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  1. The Type 62 Europa used a 900 series engine before it went into road cars.
  2. Parks has (had?) a GT410 in fire red a few weeks ago. Not the sport though. It looked great.
  3. Best days work ever done by an accountant
  4. Awe come one guys, we all know Lotus understate weight and overstate performance. The sooner they adopt the Porsche model of quoting weights that are too heavy and timings that are slower than fuckwit journos can achieve the better.
  6. Fiesta switchgear and nasty gearstick. Built for one purpose, but not the one for private road use.
  7. Matt Becker had a pewter SR S IPS...
  8. Get a Dodge Viper badge and fit it upside down and hey presto, Daffy Duck
  9. Strange, you can't make a car appear newer with a reg plate, unless it was unregistered and stored for a very long time?
  10. Let me know, I can recommend a couple of tweaks on our route.
  11. Hey bud I was just poking fun. Not meant to cause offence at all. I look forward to us meeting sometime and share a laugh or two
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