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  1. Looks like Steve is sending some replacement Washer/Spacers out. I will post dimensions for the group just Incase a member needs it. thank you.
  2. Hi, I have a set of Lower Control Arm Polyurethane Bushes for my Esprit S2.2. These were purchased from SJ Sportscars. Unfortunately the 4 washers were missing from the kit. I have made several attempts to have these sent to me with orders being shipped. Unfortunately no joy on that front. So has anyone fitted these bushes and if so, could you please let me know how thick the washers are? I’m assume around 3mm. thank you.
  3. Thanks mate, Yeh it turns out they are not modified, waiting for Steve at SJ to send the modified ones. Was told 2-3 weeks (Was told that a set was at the painters or something), been 5 weeks with no dispatch, will be more like 6-8 weeks, possibly longer. It’s holding up the rebuild now!! Once I have them back I can finish the job!! cheers.
  4. I caught up with my local Snap On guru today and we were able to fit up the correct tool, a “10mm Triple Square Bit” is what was required. Fits very nicely with no play, definitely want a quality tool for this job as the risk of rounding these off will be high.
  5. Been soaking them in WD40 and cleaning them up. I have seen that SJ sells the Hex Bolts to replace these. I would imagine they would be same size as what’s used on the S3. Will look at a suitable replacement that’s not prone to rounding off etc. thank you.
  6. Off to see my friendly Snap On mate tomorrow and try to get the correct tool. thanks Gis.
  7. Hi Giz, thanks for the reply, appreciate you taking the time to help me. The discs are off, I have 4 x 12 spline or triple square bit (bolts) by the looks of it!! bit scary to be honest as they are heavily rusted in there and it’s going to be touch and go to get them out. I have soaked them in WD40. Ill have to take the disc with me to a tool shop and find the correct bit!!
  8. Hi, I am wanting to replace my Front Brake Disc on a 1981 S2.2. How/what is the correct way to separate the Disc from the Hub? Do I need to undo the Torque bits installed at the rear of the disc? If so......what is the easiest way to crack them loose? Does anyone know what size bit to use? thank you. regards Mark.
  9. Hello, I am completely the same job on my 81 S2.2 and I am guessing that my Lower Control Arms are not modified. Is someone able to confirm this please?
  10. Hi guys, just wondering if there is an easy way to tension the AC belt on my S2.2, the locking but and bolt is under the AC compressor and I can't seem to get at. Any suggestions please.
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