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  1. madmax

    TLF Esprit Indoor/Outdoor Car Covers

    Where can I find the information on these covers Ideally want a tailored outdoor cover for My Europa Special and maybe the same for my 82 Turbo although that lives inside more than the Europa so maybe one of the snug fleecy ones for that. What does upgrade membership cost and how do I go about it? Thanks as always Simon
  2. Where the wastegate casting bolts to the manifold with four bolts and locking tabs, I can’t for the life of me access the top right hand bolt (looking forwards from the back of the car) I can’t see how any tool will fit and turn this bolt as access is so restricted. Am I missing something? I had a leak here but have had the manifold off and replaced the gaskets at the head and at the wastegate flange but bolting the latter to the manifold seems impossible. Any advice please
  3. To close the loop as it were guys and so that it may help anyone with a similar issue, I’m please to report that a new switch from SJ, although it cost plenty appears to have done the trick and all lights are working as they should be Thanks everyone who chipped in
  4. How do you remove the lside ight switch from the binnacle? Surely it can’t be from behind, there’s no access at all and I’m loathe to prod around from the cockpit with something that may break what will be fragile plastic. I need help as such a ridiculous small thing stops me from using my car and now the nights are drawing in I need sidelights as soon as I get home and want a drive Thanks so far for all your help
  5. Thanks for these pointers guys - I’ll have a dig round tonight and hopefully find it. Replacement is yellow so hopefully it will stand out if I’m in the right general area
  6. Interior light fades to very nearly off but actually glows slightly even when left indefinitely so I have to have the interior light off or the battery drains. Bought a delay module from SJ who tell me it’s located behind the glovebox but I only seem to have headlight relays here. Any ideas please? thanks
  7. Thanks for this Ill try to make the checks you recommend but wiring isn’t my forte and I don’t have a diagram for the Stevens car. It seems odd that it all worked fine on a ten mile journey out and yet had failed for the return leg. I guess that’s electrics for you - they work fine until they don’t! regards Simon
  8. Thanks Thats useful - I’ll see if I can remove the switches. Is it known whether they come out of the dash from where the switch is ie in the cabin or do they have to be removed from behind the dash cowl - I hope not!
  9. It’s the 1988 Stevens car just now. I sold my S2 so need to update some records just to be clear - if I only switch my sidelight switch nothing comes on although it’s own tel tale bulb works. If I use just the headlight switch, just the headlights come on - no sidel lights, no instruments. The only way I can get lights to the rear is to use the headlights with the rear fogs switched on This leads me to think the side light switch has failed Thanks
  10. The headlight switch powers up the headlamps as normal but the rear lights stay off as do the front sidelights and instrument lights. I don’t know what that tells us except there’s absolutely no power to the sidelights and instruments no matter what I do. Perhaps the switch has failed although as you say, should they not come on when the main headlamp switched is pushed? Got me stumped but I’m going to try to get the switch out tonight - thanks
  11. Me again and sorry for the typos could it simply be that the switch is broken? if it were fuses not everything would go out but if the switch fails nothing will light up and that’s what’s happening. Anyone else experience this? Thanks
  12. Hello again Drove at near dusk with sidelights on this evening and all seemed well. Arrived at detonation where I was for an hour and when I returned to my car I had NO instrument lights although all dash warning lights were fine. On checking I had no side lights front or rear either - both sides out. Headlights worked as did rear fogs so I got home ok and fuses seem fine. Many ideas or pointers for an 1988 normally aspirated Esprit please? Thanks simon
  13. madmax

    Air box query

    Thank you - that’s really useful. Do either of you know an update on G Car Esprit Turbo exhaust manifold replacements? thanks again simon
  14. madmax

    Air box query

    1989 Stevens N/A Esprit with standard airbox and what was a clear pipe running from a nozzle in the base to the offside rear wing and disappearing into somewhere near the fuel tank.Hose has perished and discoloured and so I’ve shortened it to fit back on the airbox but it’s too far gone and keeps splitting. I want to replace it as it’s now just hanging out of the orifice in the wing. Can anyone tell me what it’s for and where it breathes and how do I access the hidden end where I can’t see what it’s connected to? Thanks Simon
  15. madmax