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  1. The twin can first used the 336 gearbox (as used in the S2), then a 352 4 speed before the 5 speed specials used the 365 unit
  2. I've already done a s/c upgrade, so for me just a bit more room in the footwell for my right foot as my ankle can ache on a long journey. Dash is not the best but i'm not fussed. Everything just keeps working on mine so no point in changing anything else
  3. Yes, a c*nt of the highest order. Well said sir.
  4. Matt Becker had a company Evora S SR IPS in Pewter. Looks great.
  5. Of the original 101 sport racers made there must be at least 250 still on the road
  6. A pint in your hand and 200 others? That's good going even for a rugby club.
  7. Same here. I ordered mine in Feb 2012 and after many revised dates finally received it in early Sept 2012.
  8. Sounds like the clock in and old Silver Shadow
  9. The stripes on the black car above appear to be painted, not stuck on? I had a similar tri-stripe painted on my car at the factory. Lovely, but not cheap.
  10. Typical Autocar BS. And it looks crap. And the Elan name should be left in history when Lotus determines its new car strategy.
  11. Abbott and Corbyn have safe Labour seats where even in winter the temp is ok. Oop north where the labour strongholds are people will continue to walk around in tee shirts in the snow. It has always been this way
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