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  1. I used coppaslip on reassembly before I read that perhaps I shouldn’t have. I wished I’d used LM as suggested above although one Lotus guru suggested the use of CERAMIC GREASE on build up. Didn’t know there was such a thing but it’s brilliant apparently. That’s what’s nice about the Forums, there are so many solutions out there
  2. There’s quite a good guide to rear hub dismantling on the Lotus Esprit World site. Just google the task and it comes up. Quite in depth and shows how best to cut an escape route if required. I gently cut my split Olaf length ways with a view to collapsing it in the hub and it still snapped the lug or split it anyway. To be fair, it was cracked anyway which is why I was replacing it but I was going to lose the fight, sure as eggs are eggs. Repair effected by PNM - now perfect with all new nuts, bolts and washers
  3. Are you thinking stripping kit rather than striping perhaps??
  4. Does anyone know if there’s a UK supplier of the full striping kit for a late Twin Cam Special? I’ve looked on SJ’s site but nothing - surely someone does these Thanks
  5. Does anyone on here know the specific paint code colour for the alloys on a JPS Commemorative Esprit please?
  6. Funnily enough when I had one of these models a few years ago, my wheel centres were the light coloured ones with the gold script. It’s funny how they vary so much. I’ve still not been able to find definitively what gold paint they used but perhaps need to speak to Andy Graham in archives
  7. Thanks for this guys - really helpful as always
  8. Does anyone know what the correct paint code is for the GOLD used on the JPS alloy wheels please? Also, should the centre cap badges for the alloys be JPS specific and perhaps have a gold logo or are they the same ones as used in non JPS S2’s? Asking for a friend who is lucky enough to have recently acquired one of these amazing cars. Thanks as always
  9. I think a problem here would be the likely additional costs in transit and customs charges to the UK. It’s not cheap enough to start with and the vendor is unsure as to whether it works, yet customs could levy unknown charges once it’s posted out. I don’t know how you tell what additional costs there would be but according to eBay it could be several hundred pounds. Does anyone have experience of this?
  10. Hi Fabian

    i noticed that you found a Panasonic console for your car. If you’re made aware of any I’d dearly like one for my own Copper car if you’d be so good as to me in touch - thanks, Simon 

    1. Lotusfab


      Shame you didn’t contact me a few years back, I had five of them! Will keep a lookout.

  11. Thanks Bazza - that makes me feel a whole lot better and one less job to consider looking into. It doesn’t feel right that it doesn’t fall to the floor but if that’s what it’s supposed to be like, I’m happy with that - cheers!
  12. 1982 Turbo - should the handbrake when appplied food back down flat so you can exit the car more easily or should it stick up in the air? i remember on a 1988 Esprit I had it folded nicely down but I can’t remember what my 1980 S2 brake was like. My current turbo handbrake clicks on about two or three ratchet stops but then doesn’t fold out of the way. Some things I’ve read seem to indicate this is normal but I’m wanting to check whether this is the case and I know people on here will have the right experience. Thanks as always
  13. Thanks guys - I appreciate your input and will pass it on
  14. Talking Esprits the other day to a pal of mine when he mentions that he fancies a Sport 300 after reading about this rare beast. I said I’d enquire on The Forum to see if anyone knew if any ever came up for sale. Any ideas? Just renewed my Forum membership and I’m looking forwards to a better year than 2020 has been. Happy New Year to Lotus enthusiasts everywhere. 👍
  15. Hi because of the resilient nature of fibreglass (and the fact that my Lotus cars are tucked up), I bought this product after researching and speaking with the manufacturer. Ive given one of my old steel bodied classics a perfunctory spray to see how well it covers and flows and so far I’ve been impressed. It leaves a very good finish that seems resilient without being thick and heavy although I’ve yet to get under the car (in the dry if I ever can) and cover everything underneath except brakes of course. Its recommended to keep the product warm as it’s applied to ensure good
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