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    1995 Esprit Turbo S4, Europa TC Special, 1978 Elite, 2001 Elise S2
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    As original as circumstances will permit apart from stainless upgrades
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  1. PLEASE,..............DONT HIT THAT Aluminium hub carrier with a hammer - If it wont shift please take the time to read the LEW article that's referred or linked to earlier
  2. Isn't that the same figure as this weeks lottery win? I can think of a few better uses to put that kind of money to - and most of them are car related rather than wall art - I suppose if you have that sort of money you can take your choice, but despite the size of the win could you imagine ever blowing it on a single canvas when there are cars out there waiting for a good home?
  3. I always thought Altair suited my Elite too - great colour
  4. I have a 1978 Elite S1 and I need to replace the rear shock absorbers soon - now in fact. Does anyone have a definitive recommendation for their replacement on a like for like, direct replacement fit basis? All the usual suspects like PNM, SJ and LotusBits appear to have different offerings and without direct experience of any of them, I can't decide which way to go. Any help is welcome - the only caveat being I only want a direct like for like replacement that I can bolt in and drive - I don't want to alter anything on my set up. Many thanks Simon
  5. Try Steve Barnes at The Classic Transporter - 07340404661. He's a member of one of our local Lotus clubs and also owns a classic Lotus himself. Always takes the utmost care and will work round any particular specifics for your own car - certainly worth a conversation if you're considering a valuable shipment.
  6. What rivets are people going to use to mount these plates - aluminium or stainless and what size?
  7. PS - Also, where does that plastic honeycomb grille come from? I've not seen one like that before. On my own car its a feeble wire mesh thing but yours looks quite substantial but obviously specifically made for that opening
  8. Can I please ask what that gold finish is on your suspension components? Is it plated, powder coat or paint? The car is looking amazing with an incredible attention to detail - superb!
  9. Did you ever get sorted with a KPH speedo? I swapped mine for a new old stock mph one recently so have the original one from the car somewhere. It is from a 1973 TCS though - not sure if it's different to the earlier cars
  10. Love the SZ - Come close to owning a couple of times but now way out of reach - Had a Zagato bodied Fulvia in the past too - lovely thing
  11. I did mine myself after being covered in the sand stuff you mention and I'm pleased with the result. That said, it would be good to see one being done professionally at the NEC in March so you know the pitfalls if you're going to attempt it on your own. The hardest thing for me was getting a professional finish to the sun visors with the fabric I'd chosen. It's been done three or four years now though and still looks great (in my opinion). Sorry, I've no photos of it
  12. Some pics as requested - not perfect but I’m pleased
  13. Hi good people Does anyone have experience, good or bad of fitting a turbo blanket to our esteemed cars? There seems to be very little information on these things that I can find and I wondered if anyone on here has first hand experience and whether they work or not, fit or not, or are an absolute waste of time and money. The ones I've seen on line appear to wrap around loosely and are secured by a couple of springs - they seem to vary from about twenty quid to a hundred and fifty with no discernible difference (apart from perhaps their country of origin). Engine bay is tidy apart from a rusty looking turbo casting although it's not really a cosmetic solution I was looking for but one that might bring about some other benefits after recently crafting an engine lid heat shield. Thank, as always
  14. No MoT test since 20213 either but I guess it doesn't need one now - it must make the really nice ones stand out as absolute bargains - what is its real value today?
  15. Thanks for the update Tom - end of month would be fine as there's no hurry for me to undertake this PITA job!
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