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  2. In February last year I brought a 1978 Lotus Esprit S2. I purchased the car after selling my 1986 Lotus Excel SE that I got for Christmas when I was 10 years old, and restored with my dad. In 2007 my dad purchased my S2 (Blackie). Yes thats me in the middle with my grand parents and brother. I loved the car a lot and I sat in it all the time dreaming of one day having a car like this and making brum brum noises with dad I was only 5 years old !!!. But unfortunately it went up for sale. The buyer of the car left Blackie outside in a yard for 8 years and didnt do any work on the car and when it came up for sale for the same price that I could sell the Excel for I couldn't resist. My dad had gone to buy some seats at this yard and realised Blackie, his old car was there and a rare 2.2 Espirit. Dad brought the 2.2 and I brought the S2. I like to think of mine and Dad’s car as being best friends after sitting with each other in a yard together for 8 years!!!! (So we couldn't have restored 1 of them and not the other!!!!) It is amazing it being the model I dreamed about and the same car that made me fall in love with Esprits. I love the S2 esprit because it still has the pure shape but with the S1 issues fixed (...well some..) for example the cooling ears and not doing down the window when you are changing gear!! Washing my lotus with my friend What have I done so far!!!! Made brake pipes- stored them safely in wardrobe Rebuilt heater- I blasted the heater in Dad’s sand blaster and painted it with Por 15 (don't get it on your face you would not be very popular for about 2 months!!!!) ooops Rebuilt rear brake calipers I have prepared the car so it is ready just to lift the body off the chassis for the day when we have enough space!! For instance - undone body to chassis bolts (they are a bit of a pain), took off the master cylinder Blasted hand brake and got plates plated. Also got dad’s hand brake mounting bracket which he got made in a batch. I'm rebuilding an engine dad gave to me so I can keep the original engine for when I'm older. I first stripped the engine and then took it to David Knight, he let me borrow his aqua blast cabinet he said 'It's only a toy'. In dad’s big box of engine parts I found a 2.2 crank shaft and pistons and put that in. I brought a bearing set piston rings and gasket set and for my Birthday got a new water pump. My dad welded the sump baffel back in after I cleaned everywhere. My friend Steve ported the head with me. I raided Dad’s stainless steel draws shh! so it will never rust. It is a very good engine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wiring loom- The previous owner really enjoyed cutting wires (I think it was his hobby!!!) I have spent hours and hours soldering it back up luckily Dad has original wire and terminals so it is very possible to save the same loom. Money- One of the challenges of restoring a Lotus Esprit at the age of 13 is money. Luckily for me my Dad is really generous and has gave me brand new alloy fuel tanks, amazing door hinges, Sill brackets, water pipes and just thousands of useful parts. But still I am in debt even though I have done paper rounds, washing cars, jet washing driveways and various other jobs!!!!!! I have been very lucky so far that people have really helped me out. Mum is working on the interior with me as she does dads trimming and has started making my headlining I am really excited to do big body off the Chassis so all will be revealed!!!!!! Wish me Luck Jake
  3. Yes I have been to lotus bits I couldn't find a wheel I will keep going to see if any turn up!!!!!!! Thanks jake
  4. I am looking for a steering wheel for my S2 esprit which I am restoring, the car is very original and I would love an original S2 wheel in any condition. Thanks Jake
  5. Wow I can`t believe that I have got a Lotus Esprit. When I was 10 years old my Dad got me a Lotus Excel for Christmas, Dad and I restored the car for the last few years to get it ready for the NEC Classic Car show last November. I really enjoyed restoring the car with dad and even got Mum involved trimming it. But being only 12 years old I couldn`t drive it and didn`t want it just sitting around. I sold the car because I really wanted to buy a Black S2 Espirit that my Dad owned when I was five, I called it`Blackie`. I was really pleased that Blackie was for sale luckily the money I sold the Excel for was the same amount as I paid for Blackie. Can`t wait for Dad and I to get restoring the car but think it may take some time. We are missing it`s digital clock, spare wheel and washer bottle if anyone can help me find the bits I need. Jake
  6. I was looking for some clothing made from soft Alpaca wool and found a Esprit used with a model ! Looks like a S3 NA ? Jake
  7. Seen your car today and it still looks fantastic, what a great sound the car makes. Keep up the good work Jake
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