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  2. In February last year I brought a 1978 Lotus Esprit S2. I purchased the car after selling my 1986 Lotus Excel SE that I got for Christmas when I was 10 years old, and restored with my dad. In 2007 my dad purchased my S2 (Blackie). Yes thats me in the middle with my grand parents and brother. I loved the car a lot and I sat in it all the time dreaming of one day having a car like this and making brum brum noises with dad I was only 5 years old !!!. But unfortunately it went up for sale. The buyer of the car left Blackie outside in a yard for 8 years and didnt do any wor
  3. Yes I have been to lotus bits I couldn't find a wheel I will keep going to see if any turn up!!!!!!! Thanks jake
  4. I am looking for a steering wheel for my S2 esprit which I am restoring, the car is very original and I would love an original S2 wheel in any condition. Thanks Jake
  5. Wow I can`t believe that I have got a Lotus Esprit. When I was 10 years old my Dad got me a Lotus Excel for Christmas, Dad and I restored the car for the last few years to get it ready for the NEC Classic Car show last November. I really enjoyed restoring the car with dad and even got Mum involved trimming it. But being only 12 years old I couldn`t drive it and didn`t want it just sitting around. I sold the car because I really wanted to buy a Black S2 Espirit that my Dad owned when I was five, I called it`Blackie`. I was really pleased that Blackie was for sale luckily the money I s
  6. I was looking for some clothing made from soft Alpaca wool and found a Esprit used with a model ! Looks like a S3 NA ? Jake
  7. Seen your car today and it still looks fantastic, what a great sound the car makes. Keep up the good work Jake
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