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  1. I'd say both are within spec given the accuracy or otherwise of the gauges and your own particular weather conditions/temperatures. Do you know what viscosity of the oil you're using?
  2. I keep Firesticks in all my cars and fortunately haven't had to use them!
  3. Oh, I absolutely do trust Bibs and if he says it’s just a K Series alternator then that’s what I’ll find. I just don’t really understand why Elise Parts want about £260 for one delivered when they can be had for less than a hundred quid delivered. Even eBay apparently have genuine Rover items at less than £130. I have four classic Lotus cars and have to be careful with my restoration spend😀 Undertray comes off tomorrow night 👍
  4. Back to school question from me here guys - do we know if the alternator on our cars is identical to the MG/Rover K Series product being offered ? I can't yet get to mine to see a part number but it strikes me that a less specialised make supplier may be able or willing to provide a more cost-effective solution. If as Bibs says, it's just a standard K-Series alternator, why should we pay a premium of some four times to get one from say, Elise Parts? Just asking...................don't want to make a mistake!!
  5. Thanks for coming back to me guys As suspected I’m not happy there’s an easy solution. Having charged the battery overnight I connected everything up again and tried to start it. It fired up immediately but now showing a charging circuit warning light and an EML light (which it never shows once running) Checking the alternator it appeared to be smoking so I shut everything down and disconnected the battery. I’ve a new battery ordered (perhaps prematurely) but I’ve not ordered a replacement alternator. They seem to vary from eighty quid delivered to about £300 plus vat plus delivery and neither feels right. Not sure what a bi**h of a job replacing an alternator on this car is but it’s certainly less accessible than the one on my Elite!! Was hoping to get some use out of the car before the nights draw in - damn!! Any guidance on a credible supplier and how much of a job it is to fit one? Thanks again
  6. Not having much luck with the Elise suddenly - went out to fuel it on Monday night and all seemed fine - rained ever since so left the car out with its shower cap on until tonight, Thursday when it was nice, sunny and dry for a change. Thought I'd take the Elise out but it had different plans - car was absolutely, I mean absolutely flat like I'd left the headlights on for days (which I hadn't). Connected my decent mains battery charger and set it on low but after returning to the car and checking round it, my alternator seemed slightly warm. I've never noticed this before on a car but then maybe haven't felt the alternator when the battery was on charge - I just felt it to make sure the belt was intact. I've disconnected the earth lead and will continue to charge the battery but wondered if any of you wise Lotus folk know what would cause total battery failure, like full drain in three days (never happened before), and a warm alternator when charging the battery with a mains charger. Hoping it's just battery failure but when with a Lotus is it just a simple thing? Any help or recommendation greatly received - hoping for a drive before it pours down again! Thanks Simon
  7. Thanks guys - that’s really useful. I’m glad there’s nothing serious missing but I do prefer the look of the face finished with a cover - looks neater, but perhaps not as Lotus intended - most odd!
  8. Feeling stupid just now - showing someone my car at the weekend and overall they seemed impressed having never seen a Lotus up close. However, when digging around the engine bay they queried what was missing from the left hand side of the engine, at the point where I can see the camshaft seals. I'd never really thought about it before but the guy pointed out there must be something missing as there were clearly two tapped bolt holes and what looks like a flat, machined gasket face. I just said quite innocently that it's always been like this but if I'm honest, I can't remember and I'm now worried if I'm missing a cover. Any reassurance would be welcome as the car runs brilliantly without issue but if I'm missing a cover, I'd like to find one and fit it. Many thanks Simon
  9. Hello Barry I'm saddened to hear what you're going through and even more so that you're faced with what one of your daughters is doing. I had read something recently that was quite long and involved but when I saw what you were going through, it resonated with me, back to a time in my own life when things were not so good. In this context I'll share a little of what I read in the hope it helps it came from some seasoned psychologist from California so perhaps can be taken with a pinch of salt. She said " We spend years sacrificing our mental and emotional health in abusive relationships under the notion that we have to because these people are our family" She goes on to talk about five reasons why it's ok to cut toxic family relationships out of your life but it's a bit hard hitting. As mentioned before, time has a way of healing many things and this rift you find yourself in with your daughter will hopefully mend, given time. Best of luck with everything - hang on in there and keep talking and sharing - many people on here may have gone through similar experiences and come out the other side - they show it can be done.
