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  1. Wow no more Evora's to be built already. Such a shame for the best road car they ever made.
  2. @CocoPops Have you considered blue interior details to contrast with Isotope? Sounds odd but looks great!
  3. I got them primarily so our Choccy Lab Sherman could come along for the ride. Wouldn't have worked with the + 0 option. Good luggage space too. RIP buddy.
  4. And the rear seats. Don't forget those. Jay's car had rear seats
  5. Some folks (me included) spec'd some of the 'black pack' before the SR was announced. I collected mine in Sept '12 around the time the SR became available.
  6. Just think, if you were you could fit on the back seat of an Evora
  7. I think it was standard with the premium sport option? Mine don't work too great, never have.
  8. Best get one of those Sun Life over 50's plan then. June and Carol know it makes sense
  9. If you bought a Porsche you have to turn into an arse of a bloke too. Oh wait.....
  10. Oh, ok. I just have the supercharger. Don't have any Komotec add ons.
  11. West Cumbria was Tier 1 pre-lockdown. Now Tier 2
  12. I am told the first owner of you car lived in IoM and wore ear defenders when out on a run!
  13. Maybe the government uses a German submarine captain to collect the stats?
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