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  1. Thanks guys - I appreciate your input and will pass it on
  2. Talking Esprits the other day to a pal of mine when he mentions that he fancies a Sport 300 after reading about this rare beast. I said I’d enquire on The Forum to see if anyone knew if any ever came up for sale. Any ideas? Just renewed my Forum membership and I’m looking forwards to a better year than 2020 has been. Happy New Year to Lotus enthusiasts everywhere.
  3. Hi because of the resilient nature of fibreglass (and the fact that my Lotus cars are tucked up), I bought this product after researching and speaking with the manufacturer. Ive given one of my old steel bodied classics a perfunctory spray to see how well it covers and flows and so far I’ve been impressed. It leaves a very good finish that seems resilient without being thick and heavy although I’ve yet to get under the car (in the dry if I ever can) and cover everything underneath except brakes of course. Its recommended to keep the product warm as it’s applied to ensure good
  4. Have a look at a product I discovered recently. It’s called Lanoguard and is derived from Lanolin. Very thin and easy to apply at normal temperatures but dries tona very smart satin black finish and is resistant to pressure wash and of course normal road contaminants. Features very strongly on Facebook and has a good enthusiastic following. I’ve not yet used it extensively on my cars yet but early signs are very good
  5. @Lex Templar - it’s a friends car who’s not really good with computers so I don’t know if he’s on here and whether you have his car records. Ill ask him although from what I’ve read you know pretty much every car out there @910Esprit - thanks, these do look close although from the diagram they seem very short - will check - thanks
  6. Can anyone out there point me in the right direction to find a missing engine lid fastener from an early dry sump car? Ive tried the usual suspects like Lotus Bits and SJ without success. Short of having a replica made I’m not sure if I’ll find one but if anyone knows what they’re from I’d be grateful Thanks as always
  7. I thought they were as they fit my Compomotives and are lovely. However, the correct Essex caps seem substantially bigger all over. The ones you mention on eBay just fall straight through the centre hole. Have an original centre to be copied so as long as they can come up with the correct tooling it looks feasible. Sadly it’s the tooling that makes it costly. If I could just buy one set for forty or even sixty quid I’d jump at it
  8. I know Jo Chan had some done for the car that became mine but they’re much smaller than the dry sump car centres from what I can see and slightly sharper angles. Perhaps Fabian will chip in with his experience
  9. Thanks Paul Can you recall how much this cost when you did it? im given to understand that I’d have to agree to a run of a number of sets and obviously they need to be as spot on the original as possible. My plan is to get them made for the early four stud cars as they’re quite a big centre and perhaps naively, I’m hoping to get them done for a price that’s a no brainier for people like us Thanks again guys - I’m hopeful that if the support is there we can do this Simon
  10. Hello everyone with a need for great detail - I’m trying to ascertain if there’s anyone out in Esprit Essex Land who would be interested in purchasing a set of new, correct spec aluminium centres made exclusively for the Compomotives fitted to the early dry sump cars. I have the opportunity to have some made in the UK using an original as a template in spun aluminium. My hope is to garner enough interest so that full sets can be made available cost effectively to people on The Forum who want to replace missing items or have a spare set. Please drop me a message or reply if yo
  11. A friend of mine has some split rim compomotives that he says were off an Essex car and has asked where he can obtain centres for them. Ive compared them to mine and the centres seem far bigger than on my own Conpomotives. Can bigger centres be obtained from anywhere to restore these wheels? My own type of centre next to his ‘Essex’ one ?????
  12. Thanks for coming back to me so promptly, that’s really good info.
  13. Hello Asking for a friend who has seen two of these rare cars for sale in the U.K. recently. Its not a technical question which is why I’ve posted here but does anyone know how many Sport 350’s were actually produced? Figures seem to vary with he might of Wikipedia reckoning on 42 cars in total and I thought there were 50. It seems hard to believe that with such a rarity, two could be on sale just now of all times. Thanks in advance of any knowledgable replies Simon
  14. Do you still have that one kit left? wpuld it be suitable for my 1973 TC Special and if so what improvement would it bring? Many thanks simon
  15. Just an update for anyone interested - it transpires that Alan Voigts has some newly cast and machined hubs available for sale (cheaper than some used ones on eBay) Sadly, for me, the castings are taken from the later Stevens cars and therefore wouldn’t fit. As has been previously and helpfully mentioned, assitance from Pete at PNM engineering was also sought and he has now looked at my hub and says he has successfully repaired many a hub in far worse condition. I’m reasonably happy this little matter won’t write my car off - I’m delighted and hope he can work his (very specialised)
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