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  1. My first ever new car was an MR2 in 1988. Trouble was, I chopped in an old V12 XJ-S for it, and the culture shock was simply too great, so I only kept it a few months and chopped it in for a new XJ-S (I'd been tempted by a 5-series BMW but by the time it was loaded it was more expensive - and less classy - than the Jag). I got a 'manual' 3.6 which was quite nice...but then I closed a big deal at work and bought Lottie in 1990!
  2. I don't dispute climate change (which used to be called Global Warming until it got extra chilly) is happening, but I DO dispute that our generation is making it worse. If mankind has contributed at all, it was from the start of the industrial revolution when everyone was burning coal - now we're seeing the effects...but the underlying change is a natural cycle. I say this without any expert knowledge or interest, but once politicians tell me something is fact, I cynically tend to think they're telling lies. In this case it's to fund an entire industry of 'experts' and come up with new ways to tax us. As to dealerships - a couple of years ago the local Peugeot/Citroen place here was fined heavily by the OFT for charging for work it wasn't doing. Interestingly, all the 'under the arches' mechanics passed the same 'secret shopper' tests with style. Sadly, Eurocars in Douglas are still in business, probably having made a scapegoat of some poor sap at the sharp end.
  3. Apart from a blip in 2002-2006, I've owned Lottie from new. I'm not organised enough to keep old documents though. Maybe as well....
  4. still my beating (heart?).
  5. Yeah - it's like The Antiques Roadshow... the experts have all had their say, now it's time for the actual value to be revealed!
  6. Thanks Gary - I'll stay on the diet and have another go at the weekend. Pobably need to move lots of the air hoses to get at it. I think I'm getting plenty of air, but it's tepid at best, so I'm reasonably confident it's the water valve rather than the air supply. Alan, luckily I have a Jag for when Lottie is being awkward!!
  7. Did you get any closer to finding the valve? My Lottie has gone the same way - only slightly warm air coming out, although engine temps are normal and I'm not losing water. Climbed into the footwell inverted at the weekend, and found the distro valve, but apart from iles of convoluted air tube I couldn't see the water valve. Also, the inside of my windscreen has a slightly oily film all the time - anything to do with this? Again, no leak that I'm aware of, so it's not steaming coolant I don't think.
  8. Jeebus Peter, you're going through it at the moment. Do you get frequent flyer miles at the hospital?? Hope it all works out - but this is exactly why kids get a second chance at teeth!
  9. Good news indeed Artie - I wish you many miles of trouble-free hooning.
  10. You remember when most people smoked. You remember what it's like in a recession. You remember when it wasn't THAT frowned upon to drink a few and drive. You remember when motorways didn't have a speed limit. I didn't GO to university (too stupid) but saw Procul Harem AT one....
  11. Any aeroplane will glide (even a helicopter) - it's just that some are better than others. If the donkey stops, you stick the nose down a little to maintain a good glide angle and trade off height for airspeed. The Space Shuttle glides like a brick, for example, but it's still perfectly controllable within its normal flight envelope, whereas the 4-seater Cessna I fly from the local aero club only loses (IIRC) around 1000 feet a minute when it's gliding. From a normal cruising altitude 3 minutes is a LONG time to plan an emergency landing, and engine failure drills are a large part of all pilot training. This guy appears to be a top pilot, clearly. But luck played a part as well - from what I've seen calm waters (and plenty of space to line it up) prevented one of the engines digging in and breaking the airframe.
  12. MGB. Endless spares and club support, simple mechanicals, cheap and stylish if done well.
  13. FWIW Dermot, I think if you swap your car for something even MORE outrageous, you'll not miss the Esprit too much. But as you know, I sold Lottie in 2002 to Gavin after 'expert' advice that her overhaul would cost much more than her value. So I bought a Merc as a runaround instead - which was a great car but totally uninvolving as a drive. Every time I saw a Lotus picture, I had that pang of bereavement. Not just for 'a' Lotus Esprit, but for mine. We'd shared such times together I felt like a traitor. When the chance came to buy her back in 2006, I didn't hesitate - even though I've spent over
  14. Yep - Lottie was my only car for the first 7 years and used daily. Now I alternate between her and my cooking Jag.
  15. Mine's awesome - must record a clip. Sounds like a jet spooling up from the inside when she's boosting, and crackles and pops like Kellogs if you're watching her drive by. Decatted, small silencer, ram air and all that other good stuff done by PO to Garry Kemp specs.
  16. Sheesh. Thanks for the comments guys. I plan to stick at it - I don't have the stomach for aerobatics myself (I've tried) but look forward to throwing a model around a bit. I also had a 'what if' moment this week, where I wondered if I could sell my kidneys, cars and motorbike to afford THIS. I met the Rutan brothers a few years ago - those guys are true pioneers and I LOVE the Vari/Long-Eze variants. Sadly, I concluded I couldn't afford it, but am looking for a rich divorcee...
  17. Great idea Dave - I second that appeal. Let's have a section for jobseekers, or people with skills they can sell to the rest of us (I'm hopeless with spanners for example and would happily trust Lottie jobs to some of the expert owners on here rather than the local garages). Few of us are safe - we've all got a nervous few years ahead I think.
  18. Since being a small boy, I always wanted an RC model aeroplane. My fiancee bought me a kit (and I bought a 15cc 4-stroke engine) in around 1989 for Xmas, but I ended up with bits of balsa stuck to my fingers and the carpet and never finished it. A few weeks ago I noticed a classified ad on our local (Manx) internet forum, and bought an old trainer with a 6 foot wingspan for
  19. Hi Calvin - nope, I've not noticed a noise (but her exhaust is pretty throaty). I guess with 140,000 miles on her, things like this just wear out with age. This is a small place so no instrument repair shop locally - but I can always send it away to the UK for repair. Thanks again for the advice Stu (FROM Douglas, Isle of Man)
  20. There's a S300 been for sale on LEW for about 150 years, albeit at a silly price and with a hideous interior. I like the green very much - but be careful what you do inside.
  21. Thanks Calvin - will have a go at taking the speedo out and lubing things. I'm mechanically inept, so will probably end up with no speedo, but that seems the likely outcome anyway - so this is at least a 50/50 chance! Is it 20mph/1000 in 4th?? Simon - what is this 'slowing down' of which you speak? Did I mention she is a Lotus?
  22. The speedo on my 90 SE is wildly erratic - especially when accelerating. Any tips?
  23. A supercar for the enthusiast, rather than the collector. Half the price of anything comparable. World-class performance and handling. F1 pedigree. And gorgeous (still!).
  24. Hey Russ - great to see our colonial cousins enjoying some european muscle for a change! I've been to Charlotte a couple of times (Rock Hill area) and also Raleigh - you guys have some nice roads around there!
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