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  1. Hi John, just wanted to let you know I am now the owner of your Evora IPS. Purchased it last July from the chap you sold the car to. I wanted to purchase it from you when you first advertised it for sale but was waiting for a Liver Transplant at that time.

    Anyway that's water under the bridge and I now own it and I'm very happy with it.

    ive included a photo, you probably don't approve of the addition of the stripes but I just wanted something a bit different.

    Regards, Michael




  2. koorby

    Lotus Evora 400

    Is the launch colour Storm Titanium? Always wondered why Lotus dropped that colour I guess if you dropped the obligatory £2000 you can get any colour you want.
  3. koorby

    Lotus Evora 400

    That's precisely what I meant. You can get into a base 2.7 Boxster in the £30k range. That price point lures buyers into showrooms, never mind that hardly anyone buys the 'poverty pack' version. The point I was trying to get across was that Lotus positioned the Evora badly back in 2008 when it was marketed as a 911 competitor. When I bought my 2012 Evora I was test driving Boxsters and Merc SLK - the 911 was out of my reach. So for half the cost of a 911 I was in an Evora, job done! Now they are making the same mistake again, pitching it against a Carrera S, purely on it being a 2+2, 0-62 tim
  4. koorby

    Lotus Evora 400

    Hethel's biggest mistakes with positioning the Evora is their competitive target and their options list. They virtually have no options list; IPS, three different trim levels, a few wheels - that's it. My porker started at £53K and finished at £70K by the time I had specced what I wanted. I could have gone to £85k. Lotus needs to start with a lower base price and have a longer options list. They should also pull their heads out of their arses and begin to compete with Boxster, Cayman, F-Type Jag - not bloody 911s.
  5. koorby

    Lotus Evora 400

    I went from my Evora NA IPS to a Porsche Boxster GTS PDK last November. Note that I chose the Boxster because the Cayman is butt-ugly and the GT4 is a marketing exercise. So with 330HP and 1375Kg the GTS does 0-62 in 4.7 seconds, besting my Evora NA IPS by 0.3 seconds. So in other words, they are about line ball performance wise, and it feels that way to me in terms of weight and acceleration. Is the Porker a better car? Tricky question..... I miss the Evora's chassis, steering and those Recaros were magnificent. And the Evora got a LOT of attention everywhere it went because of its rari
  6. Several news sites have announced 350+ jobs are too be axed at Group Lotus, and I am surprised there's no discussion on TLF about it at all. As a prospective second time Evora buyer this makes me very nervous. Does anyone have any insight into this at all?
  7. I am getting a carbon grey SR next year, maybe even the new 'R' model if it's out by then. Definitely the pick of the four SR colours IMHO.
  8. gghc87, Bibs, rocket63, matk, sparky, Laura, punky, Trevsked, hilly, caulkhead68, tinywillyuk, obione, peteyg, ajj205, GT3 jonny, Andjons, Setras, steve15, Bazza 907, waynef, pitstoppete, dazmans3, martynv, Ajay, Wilf, jim1471, Carlos Fandango, mayesprit, simon a-b, lguy, wookie, BobG, Katie, Chappers, esprit22, 50nny, Mike6, Spud, Choppa, Mattsav, internets, braziers, steamdriven, ez_matt, 88_esprit, catcalledoscar, chrisb, Tim S, Vicki, Paul C, fsrowsell, David James, davetoff, Chris Southam, Hamilton Farmer, robcarter, Frimley111R, mattthesparks lotus esprit, Stirling_Villeneuve, TomE, koor
  9. Sadly I did not learn about the Lotus event at Brands until after I made other plans. Enjoy the drive across!
  10. Ok thanks to the boss we now have a Hampshire corner to play in. It may be worth doing a roll call to list people's forum nickname, real first name, city/town and car. I'll start off the proceedings: Koorby, John, Portsmouth, Evora S IPS (back in Oz) I will edit my OP if the forum software allows it so we get a list of peeps in the Hants area.
  11. Yeah that would be good Bibs, thanks muchly!
  12. Hello all, Just wondering if there are regular Lotus meets in the Hampshire area by any clubs? I am mainly interested in the usual early morning runs on a weekend or organised 1-3 day weekend trips, or even the occasional track day at Goodwood etc. Any input or contact info most welcome.
  13. Cost to ship is peanuts, about £1,500 plus insurance. Yes they cost more in Oz but checking the price of a new Evora S IPS here fully loaded with options (as mine is), is getting close to £80,000 before taxes so that makes the price of new ones here not as cheap as I thought. Plus they don't make them in Storm Titanium anymore I will try to sell it domestically first of course.
  14. I would say Exotic is more apt than Supercar. The fact is that I have one in Australia and the only other one I've seen on the road is when I was on a drive with the Lotus club. Its rarity and head-turning ability definitely makes it an exotic. Now that I am living in the UK I was expecting them to be seen in every town and village, but the truth is after several months I've only seen *one*. So Exotic it is (for me).
  15. Quick question for TLF'ers. I am in the process of relocating to the UK, and I have an MY11 Evora IPS in storage in Melbourne Australia, dealer purchased in January this year and registered with Victorian plates. Since it is a British car built in Norfolk, I assume there are not a lot of hoops to go through to get it MOT'd and UK plate registered if I ship it to Southhampton? I can display MPH on the digital display so I expect that I conform to that requirement, but the only issue is that the odometer is in kilometers. Only mods are the Radium CAI and the Lotus factory sports exhaust.
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