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  1. Hi folks - yes still in the Isle of Man with my 1990 SE (currently undergoing a body off resto and respray - it seems Calypso doesn't like too much sunshine!). I've known a couple of Esprits and other models - a pal recently bought a lovely M100 - but not Simon's I'm afraid. Maybe it was from before my time here (1997). Always happy to help friends in the Lotus family with visits. This is one of the few places without a national speed limit, and whilst hoonery is frowned upon, an early morning 100mph dash over the Mountain Course isn't considered a flogging offence unless you crash. Just
  2. islandbloke


  3. I feel your pain. I bought Lottie new in 1990 at a particularly exciting time in my life, and used her as a daily drive. Moved to the IOM in 1997 and wasn't using her much at all (it's a small island and I was working from home!) and she started to play up to the point that a mechanic I trusted said she needed a complete overhaul rather than messing around fighting small faults. So I rented a lock-up while I saved the £5k we thought that would cost (by now I wasn't making much money any more). In 2002 my mechanic started the overhaul then called me one day to say he'd taken the engine out
  4. More thinking at present Paul! I'm due a couple of quid from a pension and will decide what to do when that modest payday arrives! The consensus here seems to be to leave the body on and address the issues individually. I've also had a restorer recommended here (IOM) so may chat to him too. Maybe an engine out job to check the tanks (they were POR'd 10 years ago), do a major (cambelt) service, change all the hoses and anything else that will be crumbling, stretched or worn-out after 24 years and then go from there. If there's enough money in the pot I'd like to respray her (colour change t
  5. I interviewed Clive there when making my 'Best of British' programme, in what I assume had been Colin's office originally. The sense of history about the place for someone who grew up following Jim Clark was quite palpable. Very redolent of the 60's film 'Grand Prix'.
  6. Thanks Paul. Sorted sounds good!
  7. John - I'm not averse to spannering, but inevitably end up with a box of 'spares' after rebuilding anything, and I'm too old to bugger about in this weather on a gravel one of my conscious decisions in life is to sometimes take advice from people who know and find an expert you can trust (the reason for the thread). I can probably make more doing what I'm good at than I'd save in doing a maybe substandard job on Lottie - she deserves better. She's still driving well and there's nothing major that I'm aware of - just a number of niggles. I've never cured the fuel smell despite
  8. Hi Folks. Lottie is almost 24 and with over 140k miles (not sure exactly as I replaced the speedo and lost count) and again feels tired, irritable and like she needs a thorough refreshing. The paint Gavin did when he 'borrowed' her for 4 years has faded and bubbled in many places (damp in the spray booth?) so needs redoing (I'm thinking of a wrap to allow more money for mechanical work). Apart from a new head gasket we've left the mechanicals much as he and Garry Kemp upgraded ten years ago. Question is this: as ever I don't have a lot of money to invest, but I'm useless with spanners
  9. Replacement speedo on Lottie so not sure but probably approaching 150k now.
  10. Bought a S4 Seven around 1983 and kept it for a few years - actually raced it once too! Bought Lottie new in 1990, sold her in 2002 (major mistake), bought her back in 2006 (yay). I keep thinking I'd be better with an Elise on our narrow bumpy roads, but I couldn't bear the loss a second time!
  11. Great to see an Esprit racing. In the late 80's/early 90's I raced a modsports MG Midget and an old Formula Ford - mostly at Oulton Park. When I bought Lottie in 1990 I managed to convince those in charge to let me take my pal out for a couple of laps in her during the lunch break in a test day. On the short circuit she was good for around 1:13s laps (from memory) against the MG (1:11) and the FF (1:09). Since she spent a good deal of the time on three wheels, I concluded that an LSD, harder springs and better brakes would be a must if I were ever to race her!
  12. Bought mine back after 4 years with someone else, I missed her so much...
  13. Funny thing is Mark, I hired a Heritage Softail (more modern version of mine with fuel injection) in North Carolina around 7 years ago, and enjoyed it but was underwhelmed after the V-Max. Maybe it's being a bit older and slower, but Roxanne (she had to have a suitable name!) really hits the spot at the moment - especially round town when it's sunny and I can skirt the 'rush minute' we get twice a day here!
  14. Mad Sunday is all about riding like a nutter and in many ways scares me - instead I did a civilised charity lap the week before (when the picture was taken) and enjoyed it tremendously.
  15. 1. Type 49 2. Esprit Sport 300 in Norfolk Mustard 3. Elan Sprint (Gold Leaf colours) 4. Exige S 5. Seven S3
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