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  1. SR's began to arrive Q4 of 2012, around the time I collected my S when new in Sept 2012.
  2. @C8RKH I bet the 'Old Twats Club' will send you a guest speaker invite sometime soon bud
  3. That link needs more pop ups!
  4. I always recall that the Evora's biggest problem was getting folk into the car for a (test) drive? Those that did usually bought one (guilty m'lud)
  5. These days I much prefer road trips to TD's with like minded mates. Great roads, banter and grub all the way!
  6. It's a parking disc which gives an hour free on street parking!
  7. I went for a little lakes jaunt yesterday
  8. We did Carlisle-Glenshee-Braemar-Nairn day 1 Nairn- NW coast about 40 mile up from Ullapooll-Ullapool-Beauly day 2 Beauly-Loch Ness-Fort Bill-Glencoe-Loch Lomond-Home day 3! (Mon) It was fab
  9. Hi bud we are on a tour. Nairn tonight and a big loop to ullapool and down to Beauly(?). Next day Loch Ness etc and finally the great glen. I wish we stopped for a chat. Your car sounded fab. Miles away too 😄
  10. Spotted C8 RKH. I was in a layby you passed 10 mins ago. Sounded fab mate!
  11. I'm more concerned about being too fat for it
  12. Ordered a shirt from the TLF Merch shop
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