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    Tim Hodgson
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    MY12 Evora S
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  1. tim_marra

    New member - Evora S Sports Racer

    Yeah, it looks fantastic. Nearly as good as a MY12 non SR in fact I would say that though
  2. tim_marra

    Evora Crash on M40

    As a rule of thumb, the lightness of touch should approximate to about 10% of the pressure felt by your arse clenching
  3. tim_marra

    Peoples’ reaction to your Evora

    They have, but the further north you go the less evident it becomes
  4. tim_marra

    Peoples’ reaction to your Evora

    I stopped at a filing station just outside Carlisle a couple of weeks ago. The young(ish) lady who pulled in to fill up told me that my car was absolutely stunning, and would I mind if she took a picture of it
  5. Could also be extended to emergency services workers too, perhaps on an annual basis? Even if it mean raising the fee for us regular members?
  6. tim_marra

    New member - Evora S Sports Racer

    Don't like the noise? Just wind the window down and have another think Your car looks stunning. Matt Becker had one in the same spec, including the IPS. Is it the same car?
  7. tim_marra

    "Exciting New Car" - EVO

    Yeah, but 29 pages are needed to explain why an engine in the rear is still a good thing
  8. tim_marra

    Evora Crash on M40

    The OP on the PH thread seems a sound fella. Some dumb comments posted though.
  9. tim_marra

    Evora Picture & Video Thread

    Stunning colour
  10. Hmm, I bought my S new back in 2012. It arrived in September just before the SR became available. Such was my haste to own one I borrowed a large sum from the bank, plus a little cash and a very lovely Isotope Exige 260S in PX. Best decision I ever made. I was lucky that I was able to pay off the bank early, and the car has been mine for over 6 years, 5 of which have been outright ownership. No regrets. Just do it
  11. tim_marra

    Euro question - 23rd June

    In my experience, the French ignore everything until the last minute. And then they make sensible decisions.
  12. Can you negotiate on the finance option instead, and own the car outright in a couple of years?
  13. tim_marra

    Future of Lotus

    Well confessed. What about the toy car though?
  14. tim_marra

    Future of Lotus

    That's the model I was thinking of, not by matchbox as I said above . Well remembered Andy.
  15. tim_marra

    Future of Lotus

    Autocar scaping the barrel again. The image looks like that matchbox car from a few years ago.