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    simon gaunt
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    1978 Elite 2.0, 1980 Esprit S2
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    As original as circumstances will permit apart from stainless upgrades
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  1. madmax


  2. madmax

    The Elite painted at last

    Rick The car looks absolutely stunning and a real credit to you. I'd love to see some finished shots of the whole car and i'M REALLY GLAD YOU HELD OUT FOR THE GREEN INTERIOR - BRAVO!! Best Simon
  3. madmax


    Superb, but with that engine revving like it does it makes your ears bleed if you drive it like it begs to be driven. There's a great looking yellow one somewhere out there in the 'Twitter' ether with a very comprehensive write up. With reliability most manufacturers can only dream of and they're not dear now either. Enjoy! Simon
  4. madmax

    Lotus Eclat S2

    No, it's black with an incredibly original and untouched Marcasite interior and apparently, according to the archive dept at Lotus, it was the only UK car with this particular colour combination. It would have looked great if they'd all been white but I'm really quite taken by the idea of your car being added to the stable. I've had the Esprit almost a couple of years and it's never really been a moments bother. In fact both cars have been generally very good once I'd replaced the ignition systems with a modern type. No doubt the new season will bring the odd challenge but I'm looking forwards to spring and driving them again. Perhaps I should get up to see the Eclat?? Best Simon
  5. madmax

    Lotus Eclat S2

    Hi Mark Do you think it would be crazy to consider a lovely S2 Eclat to sit alongside my S1 Elite? It too is finished with delightful stainless detail and your car looks lovely. I miss my brown S2 Elite and now the weather is perking up, everything starts to look much better in the older car world...................hmmmmmmmm, then I'd have an Esprit, an Elite and an Eclat Best Simon
  6. madmax

    I'm back and I need an Elite!

    To MakkyH Hi Rick - Have just moved to be nearer my partner and desperately looking for decent garage space I'm afraid. I did think about selling all three Chppers when I moved but they're interesting pieces of art from a simpler time so I'm hanging onto them if I can. Hope your project is coming together - it would be great to see some pictures if you still have it Best Simon
  7. madmax

    What does your profile name mean? Share share!

    Used to be a cop in the old days and I drove a V8 Interceptor and also used the name as a CB 'handle' I know it's sad when you look back but they were great days and the film is still one of my favourite 'road movies' Cheers!
  8. madmax

    I'm back and I need an Elite!

    Have you seen the rather smart gold one on ebay today? That will look gorgeous once it's all sorted and a rare S2 as well. I wish I still had mine but can't afford to buy it back unless I sell my S1 which I can never imagine. Good luck if you go for it - same colour as the gold Esprit in the pictures of Colin Chapman and his plane I think Happy Lotusing Simon
  9. madmax

    Essex Esprit

    Not sure if it helps but the Google information from the DVLA on importing a classic car seems to make sense. A guy I know bought a 1972 car from southern Ireland and it had been across there for years. He drove it onto a boat over there, drove it here and got a UK MOT and then registered it without issue with the DVLA who had the decency to provide a new 12 month free tax disc and also put its original reg number on it - could not have been easier. Apparently, because the car was originally a UK car, the process was straightforward so perhaps it could be the same for the Esprit??? Worth a try I would think if the car can be bought sensibly. Hope that helps Simon
  10. Hi I moved my S1 Elite the other day and whilst turning I noticed a very loud and awful creak from the front nearside suspension/steering. It sounds almost like a dry joint although I have regularly greased the bottom trunnions etc. As yet I'm not sure if it only makes the noise with the weight of the car on it so I need to jack it up to see if it still creaks when in the air. It creaks when steering left and right and also when braking from forwards to backwards when manoeuvering at low speed Any ideas would be welcome as it sounds dreadful and clearly needs some attention Many thanks Simon
  11. madmax


    Thanks John I'll investigate and see what I can fathom Best Simon
  12. madmax

    S1 Esprit Starting Problems when hot

    Hello Alec I had the same thing once with my Esprit once I'd got it to the MOT testing station. It started fine in my garage and yet when it was hot at the MOT it wouldn't turn over. We managed to start it with a jump start box and so I cleaned off the main earth strap where it meets the chassis and wiped it with Copperslip. It didn't cause any more problems. My Elite had hot start or hot running issues but they were cured with the fitment of a modern electronic ignition module which I also fitted to the Esprit and they both run well now. Good luck! Simon
  13. Hello everyone I recently took the Esprit out for its end of year run before being carcooned for the (slightly) wetter months and I almost thought I discerned a slight slipping of the clutch when setting off from stationary. It didn't actually slip and the usual fourth gear, 50 mph and accelerate didn't make it slip either but as the clutch bites, it travels quite a way and feels as though it could be on its way out. The car has done an original 46000 miles and otherwise runs superbly. Is there any adjustment available as there appears to be a threaded adjuster on the actuator near the bellhousing. If so, what needs to be done to bring things back to normal please? Thanks as always Simon
  14. I have a classic 300 SL Mercedes Benz - one of the cars from an era when they were still built like a Panzer tank with legendary build quality and unswerving reliability - allegedly . It currently sits on my driveway awaiting ditsributor cap and rotor arm as it misfires like a ******* when its warm. On the other hand, nestled in the garage are my classic Lotus cars and everytime I go to take one out, they start and run beautifully and I love them. Here's to Lotus!! Simon