  10. I have recently uploaded an App called simply, PetrolPrices. It allows you to search any area for fuel, whether it's Super Unleaded, unleaded or Diesel. Quite useful and so far absolutely accurate - can recommend it from my recent experience. Already showing that the supermarkets are cashing in and the smaller operators generally have better prices in my locale
  11. Sorry to hear about your head gasket failure - we're having the weather for them just now! Have you tried Chris FOULDS in Huddersfield? Being a Lotus man of thirty plus years his work is very exacting but he is always busy. Worth a conversation in case he can squeeze it in. I know too that Performance Autocare in Kanaresborough do a lot of Lotu work and often feature Elise cars in their media. They have an open day this coming Saturday which might give you the opportunity to discuss solutions. The speak to Steve Barnes in the East Yorkshire Lotus club as he runs Classic Transporter as a like minded enthusiast if you need any help with transport of the car. You may know all this but if not, I hope it helps
  12. For what it's worth I use Millers fully synthetic 20W 50 in my 1978 Elite as it's one of those with a high zinc content which our engines love apparently. When it comes to oil though you can ask twenty people the same question and they'll all have a different answer. I've spoke to the tech guys at Millers and they're always helpful and interestingly advise different oil for the Elite compared to their recommendation for my later Esprit. Sometimes Opie oils seem to have good offers on Millers products and claim not to be beaten on price - seems odd they can be cheaper than the manufacturer. Don't forget to use a filter with the specific non-return valve. Genuine Lotus one is dear - PNM one says it has it and is less costly Good to see the car coming on so well
  13. Perhaps also we should remember that coal for electric power stations is also a fossil fuel and mining lithium for batteries is unlikely to be an infinite resource. Don't get me wrong, I do like the idea of electric propulsion and watched a YouTube video yesterday about a chap who had converted an Elan to electric with some measure of success - tongue in cheek he renamed it an Elon! He enjoyed the benefit of being able to charge at home purely from solar panels on his roof so, apart from the twenty grand it cost him to do the conversion, he observes that his classic motoring is in effect 'free'. I'm pretty sure it will now require annual MoT tests which is perhaps no bad thing and he says, with much improved torque it drives even better than the original. I quite like the idea of certain classics being converted to electric propulsion, but for me the limiting range of them for the moment would really put me off. The Insights I had were a hybrid vehicle that always ran on petrol power and that tiny unit was 'assisted' by a clever electric motor which sometimes felt like a turbo or a supercharger - but it never ran solely on electric. The 'ENOUGH' video liked above is really quite good and well worth a twenty minute watch - one wonders, if the guys logic is correct (which it seems to be) why all the fuss is being made about EV's actually being the future - maybe not a future in our lifetime.................... Now, an electric A2........that could be a thing!
  14. Not being a wealthy guy I run a small but cute Audi A2 as a daily driver - the tech may be old fashioned by some peoples measure but it can carry four people in relative comfort and is immesely practical with almost as much useable luggage space as an old Volvo estate I had if you fold up or remove the rear seats. It costs £30 per annum in road fund licence, a hundred quid to insure and it's made of lightweight aluminium and so doesn't rust. I also achieve consistently around 65 miles per gallon in real world driving so in the scheme of things, it's cheap to run and a little left of centre and quirky, which I like. Prior to this I ran three First Generation Honda Insights which I loved for their quirky looks, aluminium and composite construction, hybrid technology and other worldly mpg figures of up to 94mpg. My whole life average mpg however was in the low sixties and in reality, day to day, it couldn't really better my Audi A2 on all but the longest and gentles of runs and it could only accommodate two people. The battery pack cost about £1200 to replace and because of its age, it fell into a road tax bracket that was many times that of the Audi. I'm not suggesting for a moment that we should all ditch everything and run an Audi A2 but for the moment I couldn't possibly afford to buy a modern electric vehicle unless I sold all my Lotus cars and that, for me would defeat the object. I use them when I can, and when I can't I use as little fuel as possible in an old german diesel car - in which if the world runs out of fuel I'll hopefully be able to run on vegetable oil!! Happy driving everyone, however you enjoy it
  15. Excellent Tom - thanks for that picture it makes more sense now. Had a lengthy dig around your restoration posts too - what a challenge and some incredible work done. Don't worry, I'll try to slacken one bolt at a time as I've been in trouble before slacking off or removing things only for them to drop into the deepest, darkest void of a Lotus interior, never to see the light of day again! Thanks too for organising these stainless items - no one will ever see them but I'll know they're done 🙂
  16. Monies for a full set sent across yesterday Tom so hopefully before long I'll have some more stainless projects stacking up. Can I please confirm that I'd like a set of rear wheel arch plates and if anyone knows whether they can be removed from the arch side without the need for access to the tank side, I'd be grateful - thanks again for pulling this all together
  17. PLEASE,..............DONT HIT THAT Aluminium hub carrier with a hammer - If it wont shift please take the time to read the LEW article that's referred or linked to earlier
  18. Isn't that the same figure as this weeks lottery win? I can think of a few better uses to put that kind of money to - and most of them are car related rather than wall art - I suppose if you have that sort of money you can take your choice, but despite the size of the win could you imagine ever blowing it on a single canvas when there are cars out there waiting for a good home?
  19. I always thought Altair suited my Elite too - great colour
  20. I have a 1978 Elite S1 and I need to replace the rear shock absorbers soon - now in fact. Does anyone have a definitive recommendation for their replacement on a like for like, direct replacement fit basis? All the usual suspects like PNM, SJ and LotusBits appear to have different offerings and without direct experience of any of them, I can't decide which way to go. Any help is welcome - the only caveat being I only want a direct like for like replacement that I can bolt in and drive - I don't want to alter anything on my set up. Many thanks Simon
  21. Try Steve Barnes at The Classic Transporter - 07340404661. He's a member of one of our local Lotus clubs and also owns a classic Lotus himself. Always takes the utmost care and will work round any particular specifics for your own car - certainly worth a conversation if you're considering a valuable shipment.
  22. What rivets are people going to use to mount these plates - aluminium or stainless and what size?
  23. PS - Also, where does that plastic honeycomb grille come from? I've not seen one like that before. On my own car its a feeble wire mesh thing but yours looks quite substantial but obviously specifically made for that opening
  24. Can I please ask what that gold finish is on your suspension components? Is it plated, powder coat or paint? The car is looking amazing with an incredible attention to detail - superb!
  25. Did you ever get sorted with a KPH speedo? I swapped mine for a new old stock mph one recently so have the original one from the car somewhere. It is from a 1973 TCS though - not sure if it's different to the earlier cars
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