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  1. For the record, I own several pink shirts My Lotus is White however.
  2. Was Phillip Schofield consulted? Looking at the colour, I'm sure he could pull it off
  3. It is very sad for Caroline Flack and the loved ones left behind. A tragic outcome.
  4. To date I have always gone to Murray/Leven. My car is 2012 so well out of warranty. I have been keen to maintain the dealer stamp, but have no issue otherwise with Craigs. It would be good if he was to be officially recognised as a service centre, or even full dealer status if he wanted it. I know he's a good guy.
  5. Hmm, I live in Whitehaven, some 40 miles south of Carlisle and always drive to Edinburgh for servicing etc. Just sayin'
  6. I frequent seloc and yeah there is plenty of banter. I have discovered though that behind all the rhetoric there are many fine genuine people on there. Its a good place when you get to know it.
  7. Whatever Lotus brings out next please DO NOT call it the Elan
  8. You can't counttoo? Or spell.....
  9. This pic of my car has been here many times, but anyway it is Peal White with an Aspen stripe. You decide....
  10. Advert is a bit misleading, as Aspen White is definitely NOT pearlescent
  11. Chernobyl innit? Even for the Lake District sheep that had a nice view of Sellafield as they grazed each day
  12. If it happens I hope Geely are using their own money and not the banks...
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