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  1. Or someone wearing their new glasses?
  2. Oakmere could show Oulton? Howards = Zimmer frame Snows = Tena pants. Hayton?
  3. Hmm, maybe this could inspire a trend amongst Lotus dealers coming up with their own logo's? e.g. Leven = Edinburgh ring road JCT = Outline of a Yorkshire pudding Stratton = Outline of a turnip What others can you think of?
  4. tim_marra

    EVORA Weight

    A quick google reveals the Aventador to be 1575 (dry) 1731 (with fluids). So still not bad perhaps with a 6.5ltr V12 in the back, well middle really.
  5. Does the hairstylist's shop reside in the loft or the basement?
  6. Just as long as the collar and cuffs match eh?
  7. Bring it along this Saturday to the Kirkstile Inn at Loweswater from 11am for some grub & a spot of tyre kicking
  8. So when Gin Man gets intimate with his car he has to wipe the windscreen. When you get intimate with the mistress or g/f what you have to wipe then is your business. Too much information really.
  9. Just as well you didn't, as that would've been a struggle come resale time too. The 4xx IPS is great, shame if it is not a big seller. Maybe it is because of the longer 5th and 6th limiting the headline Vmax that nobody does anyway?
  10. The one on the far left is black too, to match the cars they sponsored, in addition to that particular GP i'd imagine?
  11. One that would generate more than 600kg of downforce at whatever speed he is doing?
  12. They (EU) agree rules, and mainland Europe do as they please. Construction H&S being one example.
  13. The first rule of mainland Europe being ignore the EU?
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