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  1. Best way to learn car control IMHO is at 5mph in an empty supermarket car park.
  2. Pffft - what are these 'speed limits outside towns' of which you talk??
  3. Yes, I think gliding skills would be very useful to any power pilot, although a significant part of PPL training (and recertification) is practising forced landings and what to do when it all goes quiet. Never ended up in a field without wheels in Lottie when HER oil pressure headed towards the red (usually after a sound thrashing). Don't want to be too hard on this guy, 'there but the grace...' etc. But his airmanship seemed a little lacking - maybe because he was under stress at the situation. Obvious mistakes that I spotted - pressing on with a clearly significant engine problem, as John says not getting as high as possible (extends glide range) when he still had SOME power, leaving the Carlisle Approach controller in the dark towards the end (guess he'd retuned to Kirkbride), don't know if he'd killed the electrics and fuel and cinched his belts/released the canopy locks before landing. I'm assuming the gear was down as the initial contact (presumably with the wall) was more than a glancing blow. Just thinking back - once I was doing my twin engine rating (which I never completed) because of an undercarriage fault. Eventually landed when the third green finally lit (after all the book procedures had been tried unsuccessfully) and assumed it was a simple microswitch fault, although the engineers later discovered it was much more serious and we were lucky to get away with it. And I've just remembered hiring a Slingsby T67 at Manchester once (it was on demo) and flying a pal to Blackpool for a coffee and some VERY gentle aeros (my face turns green at 2G). Climbing out near Bolton I heard/felt a couple of huge bangs before the engine started to feel lumpy. Did all the checks - carb heat, temps and pressures etc., but elected a precautionary landing ASAP. We were working Warton Radar who very quickly diverted us to the nearst field...BAE at Samlesbury. Huge runway and a trail of emergency vehicles following us down it. The flying school came out to investigate and couldn't find anything - may have ben a birdstrike or a simple backfire, but they were happy at my decision (and let me take their Piper Cherokee back to Manchester). Wish I could still afford to fly AND drive nice cars - but my bi-annual ticket expired in August and I've had road tax and repairs to fund!!
  4. Rubbish flying (although he walked away). With all that green around and such big fields he should have made it down without taking the undercarriage off on a drystone wall. Mind you - easier to be a critic, I've never suffered an engine failure (gear that didn't come down was my most dodgy moment). He was heading to Kirkbride - had a few trips up there. You land at a disused RAF airfield and taxi into the hotel carpark for a roast dinner...most civilised! Not been for years though, elf 'n safety might have stopped that by now!
  5. I've tried it a couple of times, but as a PPL I prefer an engine too! Although in Flight Sim X there's an Alpine Soaring Mission which is quite addictive!
  6. I'm a pro journalist and I'm glad they were different colours too...!
  7. Although it's stopped working properly, the alarm fitted from new to Lottie closed the windows when it armed. Laserline IIRC?
  8. Vicious oversteer...or the bin wagon rear-ended him at a huge closing speed...
  9. The reason I bought Lottie in 1990 was because , whilst £40k+ was a bit of a stretch, I was just about able to afford her - whereas the alternatives were considerably more expensive, AND I'd been a Lotus fan since the Jim Clark days. These news cars all look great, but Lotus are going more upmarket than I'll ever afford again. I guess the enthusiasts will split into a 'Chapman-inspired' and 'Ferrari-clone' camp and we'll each go our separate ways. Sad, but maybe inevitable.
  10. So a new Esprit is being auctioned so that a rock star can save some wild animals? I'm disgusted. What a waste. What have the wild animals ever done for US?
  11. Kimbers - if you fancy one, buy it! The last programme I made for Duke Video (before moving into local radio full time) was on the GT-R and I met a lot of owners/fans, passengered one around Spa and filmed at Rockingham and other places. They are fantastic cars, and apparently eminently tuneable without spending fortunes. Some of the guys I filmed were running 600-700 bhp and achieving 200mph sur le continent, and the cars are just so capable. Have a look at the programme if you can (only runs up to the R34 unless it's been updated recenty). Of course, they're still Datsuns though... The ideal for me is Lottie and a nice saloon - recently chopped my XJR and bought a Benz CL55 for days that my tired old bones can't be bothered with dodgy demisters or heavy steering - although it's lovely, every trip in Lottie reminds me how scintillating she is.
  12. Yep - that was what happened to me - sorry Laura!
  13. Thanks Bibs - ECU has been reset a number of times. I'm guessing it's because it's running a custom chip allowing 1.25 bar boost (S300 turbo fitted and engine overhauled/tuned by P.O. to Garry Kemp spec). I suppose running rich is preferable if you're pushing the envelope...but the TVR question DID make me wonder.
  14. While we're in an exhaust thread... A pal of mine here has a TVR. A mechanic recently suggested to him that rough running might be because his catalytic converter was knackered and affecting the A/F ratio, in that without the restriction of the cat, the lambda sensor couldn't cope with the greater gas flow. On my Esprit, I've long since deleted the cat and the EBPV (and blanked off the pressure pipe to the solenoid/sensor in the rear fusebox area). Is there any benefit to a 'de-cat' pipe, as mine has always run rich (exhaust pipe is black and there's a constant fuel smell inside the car, despite replacing the tank breather hose).
  15. Aero and engine I guess - there's a difference in power and delivery between them, but it's those who are able to sail closest to the wind (see what I did there?) who stand out - Brawn with the double diffuser in 2009, Red Bull with the flexibits in 2010.
  16. @Superdave - I love Lottie in Calypso Red, but I sometimes hanker after Norfolk Mustard. Black is good (my Benz is a metallic black) but a bitch to keep clean. I may go radical when I can afford a respray for Lottie - maybe a totally non-original yellow/tangerine flip??
  17. Technically awful (taken with my HTC smartphone) but it captured a 'moment' driving West over the Benn-y-Phott road in the Isle of Man. Had to stop and take a picture...

    © © Stuart Peters

  18. I had the same on mine - I think there's a fix on the LEW site that my mechanic followed.
  19. '01 Merc CL55AMG. I bought 'Eva' in May and love her to bits, and had got halfway through August without using Lottie. So I decided to let her rest another couple of weeks before renewing her road tax (ran out end July). Went for a hoon in Lottie on Friday and remembered why I love her so much. The Benz is a fine, powerful and very sophisticated car (just what you want for a wife) but Lottie is a hell-raising, extroverted performer (just what you want in a mistress)! Long as they don't talk to each other on the driveway...
  20. TT Mountain Course FTW - and it's completely derestricted!
  21. I've just had a very poor experience with Lotusbits too, which is a shame as I like to support people who support this forum. It might have just been a one-off, so I won't post the details, but it left a very sour taste.
  22. Yes Gunter, I've a German pal here who tells me the same thing - although the AMG stuff like this look beautifully well put together, the mass-market cars don't have the same quality feel of 20 years ago. Very pleased so far anyway - fingers crossed!
  23. I'm guessing so - great thing about the car is that I keep feeling impressed at the amount of thought that's gone into it - things just work as they should! Of course, the downside is that when things go wrong (I dread a fault in the active suspension) they can be expensive to fix - but the general aesthetic and engineering excellence is a constant source of pleasure.
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