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    Tim Hodgson
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  1. New electric Evora set to appeal to the older owner, claims Autocar
  2. tim_marra

    Evora Picture & Video Thread Scroll down here
  3. tim_marra

    Soon to be new owner - 350 Sport

    Is that the David Hayton car? Looks lovely.
  4. tim_marra

    Three years in a 400 and still loving it!

    the playground can be an odd place at times. It does have its good moments too though to be fair.
  5. tim_marra

    Lotus links with other car manufacturers

    Renault - Europa and Esprit gearboxes. Sinclair C5 - chassis
  6. tim_marra

    Lotus links with other car manufacturers

    Depends whether you are referring to Lotus cars only, or you include engineering. Engineering must have worked for just about every manufacturer out there, most of it confidential.
  7. tim_marra

    Donington museum to close

    Perhaps if the cars go to new owners that use the cars on demo runs, or race in a historic series, the outcome wouldn't be too bad?
  8. Did you buy that with the proceeds from the first Happy Mondays album?
  9. I bught this plate in 98 for my S1 Elise and have transferred it to subsequent cars.
  10. tim_marra

    Dear Lotus...........

    Well yes, that and the fish face. Who can forget the fish face? 🐬
  11. tim_marra


    I wouldn't expect too many clutch problems with the IPS Mr Breeze
  12. tim_marra


    25,000 miles from new for me. 6 or 7 track days, and about 1200 miles since a TVS1900 fitted. Still on the oem clutch
  13. tim_marra

    Evora S Sport Racer (2015)

    White is right Looks great with the black roof.
  14. I've sat in a GT430 with Sparco's, and another with the fixed carbon seats. Sparco every time for me, I just don't think the fixed seat suits the Evora really, either aesthetically, in keeping with the car's true purpose, or comfort wise. But that's just me