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  1. Steve is back, and on it! 👍
  2. Thanks for this - at least he’s ok 👍
  3. Thanks I may give them a look as I know they’ve been mentioned in the past. It’s just that @Steve V8 had done some stuff for me before and everyone has been delighted with his offerings. I like if possible to support the independent guys. Thanks for the advice though - I assume they were able to help you?
  4. I do hope he’s ok as I’m normally in touch with him via Messenger. Although I had a response from him maybe six or eight weeks ago in general terms as to whether he could help, now it’s specific and I know what I need, there’s no response. We are in strange times with many people impacted by what’s going on. I hope things are ok
  5. Thanks I thought it was @Steve V8 but I’ve been unable to contact him. I’d assumed, perhaps wrongly that he was no longer making carpets sets and mats but thought The Forum would know. Thanks again
  6. Does anyone know if Steve is still doing carpet sets and mats for our cars? Thanks
  7. Well said - nice one - perhaps redresses the balance a little. I commented early on that there was seemingly a lot of negativity towards a unique collection of cars, but eight pages takes the proverbial!! Good luck with them all, whatever happens.
  8. Interestingly I saw a guy recently (on YouTube I believe) actually separating and removing ethanol from his fuel by adding dyed water???? If this was for real it seemed to work but in the quantities our car use I can only assume he was doing it for his lawnmower or similar. It was quite cool watching it all separate out though
  9. I think they are actually gold - just not as gold as they were when the car was new. I’m pretty sure there are a pair of new old stock ones in a stash of spares with this car, so very rare indeed. For a group of supposed enthusiasts there’s an awful lot of negativity thrown in the direction of this particular owner. If I were faced with trying to dispose of my own collection I might be horrified at the collective vitriol. There’s little or no mention of how incredible some of the cars look - that S4S looks like new! I’m really surprised as I’ve always found you guys really supportive. Even the comments on the Essex appear derogatory and as far as I know it wasn’t bought via eBay and the very comprehensive restoration will have totalled probably £40K. I think it’s probably a fitting tribute to the previous owners memory rather than deteriorating under a sheet, blistering paint and seizing rare mechanicals. A disappointing perspective from a collection of Lotus guys viewing a rare Lotus collection.....................
  10. Hello people, I'm hoping you might be able to assist me as you seem to know your onions when it comes to these damned things. My '82 Turbo has been away from the road for some time whilst I dealt with a number of issues with one improvement leading to another, then another - you know how it goes. Anyway, with a new clutch slave cylinder, new fluid and a braided hose one of the issues I'd hoped to address was that I needed to hold the gear lever in reverse to stop it jumping out. However, on my first pre MoT run I'm confounded by the damn thing. I seem to be able to move the gear lever into all five planes including the lift over the detent into reverse but I'm sure I'm trying to set off in third even though the lever is in the first gear plane - is this even possible? I have new rubber bushes in the gearchange system and it all feels quite nice and the PO had a new crossgate cable put onto the car - I just don't think it 's ever been adjusted correctly and I don't really know where to start. Car is standard pretty much and I seem to have good movement in the change. Any help is much appreciated. Regards Simon PS - I've looked through all the listings I can find here on The Forum and still I'm lost
  11. I did a lot of investigative stuff to see if I could find the digital dash guy and I think I found some details - PM if needed
  12. Thanks for the offer but I’m feeling this is beyond me so may have to Farm it out to a specialist if I can find one. Perhaps have the HTD cambelt changed too at the same time. All sounds expensive but will give me some peace of mind
  13. Here should be the picture I couldn’t upload before, taken from underneath the car looking up to the pump
  14. After a long winter I decided after a lovely run out in that rare sunshine recently that I’d change the coolant and antifreeze. Since doing so I now have water loss problems!! initially I thought I’d not tightened a hose clip sufficiently - if only. I appear to be losing water from a small hole under the nose of the water pump (pictured hopefully). assuming the worst I assume that changing the water and antifreeze has somehow changed something and my water pump has no ‘gone’. is this water loss a definite sign of such failure? What is the fix and likely cost? I was hoping to arrange to have my belts done this spring so is it a job that can be tackled by a suitable expert at the same time? Plans for some COVID free spring runs have been dashed by appalling weather but now it looks like I need some serious help before the car can go anywhere. Your help and advice, as ever is appreciated. Thanks
  15. Envious - it’s like seeing a great girl you used to date, with another guy. Car looks incredible!
  16. I used coppaslip on reassembly before I read that perhaps I shouldn’t have. I wished I’d used LM as suggested above although one Lotus guru suggested the use of CERAMIC GREASE on build up. Didn’t know there was such a thing but it’s brilliant apparently. That’s what’s nice about the Forums, there are so many solutions out there
  17. There’s quite a good guide to rear hub dismantling on the Lotus Esprit World site. Just google the task and it comes up. Quite in depth and shows how best to cut an escape route if required. I gently cut my split Olaf length ways with a view to collapsing it in the hub and it still snapped the lug or split it anyway. To be fair, it was cracked anyway which is why I was replacing it but I was going to lose the fight, sure as eggs are eggs. Repair effected by PNM - now perfect with all new nuts, bolts and washers
  18. Are you thinking stripping kit rather than striping perhaps??
  19. Does anyone know if there’s a UK supplier of the full striping kit for a late Twin Cam Special? I’ve looked on SJ’s site but nothing - surely someone does these Thanks
  20. Does anyone on here know the specific paint code colour for the alloys on a JPS Commemorative Esprit please?
  21. Funnily enough when I had one of these models a few years ago, my wheel centres were the light coloured ones with the gold script. It’s funny how they vary so much. I’ve still not been able to find definitively what gold paint they used but perhaps need to speak to Andy Graham in archives
  22. Thanks for this guys - really helpful as always
  23. Does anyone know what the correct paint code is for the GOLD used on the JPS alloy wheels please? Also, should the centre cap badges for the alloys be JPS specific and perhaps have a gold logo or are they the same ones as used in non JPS S2’s? Asking for a friend who is lucky enough to have recently acquired one of these amazing cars. Thanks as always
  24. I think a problem here would be the likely additional costs in transit and customs charges to the UK. It’s not cheap enough to start with and the vendor is unsure as to whether it works, yet customs could levy unknown charges once it’s posted out. I don’t know how you tell what additional costs there would be but according to eBay it could be several hundred pounds. Does anyone have experience of this?
  25. Hi Fabian

    i noticed that you found a Panasonic console for your car. If you’re made aware of any I’d dearly like one for my own Copper car if you’d be so good as to me in touch - thanks, Simon 

    1. Lotusfab


      Shame you didn’t contact me a few years back, I had five of them! Will keep a lookout.

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