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  1. I reckon Kylie will be a total 'mare to live with. That said you still would wouldn't you? I bloody would
  2. The country is fooked if that is a just outcome. The bloke should be out pending appeal and not facing a custodial for his actions.
  3. Fuck Andy that's bad. Take care fella
  4. It's odd that some of the 66 team were knighted, whilst others had to settle for less. Yes, GB was a great keeper
  5. Is Lotus still using the term dealer, I thought it had become Agent now? I don't think this new approach is the right way to go personally. Communications from the factory re Emira delivery progress seems hopelessly out of touch.
  6. You're being too harsh bud.....* * Not really 👍
  7. Oh, Hmm. Thinking about it cyclists do need lot of fuel in the form of protein. Thats gonna cost you a lot of yummy steaks getting there and back . Table for one please.
  8. TBF it is a very handy venue for me based in Cumbria . If you want to cover fuel costs (I will pay B&B) I'll be there in a heartbeat
  9. ^^ Looks like a Ferrero Rocher
  10. Does the 18yrs include the early period known as OLC (Official Lotus Club)?
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