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  1. Great pic, are you keeping it when the Emira arrives? Edit; I mean the car, not the pic....
  2. Ok thanks. These days I'm not too bothered about TD's as I prefer a good road trip
  3. Yeah, indeed. Stay well fella 👍
  4. Which TV programme will it be on?
  5. tim_marra

    Emira GT4

    Why does it use the TVS1900 rather than the chargecooled version in the road car?
  6. For the full SR look the rear diffuser needs to be gloss black too. Coz YT celeb innit bruv
  7. Rumour has it that these are available from TLF, and are of a better quality than oem. I can't find them though. Help!
  8. The LR driver may have been a tad fast, but the guilty plea may have been a financial decision? Poor outcome regardless.
  9. The car has been revealed elsewhere, what has happened here?
  10. I'm guessing it will be Pink as the OP previously envisaged. That will be two things I don't like about it
  11. Wise words well written 👍
  12. The other way round surely, the cars are too fast for the Saudi circuit?
  13. I'm not keen on the 430 aero either. For me the GT430Sport was perfect but very few sold!
  14. Will have a word with the guy who manages the group 👍
  15. Hi, I live in Whitehaven on the coast. We have an active Whatsapp group covering Cumbria if you fancy joining? We do a few meets during April - Nov for lunch and a run etc. Nice car btw.
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