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  1. Thanks for coming back to me so promptly, that’s really good info.
  2. Hello Asking for a friend who has seen two of these rare cars for sale in the U.K. recently. Its not a technical question which is why I’ve posted here but does anyone know how many Sport 350’s were actually produced? Figures seem to vary with he might of Wikipedia reckoning on 42 cars in total and I thought there were 50. It seems hard to believe that with such a rarity, two could be on sale just now of all times. Thanks in advance of any knowledgable replies Simon
  3. Do you still have that one kit left? wpuld it be suitable for my 1973 TC Special and if so what improvement would it bring? Many thanks simon
  4. Just an update for anyone interested - it transpires that Alan Voigts has some newly cast and machined hubs available for sale (cheaper than some used ones on eBay) Sadly, for me, the castings are taken from the later Stevens cars and therefore wouldn’t fit. As has been previously and helpfully mentioned, assitance from Pete at PNM engineering was also sought and he has now looked at my hub and says he has successfully repaired many a hub in far worse condition. I’m reasonably happy this little matter won’t write my car off - I’m delighted and hope he can work his (very specialised)
  5. Hi This is perhaps a daft question as I’m normally dealing with earlier cars but can anyone tell me, on a mid nineties S4S, how do I go about obtaining a spare key? Are these just standard issue Vauxhall keys for the door and ignition? If so can these easily be obtained from a generic key cutter or even a Vauxhall dealer or do they have any microchip wizardry that needs matching to the car? Any experience and help gratefully received Thank you
  6. Just blown my offside hub from my 82 Turbo trying to remove the steel sleeved insert as the lug was showing that it was cracked when I removed the wheel for a suspension refresh. Cant find a suitable replacement anywhere just now and people are suggesting a weld repair. For some reason I can’t download pics at the moment but if anyone’s interested I can try again later (as my phone suggests)
  7. Just in case anyone thinks I went at this like a bull in a china shop, I didn’t. The hub was already cracked to my huge disappointment when I took the wheel off to start a suspension refresh. The previous owner says he had no knowledge of it and various people have told me these steel sleeves often break or split the alloy TVR also suffer the same fate Having succcessfully dealt with a nearside rebuild and conscious of the rarity and delicate nature of the alloy hub carriers, I have never been more careful. Sadly, with such a split already in the lug, I was on Dangerous gro
  8. It was already cracked which I noticed to my horror when I took the wheel off to refresh the suspension. PNM appear confident they can effect a repair so hopefully they can
  9. Oh dear!!! i now need a new offside alloy hub carrier for my ‘82 Turbo I cut through the split in the insert and then cut with a hacksaw another split at the opposite side. I then tried to crush the steel sleeve with molegrips but it deformed into an oval and BUST MY BOTTOM LUG or at least blew out what was surrounding the sleeve. I’m told a weld repair may still be possible but if anyone knows of an alternative solution or the whereabouts of a replacement unit I’d be grateful. I have of course tried Lotus Bits and SJ Thanks
  10. Just removed my hub tonight and cleaned it up prior to a repair being needed. I failed to get the split sleeve out although I did hacksaw the existing split - good advice to create another cut. Need to find someone local to me who can weld aluminium (crack was already there and a huge disappointment to find it. Split hasn’t gone right through somim hopeful a repair can be done
  11. Good evening all Should a coil run HOT?? Can anyone offer me some pointers to my 1978 Elite missing under load when warm? My car normally runs and drives perfectly but when in hot sunshine the other evening it started to run badly with no power under load. I got the car home and let it cool and it seemed to start and run fine again. This evening, started ok but once warm I had the misfire and she’s never done this at any other time. The car runs electronic ignition with a good red rotor from the Distributor Doctor and it seems to be fuelling ok. I’m wondering whether the c
  12. Hi Has anyone successfully managed to repair minor damage to a late Oatmeal interior? Im hoping someone does a worthwhile kit that’s the right base colour to repair an old small split and cover an historic cigarette burn that’s otherwise spoiling my nice original interior Bwfore and after cleaning shot - at least I know they’re clean now
  13. In all my years and all my cars I’ve never found a cover that offers real protection from the elements without compromising some aspect of the paint finish. My worst fears are of microbliatering and I’ve seen it happen on a number of glass fibre cars in the ‘summers’ we seem to have here. One of my cars currently stands outside and is kept well polished with protective waxes. Then when the wind blows it dries the car off better than it being under a sweating cover. I don’t know what the answer is unless you have room for one of the covers that expands over the car like a canvas gar
  14. Thanks and sorry for no pictures - I’ll try to add some but the seal is the rear window seal for mybEuropa TC Special. Obviously it’s a very small window and so it’s tight but the seal comes in two distinct pieces - one that fits around the screen and the other is a fine rubber finishing trim that pushes into the outside. I don’t know why it’s designed like this but wondering if the fillet goes on afterwards Thanks thanks for these images and guidance chaps. Someone locally eventually took their car to a Lotus specialist to have this job done too so given what’s been sa
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