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  1. The 4.6 engine you put in the lotus, How much does it way? What have you done or going to do to the suspension to compensate for the extra weight? Guy
  2. Where would someone go, to look for lotus and Ferrari chassis, blueprints, layouts, dimensions? Guy
  3. How much of the frame did you have to modify to get the engine in? Guy
  4. I put the key into the ignition switch, buzzer won't stop buzzing. Any ideas? Guy
  5. How much of the frame did you have to modify? Did you have to widen the frame?
  6. What is the torque suppose to be on the cam cover bolts?? Guy
  7. Are their any other kind of bolts I can use, other than allen head bolts? Guy
  8. Does anybody know what happened to The website does not come up??? Guy
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