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  1. Apologies if this has been raised before. When browsing the last (not current) Absolute Lotus mag I saw in the description of the Emira scale model that it was stated that not only is it the last ICE Lotus (we all know that), BUT it will also be the last to feature a bonded ali chassis tub . That can't be right can it?
  2. Every car has a speed limiter. Its called your right foot.
  3. The McLaren 12c is the best looking car they have built since the F1. I really like the GT Sport Evora's too, but the S1 remains sublime IMHO. Beautiful and understated, elegant and has managed to be timeless so far at least.
  4. Bloody hell I agree with you 100% AGAIN!. You are on fire bud 🙂
  5. Just a full day for an interior and exterior valet including a machine polish. It looks like new again. I had both B panel PPF replaced as one has slight damage but saved the paint. No ceramic coating as that would have meant 2-3 days and approx £1000. My bill was £300. I am very happy with it and recommend them (they are in Carlisle).
  6. The tri stripe is my favourite bit. A moment of inspiration when I specc'd the car, my wife wasn't so keen on the quote I got for the paint
  7. My 9 year old car will all original paint. One owner, 34k miles including many trackdays and road trips. Not looking too shabby
  8. In which case we should tell them to FRO.
  9. We paid £125 for a place in FW. Across at Inverness a room can be had for less in a far superior hotel plus a great breakfast.
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