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  1. Thanks for that John. I think the V8 one is different, or so the prices at SJ sports cars leads me to believe. The V8 one is nearly double in price. Many thanks anyway, James.
  2. Hi Guys. Does anyone here know where I can get a good second hand air con. compressor for my '98 v8 esprit? New one's are around £500.00, absolutely extortionate. Any contacts would be most appreciated. Cheers, James.
  3. Thanks for the reply fellas. I can't really truly answer your questions, as I left the problem in the hands of people a LOT more knowledgeable than me. I'm pretty sure they would have done a lot what has been suggested. I'm on holiday next week, I think I'll take Steve's advice and give NW Lotus a ring.
  4. Well, another update, and pretty much suicidal if no-one can help. Tensioner replaced, water pump replaced belts checked-----noise still there. If no-one has any more ideas, how about suggesting somewhere to take the car, somewhere, which has someone, who is the dogs doodaaaaas with Lotus engines. Will gladly travel.
  5. Just another update fellas. Just back from my Lotus garage and it seems the noise is coming from the centre of the engine nearest the bulkhead. General opinion is the water pump or belt tensioner. I may as well get both done while he's on. Not sure when though, but it'll be sooner rather than later. Anyone out there want to place any bets which one?
  6. Cheers for that Brian, it's going back in the garage Thursday, I'll mention that. I don't understand if it is the belt making the noise, how is the oil overheating have anything to do with it.
  7. Thought of that one ramjet, but it's not that. It really is a droning kind of sound, in line with the speed of the engine, only when warm though.
  8. Just an update guys, Had the air con serviced by a different Lotus guy. Everything checked out fine and it actually works. The noise is still there even after all belts, ancillaries pumps etc. were checked again. The noise sounds like a steering pump problem, but it can only be heard inside the cabin. Pretty much quiet underneath the car on a ramp, with a stethoscope. Really haven't a clue. SOMEBODY help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I guess that kind of answers my question, thanks.
  10. Hi guys, Here's a one. Would it be possible to reposition the centre vent in a '98 v8 to where the radio is, and vice verca. If feasible, could you give me any guidance please. Cheers, James.
  11. Maybe a silly question, but If I do hear it there, where do you think the fault will be?
  12. Thanks for the input fellas. I'm having the A/C system fully serviced the end of the month, hopefully this might do it as it's never worked properly. James.
  13. Had my v8 rebuilt by Lotus garage approx. 1700 miles ago. From day one there has been a whine/singing noise which increased with the revs. This was more pronounced at idle to 3000 revs or so. It only starts when the engine is warmed up after driving for five minutes or so. Obvious answer seemed like the belts were too tight. Had it back to my Lotus guy (who I trust implicitly) and he has tried everything (belts on, off, slack etc.) but cannot find what is causing this whine. Not even any joy with a stethoscope. He is really at a loss. Anyone out there that could help. Cheers guys.
  14. It's only one that's gone. The car performs great, it's only when hot and idling or moving slowly in traffic the exhaust starts puffing out blue smoke.
  15. Yeah, one's away now getting re-done under warranty. I don't know who did them as my local Lotus guy sent them away. I'm sure I've read somewhere on these forums that the seals often go with these performance set ups.
  16. Hi guys, I have a '98 v8 GT with a centre exit exhaust conversion. I had one made with sports cats and a silencer, and although it was a good job done, it sounded quite tame. After a month I changed this to straight cat-back pipes and that sounded much better. In the year I've had this done, my turbos have been away getting refurbished after letting oil into the exhaust. I've now done 1700 miles since and it's happened again. Do you think the lack of back pressure with the straight through pipes have contributed to this in any way. If so, I will revert back to the old exhaust. Look forward to any input, James.
  17. Confirmed by two Lotus garages, engine needs to come out.
  18. Hi, I'm afraid not. I had mine done not long after I bought the car. Apparrently it's a huge job as the engine has to come out and the pipes pulled out from the rear of the car.
  19. Got a six month warranty from South West Lotus Centre who I bought the car from. Had it just over a year now and only done 6000 miles. They totally re-built the engine before they sold it to me. Don't know what could have happened in only 6000 miles!
  20. Update to my problem. Smoke is coing out of the left bank only. Turbo's fine and the car is with my local Lotus guys now. Engine's got to come out for head removal etc. to see what's wrong. Valve stem oil seals are favourite at the moment. Don't know how far they are going to go until they find the problem!!!!!
  21. Traffic at peak time on the A1 in England is horrendous. Sometimes it's more than 15 mins.
  22. Thanks for all the replies fellas. The engine has been faultless for five thousand miles. As I have said, never uses any oil or water. This has just recenly started happening. I would have thought with a dodgy rebuild, symptoms would have appeared before now.
  23. Tha car has just been MOT'd and emmisions were fine.
  24. The car had been stored for nine years and never used. S.W. Lotus bought the car and re-built the engine before they sold it. After nine years of doing nothing I guess this was a good move as they gave me a warranty with it. The car is a '98 model.
  25. Hi, everyone, I have a V8 Esprit with 20,000 miles on the clock. The engine was re-built by S.W. Lotus centre five thousand miles ago. I have noticed in my rear view mirror on a couple of occasions that if I've been idling for about fifteen, twenty minutes or so, and the engine is hot, there are puffs of light blue smoke coming out of the exhaust. This goes away once I start driving normally, and the car apart from this is running so sweet. It is not using oil or water. Any thoughts what might be happening and have I got anytrhing to worry about. Greatest appreciation, James.
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