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  1. We paid £125 for a place in FW. Across at Inverness a room can be had for less in a far superior hotel plus a great breakfast.
  2. If it was a McLaren driver you could always remind them of their Datsun engine in the back
  3. Isn't the Hethel manufacturing capacity circa 5000 units per year? That will hardly put a dent in any of the perceived rivals output
  4. Harry used to be a good egg, or so it seemed to me. Sadly he has fallen for a woman who I can only describe as toxic. She is the ruin of him and it wont end well I fear.
  5. CMC becoming an approved service centre would be great news.
  6. 250k just registers your commitment. Another 250k is needed when you spec your car, then 500k when it goes into build leaving just a further 1 mil on delivery. Its a synch.
  7. My M250 deposit comprised an initial £1000 followed by a further £1500 when Lotus took orders. The dealer went bust but thankfully I got £1500 back as the dealer passed this on to the factory. I'm still waiting for the other £1000. I was lucky, some folk lost £2500. Kinsey Jones the dealer was, if ever I see him I will 'remind' him of the debt.
  8. Did he bother to fasten the chin strap on his crash hat?
  9. When I got the TVS1900 upgrade I also got a geo done too. I have since done circa 9k miles including just one trackday. At the time of the geo a set of new rears were fitted of the non - LTS spec Pirelli's (LTS variant was not available in time). The tyres continue to wear remarkably well without signs of the inner wear trait I experienced before. Maybe worth having the geo checked and adjusted?
  10. Only 100 units planned. It'll be a 7 figure price tag for sure.
  11. The Evija and in that Solaris Yellow does look incredible in the flesh. I travelled about 150 for a viewing at Parks. It was worth every minute of the journey. Superb car.
  12. ^^ Yes, you have owned both of them I believe
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