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  1. Tried switching the air con on but it made no difference, still popping, only when fans are on does it stop. James.
  2. Thanks Paul, Where exactly would I be spraying? James.
  3. Now here's a strange twist to the tale. I was stopped at roadworks for a while and the engine was popping away merrily. The fans came on and lo and behold the popping stopped. It started again a short while after the fans stopped. When they came on again, the popping stopped. Stumped, I am! James.
  4. I hear what you are saying Paul. I have new sports cats and straight pipes out fitted. The problem was there before these. I only use the best(and most costly) fuel. With the hot starting issue, I'm wondering if the o2 sensors are dodgy, and telling the engine it's too rich and the management leaning it out too much. When it was in at Lotus they said it may be running a little rich, but nothing to worry about. I presume they would have checked all you said. Cheers, James.
  5. Thanks for the swift response Mike, Plugs are new. Been in Lotus dealer but everything seems fine. The car always starts and runs well. It's just annoying at idle with that pop. Even when hot it starts straight away but struggles to maintain revs without throttle. Thanks, James.
  6. When idle is down to normal (900revs) there is a popping sound out of the exhaust. I've ben told it's unburnt fuel entering and it's pretty normal???? I don't know if it's connected or not, but when the engine is hot and switched off for five minutes, on restart, it starts straight away, but struggles to find it's idle lvel and usually cuts out.
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