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  1. I haven't read the article linked above, but happy for those of you that have and confirm that EVO is still as bad as it was when I stopped subscribing many years ago.
  2. I had a call from them today (Friday). I was polite, they were ok and I'm off their contact list.
  3. ^^^ I remember that car, is it still around in the UK?
  4. Apparently Melania is quite handy with scissors, Sellotape and paper. Roll on Christmas.
  5. I'll have you know I did 9k in the first year . Love your post though, they are indeed shit cars I'm so glad I have mine.
  6. I've done plenty of track days in the car. Its been used a lot less in the last 4 years due to reasons not applicable to this thread, but hey I still love it. Managed 6.5 mpg on track btw
  7. My S1 S with added power is 8 years (nearly) and 30k miles. The original clutch that is still in the car is not problematic
  8. Has Lotus bought back the Team Lotus name?
  9. I love the Elise and Exige, and if I was 20+ years younger I would probably still be driving one. But as an old fart in the making the Evora, and particularly in its modified state is perfect for me. It is faster than I am on track, and waaaay more capable a road car than any drive can deliver. Sorry Lotus, but you made too good a car and mine is a keeper
  10. If you actually analyse in gear acceleration times you can easily determine how much road you need to make an appreciable gap, and 350 Vs 430 bhp isn't enough to make a night and day difference on track, regardless of how much faster the more powerful car fells behind the wheel.
  11. The premium sport interior as featured didn't use any alcantara. It is all leather. Once the SR was introduced late summer 2012 I think very few non - SR cars were produced as the SR gave a significant saving over the equivalent spec'd non-SR.
  12. Its an early MY12 spec, as the battery cover is hidden behind carpet and it lacks the boot stowage net . Does seem a bargain.
  13. I'll not mention company car stuff, so... Mk111 Ford Cortina 1.6 XL in red. Nice car, one previous owner (an Uncle) Triumph Spitfire Mk V 1500. Tried to kill me at least twice. I managed to blow up the first replacement engine doing an indicated 100mph 500 mile short of the warranty expiry. Golf GTI Mk1 1.6. Great car Lotus Europa TC 1972. Restored it 1990 -93 at great expense. Sold to fund a new Elise Elise S1 modified to 150bhp. Owned from new. Exige S1 owned from new 111R owned from new S2 Exige 240PP with 260 upgrade owned from new S1 Evora S with TVS1900. Owned from new Sept 2012. Best car ever.
  14. The S1 SR does look stunning in red
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