Came up the A1 then turned off onto the A68 and pressed the sport button (WARP DRIVE) WEE HEE . Andrew
  3. Time to post some more pictures of the burnt orange. First customer car in scotland and 500 miles on the clock since tuesday! Andrew
  4. Good to meet up yesterday. What a day what a car look forward to you posting your photos . regards Andrew
  5. Long way home you could say that, well how is this for a plan 400 miles down in the Esprit, 400 miles home in the Evora then 200 miles run round Edinburgh, now 400 miles back to the factory for a 1000 mile service for the Evora run in wee hee, back up the road with the Esprit, fly down and pick up the Evora back home for a few days then it soff to France with the Evora and 3000 mile blast taking in the Circuit des Remparts . Andrew
  6. I am also driving the down in the Esprit . Will be leaving her with Lotus Sport for a service and coming home in the Evora. Hope the weather is kind for us.
  7. Right time to come clean. I am driving down to Hethel on Tuesday the 1st to pick up the car, factory hand over at 1400hrs.
  8. I have my date now for the big day pick up from the Factory ...............
  9. In response to :- Bibs " I stand corrected. What I meant to say is that his car hasn't been built, or at least painted yet. " My Car has been built and painted in BURNT ORANGE and pictures of MY very BURNT ORANGE EVORA have been emailed to myself... Since you have all be asking have a look
  10. Production is well on Not long now Andrew
  11. Andrew

    Evora marketing...

    I have lost count how many Lotus's i have helped sell it easy get the first cars out to the customers now . Still thinking of opening up my own dealership one day .
  12. It was the classic speedfair . Since you asked about delivery not so good i can confirm a delay, first customers not getting our cars till the end of August mid September not very happy but still worth the wait. Andrew
  13. Some pics of the weekend my Esprit and the dealers demo Evora together.
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