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  1. You will need these: Good luck finding a soft top. Second hand, you can pay between £200-£500. New I think they are nearer £900, plus the giant wait. The soft top conversion takes about 30 minutes and requires a drill, a sanding bit and some adhesive. It really makes the V6 though. I have the coupe and with the roof off, it is an absolute pleasure.
  2. I dont mind the stock Momo in my 2008 Exige S, but I like the wheel to be closer and smaller. Anybody got any suggestions about what has worked well for them and pics if at all possible? Cheers Scott
  3. Similar experience. Bluetooth worked around 4-5 times when I drove the car away from the dealers. Then stopped. Hasn't worked since, some 6 months later. I really do need it to work using my Blackberry Pearl so its one of the things that is being taken care of under warranty on Monday at JCT600 amongst some other bits and bobs. When it worked it was really good. Shame really, but might get better with a new unit. Apparently the problem centres around the lack of B-Sting Ariel on the roof of the car. The wiring for the ariel etc is hidden in the A-Pillars I believe, due to aethetic reasons of Lotus wanting clean lines etc. This has caused all manor of connectivity problems with Navs and Bluetooth.
  4. Radium, Decat and custom exhaust, has transformed the car. Soon to be vinyl wrapped and have partial GTN body kit added. The key to me, is get a cheap 2010MY car and play with it. Still turns out better than an 11/12 price-wise. I am loving the car now, more so than when i bought it.
  5. yeah me neither, Clarkson reckoned the steering was an issue?? could be talking *******s of course. I always loved the 60/70's styling in the Muira and GT40, to be honest if I was designing an Evora they would have been my takes on internal styling, with mods and nods to modernity of course. With the A-Pillar its just pot luck I am afraid, some do some don't break. It Bibs can source reasonably priced covers then that is perhaps the way forward. Oh to be out on the Great Ocean Road, sometime soon. Lovely drive.
  6. My A-Pillar covers were changed after a year old. So were many at Silverstone Lotus, the previous owner was telling me. Not unusual. Reverse can be sticky to get the camera on, does require a double crunch sometimes. Lotus will change your pillar covers and the rest is to enjoy. I'd rather shitty Aussie roads than the salt riddled fog and sleet covered nonsense we are getting in the UK at the moment. Last time I was in Oz, Sydney to Bris Vegas was a nice drive, your very lucky, enjoy.
  7. Ok, here is the thing. The sat-nav isn't fit for purpose for whatever reason and the bluetooth for phone calls doesn't work either. The Imprint stereo is brilliant so no complaints there. Can I make a case to get the Nav unit replaced or upgraded under my warranty?
  8. First bit of colour went on today and I like it. The rest is getting done over the next 4 weeks as we add it bit by it and see how it looks. Its will have rear spoiler and the GTN barge boards on the sides too if Lotus racing will sell me them separately. Pictures are being taken as we go and I will duly deliver the finished pictures when the whole process is complete. Its a marmite thing is car modding, I've looked through TLF, SELOC and Lotus Talk forums loads of times at all the various different incarnations members have come up with and to be honest 75% of the time they are pretty good with some awesome and maybe the other 25% a bit odd for my taste, however. It's personal to the owner I takes zero effort to do nothing to the car and quite a bit of time, effort and refinement to do something a little different. I will return with pics
  9. Is it considered normal for a Nav to lose GPS signal every 30 seconds followed by announcing that everywhere i go there is a traffic jam approaching. When there never is? This has to be the least effective sat nav I have ever used. I use my £50 Nuvi and it never fails but this pile of sh*t is just not fit for purpose. I would never have signed this junk off, Lotus craziness IMHO.
  10. Well here is the thing chaps. It's going into the body shop bit by bit, the wing mirrors and wheel rims are being done on Thursday. There will also be stripes, the full length of the car and they will involve Burnt Orange, light blue, silver and matt black. I couldn't give a monkeys if this is not the norm. It wasn't the norm to buy the car and take that risk over depreciation, or put on the exhaust and CAI from Hell but I did that too. This is an experiment in everything I wanted to do as a kid to a car I loved. OK the Evora wasn't out then, but the same dreams were all projected onto the Lambo Countach when I was a lad and every time I got into my Dad's Vauxhall Viva L, I dreamed of the Lambo. Family and career changes things all the time but the little fella inside still wants to mod his own Lambo. This car will be everything I want it to be, I will share the journey and if you hate it, that's ok, I am doing it for me, We are a long time dead and I've never modded a car before so here we go. The look on the grand parents faces when you extract a toddler and baby from the car are priceless. Should I sell up and buy a Zafira now and forget all this nonsense!!! Not for one second...lovin it. John B, love the positivity mate, nicely put. Love that I am sharing this debate over in Taz, the power of the internet, always gets me., I'm a 70's child and it makes me chuckle how connected we all are now. Al, appreciate the comments, the end point has to be tasteful or the attention will be embarrassing and defeat the point, so it will look like it has been put through the school of Porsche/Lotus/Lambo racing school but in a light dampened down version that doesn't involve an actual racing livery but a take on what I like. Trev, I just don't like Gold and Black and without the GTE kit, it would look a bit half arsed, so not for me I am afraid. Is it normal to think this much about cars every day?? my brain hurts. Here is the car on Video with the Radium and custom exhaust.
  11. We seem to have covered all bases Mel, However we get there, we get there. As long as the sound is good? eh what?
  12. the only ones available were 2+0 with crap packs. Am still happy with black as the default just want some more spice!
  13. In my many efforts to bring the perfect Evora to the table aside from the, ahem, Freddie Mercury special edition. I thought the Orange and black thing would work. Its a painted model, but could it work????? I mean could it really? or would it look like the most incongruous load of pork nonsense? I really love the Orange and Black Colours together and realise this is a terrible mock-up, but you get the point. With some matt black and silver stripes either side of the orange, could it work??????????????? much thinking over this, tell me if its a terrible idea?
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