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  1. Bit of an update. Disconnected servo pipe and the wheels freed up. Reconnectef pipe and took it for a drive and things seemed fine for a while but problem returned. Apparently there is a non return valve in the engine bay in line on the vacuum hose. Can anyone shed any light please
  2. Hi everyone, hope you all had a great day yesterday. My problem is this. I was driving a couple of weeks ago when the front end of my '98 V8 started shuddering. I drove a little further and it soon became obvious what was wrong. The brake pedal was rock hard and the front brakes were almost locked on. I limped home and as you can imagine the fluid, discs and pads were cooked. These were all replaced including calipers but the problem still remains. The hoses were also replaced although these were still fine. The car seems ok first thing in the morning but the front brakes almost lock on and the pedal goes hard after a couple of miles. Obviously I don't want to do more replacement so I'm not using the car. Thanks everyone, James.
  3. Is the resistor actually attached to the motor inside the casing? Just had a look at SJs picture of the blower and there's no sign of the resistor
  4. Thanks VG any idea where I can get one? Total blank on line
  5. Hi, my heater blower on my'98 V8 only works on full. I believe this is a result of the heater blower resistor burning out. Does anyone know where it is located and where I can buy a new one. Cheers.
  6. Any one else had rubbish work from Andy Salter at North West? (See my thread on whine/singing, and see the way it's turned out) I remind everyone, avoid this bloke like the plague, he works in a poky little hole and he's useless.
  7. Hi everyone, been a while. Too long a story to go into but my car is still with Andy Salter at North West. I wish to God I'd never heard of him. After forking out £3000.00 and seven months of waiting, my car is worse now with more problems than ever. He's rubbish. Long story short it's now going to court as he wants MORE money for diagnostic work. I urge you to avoid this man like the plague.
  8. Hi Mark, did you ever get your noise sorted? In my case, it isn't the degradation of oil, it got changed with various viscosities with no affect.
  9. Andy at Northwest is convinced it's the oil feed pipe vibrating something rotten. To fix it he reckons the engine has to come out! Suicidal doesn't come anywhere near. With my issue, changing the oil didn't help anything.
  10. Wow, what an answer. I'll pass that on to my Lotus guy. Thanks Mark.
  11. Hi everyone. It's been a while but still ongoing. The latest from NorthWest is a real loud noise from one of the oil cooler pipes(this is after somemore big money has been spent on numerous things, including engine mounts, idlers etc., even ANOTHER brand new steering pump!) Where the f**** is it coming from? and why is it obvious in one of the oil cooler pipes?
  12. Gonna take a trip to Liverpool Wednesday to see Andy at N.W. Lotus. I was going to do it a while ago but I went a different (and more expensive) route. WATCH THIS SPACE!!
  13. Update with my knob (sounds a bit dodgy)! The original had to literally be cut off. Steve at SJ called it spot on. WELL worth it. It looks and feels fantastic.
  14. Did you see those flying pigs. Not much chance of that. The stupid part is, it's undetectable outside the car or even in the engine bay. It's only inside the cabin.
  15. I don't believe it. It's done a Arnie---it's back. If I was honest it never went, but I thought it was better. Nowhere else to turn now. Broke and totally suicidal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. I will do. As a matter of interest, I tried the oil thing with a couple of different grades but it did no good whatsoever.
  17. Only been a couple of days since I got it back.
  18. Just an update people. I went daft and bought every spinny thing to fix the problem(Air con compressor, alternator, power steering pump, water pump) They are all fitted now and heaven sent----no noise. Still don't know what the problem was as the old components look ok.----PEACE. James.
  19. That confirms everything I've been able to find out, and you're SO right about the little badge being too big. It's with my Lotus Guy getting done with other things (check out my whine/singing thread) James
  20. Hi Bibs, Unfortunately not. Apparently The stick comes all in one with the Knob glued on somehow.
  21. Hi all. I've just purchased a round 2004 gearknob for my '98 V8 GT. It already has the alloy gearknob on, but I want to replace it with the smaller 2004 one. I have been assured it can be retro fitted, but I don't see any way of getting the old one off. I've heard Lotus just glued the old one on but it seems mighty strong glue. Can anyone out there help please. James.
  22. Hi guys, thanks for all the input. The American route is definitely the way to go. £250.00 brand new from where Steve suggested.-Customville. It's gonna take about two weeks and the cross reference is a Delphi unit, number Delphi 1135153.
  23. Great news Steve, thanks. I got my Lotus guy to put in a ''temporary'' sealant which so far has seemed to have worked. Going to check out your lead and see what the crack is, thanks. James.
  24. Hi Dave, thanks for that but the V8 compressor is different from yours, otherwise I would have taken your hands off. Cheers. James. Hi Stu. handy to know. I've sent them an e-mail and will let youknow how I get on. Thanks a lot,
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