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  1. tim_marra

    uk road tax

    Trouble is the price to change will cost more £90/year than I have years left. Or likely total life expectancy. 410 is lovely though. My S1 is a keeper btw, lovely, lovely, lovely. And tons of grunt with the TVS1900
  2. tim_marra

    uk road tax

    My S1 Evora S was £540 renewal recently. Still a bargain compared to what I was charged when it was first registered (£900+ IIRC).
  3. tim_marra


    Beware Greeks bearing spelling mistakes
  4. tim_marra


    He won't be able to see it.
  5. Wow, great line up (& pics) GFWilliams
  6. Not me, that's for sure The 'right' cars don't appear often for a very good reason. They are brilliant, and anyone who has one knows it and doesn't part with it. Good luck in your search though
  7. Are they still badged as a Lotus?
  8. Yes it is very, very sad. I only have the Fat of the Land CD from them, its one of my all time favourites. RIP Keith.
  9. Hello, whereabouts in Cumbria are you? We have a local WhatsApp group some of whom post here. We organise regular get - togethers etc too
  10. For such a catastrophic failure I would expect to see other obvious visible damage for the Porsche theory to be correct. As there is nothing else obvious, i'd say that is a defect and Porsche is liable.
  11. The Porsche Owners mag is better for arse wiping
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